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Everybody knows that counterfeiting is an unethical and illegal act that we must fight in order to eradicate it. Some people think that it is beneficial, but they are wrong. So why am I against? To start with, I may say that is of bad quality and does not last long. Moreover, there is no guarantee and more importantly there is danger for my life. For instance, fake toys are very dangerous for kids; they can harm them and even kill them if ever they swallow small pieces. Besides, fake medicine is dangerous as well. As a result, many people were victims of this phenomenon and became handicapped for life. Unfortunately, other people were killed by these hazardous products. Furthermore, Piracy is considered as a theft because counterfeiting is like stealing other peoples property. Piracy kills creativity and innovation as well. In addition, counterfeiting gives a bad reputation to the country as it is the case for chinas product. All in all, I can say that counterfeiting is a dangerous problem for the society and its high time people became aware of its bad consequences. We as citizens have to refrain from buying these products. The government and the people will not succeed in eradicating this problem unless they put hand in hand.. Everybody knows that corruption is an unethical and a dangerous social phenomenon which must be fought in order that our country would live a better and happy life. So what could I do if I were elected a president? If I were elected a president of this country, I would give more importance and means to education in our country. Schools should be given more money and good teachers who would teach our children the good principles and ethics. Besides, I would pass severe laws to punish corrupt people and put them in jail in order to protect honest citizens from their wrong doings.

Moreover, tax evasion should be punished severely because rich people and businessmen must pay their taxes in order to contribute to the economic and social growth of our country. In addition , I think that work , being the most valuable richness of the country ,should be rehabilitated . If I were elected president ,I would do my best to reconcile our countrymen with work .

Furthermore, I would appoint honest, hard working, and sincere civil servants who are ready to devote themselves for the welfare of their people.

To conclude, I can say that fighting corruption efficiently, I would use all powers. All means, all people of different parties as soon as possible before it is too late and the sooner, the better!. Some people argue that counterfeiting benefits consumers by giving them access to lower-price goods. This is a totally mistaken claim. First, imitated goods are poor quality and do not last long. There is then no guarantee of value for money and more importantly, that fake goods are safe. Imagine how much damage low quality parts fitted in a car can do to the driver and passengers when they fail! Secondly, if we think of fake foods or medicines, and the criminal procedures used by the people who make them, we can only remain firm on buying authentic products. There are several cases of substitute edibles which have caused dangerous diseases to people and which have resulted in long-lasting law suits. The outcomes could only be compensations paid for irreparable damage but the moral damage caused to the victims can never be repaired! Recent figures released by the European Union show that the customs are confiscating 100 million fake items every year. Thirdly, it is highly immoral to reap where other people have sown. Pirating products is indeed imitating other peoples property, and refusing to engage in a creative act. It is much more rewarding to turn ones abilities to creating new objects of value that could serve the community, or improve the performance of existing ones. Fourthly, pirating objects is by essence theft, especially when the producer of a fake item affixes the label of a well-known trade mark on it. Some countries are notorious for their practice of counterfeit obj ects. One wouldn t like Algerians to be known for practising this dubious trade, as much as one wouldnt like to see them buy cheap, fake products and head into unsuspected troubles.