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Get going with your everyday lifestyle in a whole new way. These cool tech gadgets will be of help.


<ul><li><p>Cool Tech Gadgets You Must Check Once </p><p>Get going with your everyday lifestyle in a whole new way. These cool tech gadgets will be of help. </p><p>The BTunes Transform your Wired Headphones Wireles </p><p>Use the following Discount Code for 15% OFF During Checkout gadgetflow15 </p><p>Plug in pure wireless hifi sound. The BTunes is the worlds first amazingly good looking plug to bluetoothify </p><p>your favorite headphones. The BTunes, patent pending, is designed from ground up to transform your </p><p>wired headphones into bluetooth headphones. Its small, beautiful, stylish and extremely functional. It </p><p>employs the most advanced blueooth technology to stream the best stereo pure wireless sound from your </p><p>mobile devices to your headphones. Relax, enjoy and move freely. Will the BTunes work for your </p><p>headphones? Chances are it will. </p><p>Ratio Thermal Carafe </p><p>A 40 ounce thermal carafe with solid stainless steel top, metallic ceramic finish, and beautiful design. Works </p><p>with the Ratio Eight. The Ratio Thermal Carafe is one of the cool tech gadgets you cant ignore. </p><p>Combining high-design with the best materials available on the market, the Ratio Thermal Carafe is </p><p>designed to enhance those moments of settling in to enjoy coffee or tea. Ratios Thermal Carafe is </p><p>designed for use with the Ratio Eight Coffee Machine, but also functions as a stand alone thermal serving </p><p>device for coffee or tea, and as a manual pour over vessel with a matching ceramic cone. It holds 40 </p><p>ounces, or 1.25 liters. </p><p>Polyes Q1 Cool-Ink 3D Printing Pen </p><p>Build anything you can dream of, big or small, with the Polyes Q1 Cool-Ink 3D printing pen. Because there </p><p>are no melting or hot components, the nozzle is safe, even for kids, and stays cool to the touch. Unlike </p><p>traditional 3D pens, the Polyes Q1 uses Cool-Ink and LED technology to instantly solidify the ink as it </p><p>comes out of the pen. This eliminates the risk of burns or hazards. The Cool-Ink is also super versatile. You </p><p>can choose to have glow in the dark, color changing, and even add scent to make the creating process a </p><p>sensory experience. The large body of the pen houses the controls to start and stop the printing as well as </p><p>the speed and thickness settings. The sleek white finish is comfortable to hold; youll be creating </p><p>masterpieces in no time! </p><p>Everykey Never Forget a Password or Key Again </p><p>The Master Key to your Phone, Laptop, Website Accounts, and more. The beauty of these fantastic cool </p><p>tech gadgets lies in the fact that it can easily unlock your device whenever brought near to it. You wont </p><p>have to remember those complicated passwords anymore. With Everykey there, you can now control any </p><p>of your access-controlled device with ease. You can also use Everykey to log into your online accounts. </p><p>And the best part; if you ever lose it, you can easily remote freeze the device so that no one is able to take </p><p>undue advantage of the same. Everykey manages a password keychain, which can be used to seamlessly </p><p>log you into your website accounts when youre around. It can generate a secure and random password for </p><p>you the first time you sign up for a website account. </p></li></ul>


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