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Creative Ideas always turn into cool gadgets


  • 1. Cool Gadgets ByFowler

2. Ring Clock For everyone who likes being creative or hates wearing a watch on their wrist. The Ring Clock is a great gadget. It displays time using LED lights when you spin its face. It is made from allergy-free stainless steel and is also water resistant. 3. Tooth Sensor Created by scientists from Switzerland the Tooth Sensor is a microchip which is placed in a patient's tooth to collect health related information. The Tooth Sensor helps to detect bacteria, collect information about teeth grinding or even stress levels and sends the information to the computer saving the patient a trip to the hospital. 4. Handwarmer with Cellphone Recharge This three-in-one device is especially useful in winter. The Handwarmer heats up to 104 degree F in only a minute and can stay warm for up to 5 hours. Besides warming your hands the handwarmer can charge a smartphone in 3.5 hours. It also has a built-in flashlight that can last for 50 hours. This is a really great light gadget to carry around that can be really handy at times. 5. Mini USB Camera The Mini USB camera is smaller then the palm of your hand, making it a great easyto-carry back-up camera. Its a 2MP camera with 1280 x 1024 resolution. After taking pictures you can plug the camera to the computer and download all the pictures: no additional software is needed. 6. Herb Keeper Herbs are like flowers: they also need water for staying fresh longer. These plastic containers are filled with water on the bottom and help the herbs to stand upright allowing you to store them neatly in the fridge. 7. Porkfolio Porkfolio takes piggy banks to the next level: smart piggy bank. Besides helping you to save your coins, it also allows you to keep track of your balance or set specific goals with a special app in your smartphone. Also the only way to open the bank is through your cellphone, which makes Porkfolio a secure place to save your coins. 8. Thank You