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PROJECT REPORT ON'CONSUMER PERCEPTION ON MATRIMONIAL SITES"Presented to- Presented by-Dr.Urvashi Makkar Team 10 Chairperson-MM bjectiveMain objective 1-The main obiective oI the research is to identiIy the perception oI diIIerent people visiting diIIerent matrimonial sites.2-How the matrimonial sites serving the needs and requirement oI customers.3-To know the useIulness andlevel oI inIormation provided by matrimonial site.4-To Iind theassociation between Irequent visits by consumer and the level oI promise delivery they are getting.5-To Iind the association between attractive advertisement oI websites and the inIormation they are providing. atrimony research is the 13th most popular activity on the internetThere are more than 12 million visitors oI matrimonial sites in urban India.These matrimonial sites are having business oI more than 60 crore rupees.CTS D URESMajore player Market shareBharat 50%Jeevan 40%Simply 10%MJR PLERMTRM BUSESSResearch methodology#esearch design-Descriptive$ampling area$ampling area was chosen as Ghaziabad city as it wasapproachable and convenient.$ample sizeTotalnumberoIhundredpeopleweresurveyedandthe data has been collected Iromthose hundredrespondents.$ampling Techniques$ampling techniques used in this research is conveniencesampling as the research was carried inside the periphery oIGhaziabad which was in our reach.$ample unitHousing societies oI Ghaziabad .Data coIIection method The data collection method used in this researchthrough survey was divided into two main datacollection methods:!rimary data collection methodquestionnairewaspreparedinordertocollectthedata Irom hundred respondents in Ghaziabad region.Each respondent was provided with a questionnaire inorder to attain the desired inIormation.Secondary data collection methodThe secondary data was collected mainly throughInternet i.e. byvisitingdiIIerent matrimonial websites. Few oI the web sites names are as Iollows:www.ieevansathi.comwww.shaadi.comwww.bharatmatrimony.comwww.ekiodi.comnterpretationaiser-Meyer-OIkin Measure of SampIing Adequacy. .558Bartlett's Test of Sphericity pprox. Chi-square109.125df 66Sig..001nalysis-Here expected value is 0.50 and observed value is .558 nitiaI ExtractionIrequentlyvisit 1.000 .578needsrequirement 1.000 .636Trustworthy 1.000 .608timeconsuming 1.000 .555promisedelivery 1.000 .395consumerreIerence 1.000 .609InIormation 1.000 .447ttractiveadvertisement 1.000 .525consumerdependence 1.000 .634youngsterpreIerences 1.000 .715uthenticity 1.000 .753$uccess 1.000 .588Extraction Method: Principal Component nalysis.Rotated Component MatrixaComponent df1 2 3 4 5frequentlyvisit.757eeds requirement .750trustworthy .770time-consuming .408 -.518promise delivery -.463consumer reference .696information -.442attrectiveadvertisement.635consumer dependence .665youngsterpreferences -.803usefullness .799successs -.713factor Factor name Variable1) Reliability Frequent visitUseIullness2) Promisable TrustworthyNeed requirementPromise delivery3) Communication Consumer reIerenceYoungster preIerence4) chievement Time consumingttractive advertisement$uccess5) ccesability InIormation Consumer dependenceCALCuLA1l0N 1:Cl 30uARL 1L310: 1here is no assooiation between frequent visits bvoonsumer and the level of promise deliverv thev are eettine.A: 1here is a assooiation between frequent visits bvoonsumer and the level of promise deliverv thev are eettine.Chi-Square test W Result: .092< .10W t 90% confidence level significance level is .092 which is less than .10W Reject null hypothesis(H0) Conclusion: t signifies that there is association between frequent visit by consumers and level of promise delivery they are getting.0: 1here is no assooiation between attraotiveadvertisement of websites and the 3uooess.A: 1here is a assooiation between attraotiveadvertisement of websites and suooess.CH-SQURE 2W Result: .090 < .10W t 90% confidence level , significant level is .090 which is less than .10 .W Reject null hypothesis (H).W Conclusion: t signifies that there is association between attractive advertisement of website and success.CHI-$"URE 3 0: 1here is no assooiation between informationand the 3uooess. A: 1here is a assooiation between information and suooess.W Result: .070 < .10W t 90% confidence level , significant level is.. 070 which is less than .10 .W Reject ull hypothesis (H)W Conclusion- t signifies that there is association between information and success. CH-SQURE 4W 0 There is no association between trustworthy and requent visit.W A There is association between trustworthy and requent visit. W Result: .086 < .10W t 90% confidence level , significant level is .086 which is less than .10W Reject null hypothesis (Ho)W Conclusion: t signifies that there is association between trustworthy and frequent visitMulti Dimensional Scaling (MDS)W Used for Product positioning and brand positioning.W MDS has been used to identify:W The number and nature of dimension consumers use to perceive different brand in the market place.W The position of current brands on these dimensions.W The positioning of consumer's ideal brand on these dimensions.isimilarity Based pporachJeevan sathi .comNikaahsearch.comndian match.comBharatmatrimony.comShaadi.comEkjodi.comJeevansaathi.com0 3 4 3 1 5ikahsearch.com6 0 2 4 7 7ndianmatch.com4 2 0 1 3 6Bharatmatrimony.com3 4 1 0 2 4Shaadi.com1 7 3 2 0 2Ekjodi.com5 7 6 4 2 03 dimensions are derived$tress value Ior these three dimensions are:O imension 1:0.36852O imension 2:0.08609O imension 3:0.05975O $tress value indicates the measure oI lack oI Iit, so it should be as close to zero as possible.O $o the obiective should be to get the solution with an acceptably low value oI stress, in the least possible no. oI dimensions.O Hence, the 3-dimensioal solution looks the best, as the stress value is a low 0.05Now by looking at the scores Ior the 6atrimonial$iteson3dimensions, wedecideontheIollowingnames Ior the three dimensions.W imension 1: ReliabilityW imension 2: PerIormanceW imension 3:Current matrimonial site Imageccording to the scoresW,Ekjodi.comW Performance in service,Jeevansaath.comW Current Matrimonial Sites Motivation actorsW To get the best mate W or information W or funW To get same religiousW To find mate with same occupationW To get married for their childrenW To get more alternative for mach makingW To join same societyRank oI the Iactors Factors for visitingWeighted average Rank1To get marriage for their children18.19 12To get the best mate15.16 23To get same bride/groom of same caste13.78 34To find mate with same occupation12.36 45To get more alternative for matchmaking11.78 56To ioin same society10.33 67For InIormation10.00 78For Iun9 8W t is very well understood from the table that very 1stfactor towards visiting the site is getting the children married.W Second most preferred by the customers are to get the wise ClassiIicationAge CIassification Frequency Percent18-22 12 12%22-26 30 30%26-30 36 36%30-34 12 12%34 and above 10 10%onclusionW Customer prefer matrimonial sites because they feel the data provided by them is authentic and also easily accessible.W Customers are highly dependent on these sites as they can access the information and photograph along with family background at the same thus making it User riendlyW The site is generally visited by youngsters.#ecommendationW The websites should provide useful information to the visitors as it increases trust toward that website. (according to there are 15 million users of and 13 million users of W Companies should deliver the promises they made in order to attract more users to their website. Bibliography Cont.The Economist, ctober 25, 2006. "Made for each otherPeeyush gnihotri. "Shehnai please, it's Webbing time", The Tribune, 2002-05-06itanjali Sharma. " The mating ame, The Tribune, 2004-12-18Mohan Babu. "The business of online matchmaking", aramChainnexture"uestionnaireW Respond to each statement below by putting tick mark in the correct box-:W (S )Strongly gree-(1)(D) Disagree(2)W ()gree(3) (SD) Strongly disagree(4) ( )eutral.(5)W ENDER :- Male(1) emale(2)W AE:- 18-22 (1) 22-26(2)26-30(3)30-34 (4)34 and above(5)S.No"uestions1SA2D3A4SD5N1.Matrimonial sites is visited by consumers on frequently basis 2.Matrimonial sites really serve your needs and requirement3. Visiting Matrimonial sites is trustworthy4.Time taken by the matrimonial website to match your needs is satisfactory5.Level of the website to deliver the promises is satisfactory6. Consumers refer these social sites to friends/family/colleagues7. The information provided by matrimonial sites is relevantS.No"uestions1SA2D3A4SD5N8.Matrimonial sites generally use attractive advertisement.9.Majority of Consumers are dependent on matrimonial sites10.Matrimonial sites are a preferable area of youngsters.11.nformation provided by matrimonial sites is generally authentic 12.Marriages adopted by matrimonial sites are successful. ny "uery