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1 6525 Sylvania Avenue Sylvania OH 43560 (419) 517-8400 A Congregation Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism 151 Years of Consecrated Service to God, Torah and Israel 5778 Congregation B’nai Israel

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Page 1: Congregation B’nai Israel A Congregation


6525 Sylvania Avenue Sylvania OH 43560 (419) 517-8400

A Congregation Affiliated with the

United Synagogue of Conservative


151 Years of

Consecrated Service to God, Torah and Israel


Congregation B’nai Israel

Page 2: Congregation B’nai Israel A Congregation



The past month in Jewish history and in our calendar has been momentous. We experienced Israel’s 70th anniversary, celebrated in several excellent events in our community, the 51st anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, and the relocation of the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In the midst of all this euphoria, what might have escaped your attention is Israel’s winning the prestigious Eurovision song contest on May 12th 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. That night in our Jewish calendar - the 28th of Iyar, commemorates the reunification of Jerusalem during the Six Day War of 1967. This is the fourth time Israel has won Eurovision, one of the world’s most famous international song contests. The winning song “Toy”, a pop anthem about female independence, was performed by 25 year old Netta Barzilai, accompanied by her signature “chicken dance.” Netta had placed third by the official judges, but won thanks to tele-voters from around the world catapulting her to victory. Hours before the victory, Israeli superstar film actress Gal Gadot had urged her twenty million Instagram followers to vote for Israel’s entry. Including words like “I’m not your toy you stupid boy...,” it was influenced by the #MeToo movement.

The Eurovision contest has often been embroiled in political and religious controversies, although politically tinged songs are unofficially disallowed. You may recognize some outstanding songs and performers which won Israel previous contests. In 1978, Israel won for the first time when Izhar Cohen and the group Alphabeta performed “A-Ba-Ni-Bi.” Its words, “Abanibi obo-ebe abotaba...” were intended to be reminiscent of baby talk, or to be nonsensical. The melody was composed by Nurit Hirsh who composed Oseh Shalom amongst many other songs. The following year, 1979, with the contest historically taking place in Jerusalem, as the winning country usually hosts in the year following victory, Israel won again with “Hallelujah” performed by Gali Atari and the group Milk and Honey.

This was a particularly emotional victory, as at the same time that the contest was taking place in

Jerusalem, the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat had just come to Jerusalem and was addressing Israel’s Knesset (parliament). The song Hallelujah went on to be recorded over three hundred times in multiple lan-guages all over the world, including by Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme.

Israel achieved its third victory in 1998 with Dana International performing the song “Diva.” Dana International is the stage name of the former Yaron Cohen, a transsexual who at the age 18 underwent sex change in England, becoming Sharon Cohen. Her victory for Israel caused a furor in Jerusalem amongst the


Israel’s 2000 entry, the song “Sameach” performed by the group Ping Pong, also caused controversy. During the contest Israel and Syria were at war and the Israeli band waved Syrian flags as a gesture of peace. Israeli politicians protested and demanded that the group be banned, leaving them to cover their own expenses.

Another controversy erupted in 2007 when the Israeli group Teapacks performed their song “Push the Button.” This song includes lyrics about “crazy rulers” and “a world full of terror.” Some attributed these lyrics to Israeli anxiety about Iran’s threats and also called for the song’s banning. But the song was given the go-ahead by Eurovision authorities.

Although most participants have faded into obscurity, notable exceptions are Israeli participants who generally are popular in Israel, as well as 1974’s representatives from Sweden – Abba, and 1988’s representa-tive from Switzerland – Celine Dion. To watch Netta’s performance click on the link below.

Next year’s 2019 Eurovision performance in Israel is now being awaited with much anticipation by

Israeli authorities and the Israeli public. It is possible that if CBI’s planned trip to Israel next May materializes, who knows, we may get to attend the performance and witness another historical Israeli entry. After all, we are calling our planned CBI trip ‘A Cultural Tour of Israel!’

Hazzan Ivor Lichterman

Notes from the Cantor ……………………………………….

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President’s Message…………………………….…………...


In music, a coda is a last portion of the piece, a little extra add-on at the end. It could serve as a grand finale or simply a little synopsis of the main themes to bring it all together so that the piece makes some musical sense. Two years ago, I was trying to get my first column for our bulletin done in time for the publishing deadline. That was titled “Tuning Up for a Big Year”. Somehow, two years have raced past and I am right back where I started working against a column deadline. Except now, instead of thinking about the opening chords, it is time to reflect back on the major themes and put together this coda.

I think the first movement of my symphony as president might have been called “Deer caught in the headlights”. All of a sudden, there were all sorts of things that needed to be dealt with. Many of these involved the on-going preparations for celebrating our congregation’s 150th Anniversary. Then there were the High Holidays coming up soon. Plus there were more bulletin columns to write and so many questions that I had and questions that others had for me.

Which brings us quickly to the second movement, which might be called “With a little help from my friends”. It would take many pages to thank all the wonderful folks who made my job not only possible, but enjoyable, and a real learning and growth experience. So at the risk of offending so many by omission I will mention only two, our spiritual leader and our administrative leader. When I accepted the presidency, I said of Hazzan Lichterman, “It will be great working with such a wonderful person and I expect to learn a lot.” That has been absolutely true. He has been a joy to work with and has taught me so much about many things. Chuck Traugott, our Synagogue Administrator, has been an endless source of information, insight and fore-sight. When I started, he said he would try and keep me out of trouble and he did. Both of them love our congregation and have kept us strong.

Every orchestra has many players and when they all work together it can be magic. Among our key players are the many volunteers who plan and carry out our programs, help behind the scenes, lead and serve in our worship services, and who do so much for our congregation. Of course, none of what we do would be possible if not for our trustees and officers, past and present. In addition to what they do as active and engaged congregants, they have stepped forward to take on the responsibility of leading us now and planning for the future. I also have to especially thank my wife, Ann, the “power behind the throne.” She is my number one advisor, source of clear, rational and insightful thought, and Rock of Gibraltar.

So now we look forward to the next board and a new president. Much as our previous president, Jeff Bauer, has been a fantastic friend and resource for me, I will strive to be such for our next president, Buz Romanoff. It has been a fantastic experience for me and I wish him the same.

Howard Rosenberg

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Congregational News………………………………………….

Condolences Our synagogue family mourns the loss of

Dorrette Zebede Mother of Jeannette (Jonathan) Bernstein,

grandmother of Natalie and Kayla Bernstein

Sylvia Mintz Mother of Alan (Cindy Palmer) Mintz

Melvin Hamerman

Father of Alex Hamerman, Bill Hamerman, and Laurie (George) Hamerman Feezel, grandfather and great grandfather. Melvin passed away a month short

of his 103rd birthday.

May you be comforted amongst all who mourn in Zion.

June-July Special Anniversaries

Sheila and Stan Odesky June 16 55 years

Alison and Chad Kripke June 28 10 years

Judy and David Weinberg June 30 50 years

Yael and Myer Liber July 26 30 years

Rina and Nathan Segall July 31 30 years

June-July Special Birthdays

Mazel Tov

Christina and Ian Katz on the birth of their daughter, Ellen (Elle) Rose Katz on April 22, 2018

Great Grandmother is Bernice Katz, Grandparents are Randy Katz and Nancy Katz

Robert and Jean Ravin on the marriage of their daughter

Kate Ravin to Victor Steenbergen

Jeremy Davis, son of Hope and Greg Davis, on being elected Southview High School’s senior class president

Todah Rabah

I’m humbled and grateful for the beautiful Kiddush, all of your good wishes, generous contributions and

tributes for my receiving an Honorary Doctorate. Thank you for helping to make this such a

memorable simcha in my life.

Hazzan Ivor Lichterman

Steven Feldman June 2

Stacey Kripke June 2

Greg Davis June 9

Helen Boxenbaum June 11 90th

Lawrence Goldberg June 11

Charles Schwartz June 17 90th

Dave Shall June 17

Inge Horowitz June 18

Matt Kripke June 19

Yakov Ravin June 21

Theodore Pinsky June 25 90th

Elsie Liber July 2 95th

Leo Goldner July 3 95th

Paul Morse July 5

David Friedes July 14

Hy Kisin July 24

Lannie Katzman July 30

Hope Davis July 31

Artem Zaurov July 31

Memorial Plaques

A memorial plaque in the sanctuary is a wonderful way to remember your loved ones. If you would like to purchase a plaque please contact the office for an order form. Cost is $500.

Plaques ordered by July 20, 2018 will be dedicated at the Yom Kippur Yizkor Service.

Page 5: Congregation B’nai Israel A Congregation


Report of the CBI Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is tasked with nominating first term trustees as well as re-nominating trustees com-pleting their first terms. Additionally, the committee nominates first term officers and re-nominates continuing

officers. Trustees are eligible for two (2) three year terms and officers are eligible for five (5) one year terms.

Below is the slate of officers and trustees for Congregation Year 2018-2019 Officers for a One Year Term Bennett Romanoff President Ian Katz Vice President for Administration Mindy Slutsky Vice President for Youth Activities Jerry Russell Vice President for Ritual Affairs Fran Weinblatt Secretary Robert Kripke Treasurer

Trustees for a Three Year Term Ending in 2021 Judy Scheinbach First Term Stuart Goldberg Second Term Cathy Sperling First Term Greg Davis Second Term

Trustees for a Three Year Term Ending in 2020 Jack Katz First Term Eric Lauber First Term Carol Richman First Term Holley LaPlante First Term

Trustees completing a Three Year Term Ending in 2019 Michael Leizerman First Term Helen Michaels First Term Lannie Katzman First Term Miriam Beckerman First Term

Outgoing Trustees Terms Ending 2018 Bruce Post Jill Kripke Gabrielle Mallin

Nominating Committee Chair: Jeff Bauer Committee Members: Anne Bauer, Fagie Benstein, Ellen Federman, Robert Kripke, Carol Richman, Fran Weinblatt

Save the Date

“OUR ETHICAL & MORAL LEGACIES” with visiting Rabbi & expert ethical will facilitator, Stephanie Aaron

Sunday, October 7, 2018 Dedicated to the memory of the Honorable Judge David Katz z”l and Joan Katz z”l

Rabbi Aaron will provide the tools, guidance and instructions so that every participant can write his/her own personal ethical will.


What is an Ethical Will? An ethical will (Hebrew; Tzava’ah) is a document designed to pass Jewish ethical

and moral values from one generation to the next.


Board Member of the Year:

Steve Goldberg

Congregant of the Year:

David Weinberg

Sam Schwartz Minyan Award:

David Friedes

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Events …………………………………………………...…………..



Page 7: Congregation B’nai Israel A Congregation


Events …………………………………………………...………….

29th Interfaith Blood Drive Sunday, June 24 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Grace Lutheran Church 4441 Monroe Street, Toledo

Please call Devorah Shulamit at 419-356-5280 to schedule

an appointment and to volunteer for set up on June 21 and Sunday morning June 24.

The Jewish community volunteers on Sunday morning from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm while church members are attending services. The need for blood is great. This blood drive provides for the July 4th holiday blood needs for our community.

Do a mitzvah, help save someone's life! Come and be a donor for your synagogue.


B’NAI ISRAEL By making purchases on

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible

AmazonSmile purchases to Congregation B’nai Israel.

Start your shopping at and choose

“Congregation B’nai Israel - Sylvania”

as your charity.


Follow us at

Congregation B’nai Israel

Use hashtag


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Events …………………………………………………………...

Congregation B’nai Israel’s


Save the Date!

Friday, October 19, 2018 9:00 a.m.

to Sunday, October 21, 2018 12:00 p.m.

Our overnight accommodations will be in the serene setting at the Retreat Center

located on the campus of Lourdes University in Sylvania.

Thanks to the generous financial

support of the Congregation B’nai Israel Sisterhood Past Presidents Fund

and Congregation B’nai Israel, the cost for the entire weekend is $80, which

includes all weekend activities.

Invitations to ALL of our B’nai Israel women members will be mailed on

August 1, 2018.

Please contact Miriam Beckerman ([email protected])

or Cathy Sperling ([email protected])

for more information.

The inaugural CBI Women’s Weekend offers the opportunity for CBI women of ALL ages to get together to relax, socialize, laugh, learn, be inspired and recharge. Make new

friends and connect with old ones.

Julie Wohl is a Jewish educator and a visual artist who has worked in a variety of synagogue, communal and camp settings. She is the author and illustrator of a number of books for Jewish families and schools and her artwork has been featured in galleries, museums, and synagogues around the country.

Julie is the founder and lead educator of “Jewish Learning Thru Art: A Traveling Creative Arts Beit Midrash”. Through this work, Julie brings Jewish learning to life through the arts. Participants in her workshop engage with each other and with sacred Jewish text, while creating meaningful and lasting works of art.

Julie is a graduate of Michigan State University and received a Master’s Degree in Jewish Education from the William Davidson School of Jewish Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. She is married to Rabbi Joshua Wohl and they are the proud parents of Sam and Micah.

Julie’s new book: “Make Create, Celebrate Jewish Holidays Through Art” (copyright 2018) is available at Behrman House Publishers. You can learn more about Julie’s work at

Featuring Special Guest, Julie Wohl who will be leading an Interactive Art Workshop

Weekend Activities will include:

Jewish Genealogy

Clay Mezzuzah Project

Nature Walks

Book Discussion

Creative Movement

Jewish Study

Tikkun Olam Social Action Project

Challah Baking

Creative Group Prayer Service

Evening Entertainment

Wonderful Food

Communal Shabbat Dinner


Page 9: Congregation B’nai Israel A Congregation


As I sit down to write we have just completed another year at the David S. Stone Religious School. Teaching has always been one of my favorite duties and the current partnership with Congregation B’nai Israel has only increased that pleasure. Kim Brody continues to be a principal who does everything to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. Cantor Lichterman remains not only a good partner, but a better friend. I could not ask for better leadership. The real success of any school, of course, is found in its student body. I am fortunate to have good students who are willing to come in after long school days and give up hours on Sundays. Additionally, we have families who are involved and engaged in the education process. All of these things put together make being a part of the David S. Stone Religious School a true joy. I look forward to beginning another year in August. Have a great summer.

Rabbi Evan B. Rubin

Rabbi, Congregation Etz Chayim

BITUSY and Kadima Ages 6th– 12th Grade

David S. Stone Religious School ……….…………………….

2018 USY Convention Attendees Emmie Brody Adam Davis

Eleanora Richards Samuel Richards

CAMP WISE in Cleveland

Eva LaPlante

Baylee Mallin

Danielle Mallin

Eleanora Richards

Samuel Richards

Aaron Schusterman

Alex Schusterman

This summer CBI has 8 students attending Jewish Sleepaway Camps

CAMP RAMAH in Canada

Adam Davis

Scholarship money comes from our Youth Funds:

Camp Ramah/ Yale B. Roberts Fund

Helen Finke Burke Fund

Bobbi and Amy Rosenbloom Fund

Summer Youth Activities Fund

Youth Activities Scholarship Fund

TODAH RABAH to the Jewish Federation & Foundation of Greater Toledo’s “Experience a Memorable Overnight Jewish

Initiative” (EMOJI) program. This program is designed to offer a Jewish camping experience FREE OF CHARGE for first-time

campers or at a very reduced cost for children who are returning to a Jewish Sleepaway Camp.

Page 10: Congregation B’nai Israel A Congregation


Mazel Tov to our Graduates!……..…………………………

Alexa Bader, daughter of Michelle & David Bader, graduated from Southview High School. She will be

attending Ohio State University and majoring in Chemical Engineering.

Emmie Brody, daughter of Kim and Stuart Brody, graduated from Southview High School. She will be

attending the University of Toledo School of Business.

Asher Kripke, son of Jill and Matt Kripke, graduated from Southview High School. He will be attending the

University of Michigan business school.

Sari Kripke, daughter of Jill and Matt Kripke, graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a major in

Psychology. She will be attending graduate school at University of Michigan for Social Work.

Ian Mahoney, son of Joel and Stephanie Mahoney, graduated from Southview High School. He will attend the

University of Toledo, majoring in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Samantha Mallin, daughter of Michael and Gabrielle Mallin, graduated Cum Laude from the University of

Toledo. She received a Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Psychology and Disability Studies and a minor in Business. After graduation, Samantha will continue her education at UT where she will earn an MBA in Business and Human Resources.

Zoe M. Yaffe, daughter of Rene’ and Rich Rusgo, graduated from The Ohio State University with a double

major in Psychology and Criminology. She will be attending Capital Law School in Columbus, Ohio, in August.

Shayna Zack, daughter of Dave and Dena Zack, graduated from Penn State University with a Master of

Education in Curriculum and Instruction, Bachelor of Science in Special Education, and a Certification as a Reading Specialist. Next year, Shayna will be teaching special education in Melbourne, Australia.

Jennifer Zaurov, daughter of Irina and Gregory Zaurov, graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University

of Toledo with a Communications/Public Relations Major and a Psychology Minor.

Celebrating Israel’s 70th Anniversary Service, Food and Fun at the Yom Hazikaron “Israel at 70” program

Left: Local Boy Scout Troops presents to students and families at Shomer Emunim.

Center: Long lines for the delicious Israeli food at “The Spot” food truck.

Right: Fun activities from bounce houses to rock wall climbing.

Page 11: Congregation B’nai Israel A Congregation


June Yahrzeits……………..…………………………………...


Ivor Lichterman .......................................... Hazzan

[email protected]

Howard Rosenbaum ................... Minyan Leader

Kim Brody ................... Religious School Principal

[email protected]

Chuck Traugott .......... Synagogue Administrator

[email protected]

Rhoda Miller Community Outreach Coordinator

[email protected]

Leslie Podolsky .. Communications Coordinator

[email protected]

Megan Miller .................................. Youth Director

[email protected]

Cindy Robertson .....................Sisterhood 2.0 Rep

[email protected]


President……………………………..……….Bennett Romanoff

Vice President of Administration…………………......Ian Katz

Vice President of Ritual Affairs…………………...Jerry Russell

Vice President of Youth Activities……………..Mindy Slutsky

Secretary………………………………………….Fran Weinblatt

Treasurer……………………………………..….....Robert Kripke

Past President………………………………Howard Rosenberg


Miriam Beckerman, Greg Davis, Stuart Goldberg, Jack Katz,

Lannie Katzman, Holley LaPlante, Eric Lauber,

Michael Leizerman, Helen Michaels, Carol Richman,

Judy Scheinbach, Cathy Sperling


Phyllis Diamond, Howard Rosenbaum


Page 12: Congregation B’nai Israel A Congregation


July Yahrzeits……………………………………….…………...

The Yizkor Book - “In Remembrance”

The “IN REMEMBRANCE” section of the Yizkor book for 5778, includes a list of names submitted by our members and friends as personal memorials. A minimum contribution of $18.00 per memorial name, per donor. Please return the form below along with your check by Friday, August 10, 2018. If you wish to

maintain your entry from last year, you need do nothing. The synagogue will bill you. Names should be printed the way you wish them to appear in the program.

In Memory of: Remembered by: 1._______________________________________ 1. _______________________________________

2._______________________________________ 2. _______________________________________ 3._______________________________________ 3. _______________________________________

Make checks payable to: Congregation B’nai Israel. Discover, Master Card and Visa accepted.

Page 13: Congregation B’nai Israel A Congregation


In Memory of Melvin Hamerman Lannie and Roanne Katzman*** Sylvia Mintz Lannie and Roanne Katzman

Yahrzeit Naomi June, Margaret Wendel, Luke, Ted, Jack, Helen Richard Schroeder A. H. Steinberg Diane Bernstein*

In Memory of Joanne Rubin Kathryn Linver

Yahrzeit Sharon Gayle Friedes David and Lori Friedes** Reuben Wolkoff Lillian Becker*** Henry C. Greenberg Adelyn Greenberg***

In Honor of Hazzan Lichterman, Honorary Doctorate Debbie Katz-Liebenthal and Jon Liebenthal* Shirley Tochtermann Gary and Andrea Delman**** Michelle and Cary Kart** Dave, Dena, Shayna, Sam and Dahlia Zack **

In Memory of Joanne Rubin Rick and Nancy Zerner**** Jerry and Arlene Russell*

Yahrzeit Naomi and Morris Winer Phil Master Lenny Thal Selma Master Seymour Sattler Andrew Sattler** Neal Touran Jan Touran Jester*** Calvin Lieberman Karen Lieberman and Bruce Lieberman****

In Memory of Joanne Rubin David and Deborah Perlmutter

Yahrzeit Freida Williams Ron and Paula Creed****

Yahrzeit Isadore Weinstein Judy Erd*

In Honor of Bat Mitzvah, Gabriella Russell Bonnie Ross Ian & Christina Katz, Birth of Ellen Rose Howard and Ann Rosenberg*** Jeff and Anne Bauer

In Memory of Dolores Mandel Bonnie Ross Barry Jeross Jerry and Arlene Russell Dorette Zebede Eli and Fagie Benstein**

Joanne Rubin Gertie Levitin Arnie and Marlene Remer*

Yahrzeit Nathan Post Bruce, Sheila, Jordon and Brynna Post*** Fanny Tenzur Rena Mikhlin**

In Memory of Joanne Rubin Bernice Katz

Yahrzeit Shirley Yaffe Susan and Steve Kaufman*** Shirley Yaffe, Beloved Sister Bernice Katz Betty and Seymour Forman Nancy Katz**

In Honor of Bar Mitzvah, Chase Kripke Jeff, Alison, Sarah, Joshua, and Jamie Sherman Sari Kripke, College Graduation Lee and Gail Kwait** Arlene Rubinoff, Special Birthday Gary Beren, Special Birthday Debbie Katz-Liebenthal and Jon Liebenthal*

In Memory of Joanne Rubin Larry and Joan Kripke** Lester Botoff Alix and Dick Greenblatt**

* denotes B’nai Mitzvah $13.00 ** denotes Chai $18.00 *** denotes Silver $25.00 **** denotes double Chai $36.00 A box denotes Gold $50.00 A bold box denotes Diamond $100.00+ All contributions listed are before May 15, 2018

Shabbat Prayer Book $65.00 Etz Hayim Bible $100.00 Tree of Life Leaf $100.00 Tree of Life Stone $1000.00 Memorial Plaque $500.00

Minimum/Mitzvah Contributions are $10.00 Please note: More generous contributions will be indicated in the following ways:

Contributions …………………………………………………..




Jack Lane Vivian and Paul Grossman and Jill and Bill Lane






Hazzan Lichterman, In Appreciation Linda Steinberg and Family, Jeff and Alison Sherman and Family

Joanne Rubin Sheldon Harris

Sharron Abramson Eli Abramson, Nora Romanoff and Abramson Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

Page 14: Congregation B’nai Israel A Congregation



Yahrzeit Evelyn Grande Alan and Michele Blumberg** Dr. William Boros Phyllis B. Shoched*** Phyllis Levey Helene Sherman Jeff, Alison, Sarah, Joshua, and Jamie Sherman****

In Honor of Ian and Christina Katz, Birth of Ellen Rose Esther Kezur and Harvey Malone


Libbie Zankel Esther Kezur and Harvey Malone and Family

Yahrzeit Ida Schall, Beloved Mother Susan and Alan Schall

In Honor of Jeff Goldstein, In Appreciation Megan Miller**


Roy Goldman Ronald Goldman and Alyce Segall**

In Honor of Jeremy Davis, Class President Eli and Fagie Benstein Kim Brody, Special Birthday Eli and Fagie Benstein**

Yahrzeit Charles Rubin Corey Russell*** Isadore Leibovitz Lois Levison**

In Memory of Dorrette Zebede Brad and Tracy Schusterman*

In Honor of Richard Freed, Special Birthday Howard and Karen Rosenbaum** Jim Sack, Bar Mitzvah Anniversary Jeff, Alison, Sarah, Joshua, and Jamie Sherman

In Memory of Jeff Steinberg Howard and Karen Rosenbaum**

In Memory of Dorette Zebede Sheila and Stan Odesky The Podolsky Family Jeff Steinberg Lannie and Roanne Katzman Buz and Doris Steinberg

In Honor of Edna Rosen, Special Birthday Shirley Tochtermann Stu Diamond, Special Birthday Nora Romanoff and Eli Abramson** Cathy Sperling, Special Birthday Stephen Rothschild, Special Birthday Eli and Fagie Benstein**** Gary Beren, Special Birthday Allan and Ilene Miller*** Larry Robbins, Special Birthday Nora Romanoff and Eli Abramson

In Memory of

Dorrette Zebede Lynn and Mark Liber and Family** Stu and Jo-Jo Goldberg Jeff Steinberg Linda Steinberg and Family Joanne Rubin Shirley Tochtermann Beverly and Sam Steinman Stan Linver and Family Nora Romanoff and Eli Abramson ** Marvin and Marilyn Jacobs*** Shelley and Tom Helberg**** Stuart and Jo-Jo Goldberg

Yahrzeit Ivy Phillips Rose Katherine Wiegler Marcia Friedman Sylvia Karp Marvin Karp Elaine Levey Benjamin Albert Susan Albert Larry Albert Mildred Perlman Charles Perlman Dave and Lil Perlman Irving Shyavitz Linda Shyavitz and Nancy Holzer*** Sam Lipsitz Cheryl Phillips***

In Honor of Ian Mahoney, Eagle Scout Eli and Fagie Benstein**

In Memory of Jeff Steinberg Judy Gersz

Yahrzeit Howard Smith Rene’ and Rich Rusgo, Zoe Yaffe, Ben Yaffe**










Ida Alexander Ken and Dolores Alexander

Jim Sack, Bar Mitzvah Anniversary Barry and Shelly Igdaloff


Ervine Frankel Barbara Frankel-Wexler and Mark Wexler and Family

Dorette Zebede Alison and Jeff Sherman Bonnie Berland Cheryl and Steve Rothschild Cindy and Scott Liber Dena and Dave Zack Kathy and Jim Sack Laurie and John Leslie Fagie and Eli Benstein Sheila and Stan Odesky

Joan Mangold Dave, Dena, Shayna, Sam and Dahlia Zack

Page 15: Congregation B’nai Israel A Congregation


Page 16: Congregation B’nai Israel A Congregation


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

PAID Sylvania, OH Permit No. 42

Open Tuesday, June 12th, 26th and July 24th or by

appointment only. Hours: 10am-12pm

Call Roanne Katzman for appt. 419-882-2111

CONGREGATION B’NAI ISRAEL BULLETIN 6525 Sylvania Ave Sylvania OH 43560

Address Service Requested

Daily Services Schedule

Mon.-Friday: 7:00 a.m., 5:45 p.m.

Saturday: 9:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m.

Sunday minyan will resume when

Religious School begins this fall

Hi Everyone!

The Friedman family has made an awesome transition to Israel! The kids are totally “Israeli”. Such a fabulous visit! They send their love to all!

Fagie and Eli

Gorgeous Embroidered and Needlepoint Kippot from Israel

A Special Thank You to

Helen Michaels


Michael Tamor

For the donation of a beautiful Gabbai’s Box

A Special Thank You to

David and Lori Friedes

For the donation of two beautiful Torah Yads