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  • what you need to know about Compassion


  • COMPASSION UK EVENTS • what you need to know 43 High Street, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8BB •

    This section covers the basic information which you will need to know about the work of Compassion. For detailed information, visit the website at or e-mail [email protected]

    KEY FACTS • You can sponsor a child for just £25 a month, which works out at 83p per day. • Compassion meets the children’s physical, emotional, economic and

    spiritual needs. • All Compassion programmes are Christ-centred, child-focused and church-

    based. • Compassion has over 60 years’ experience of reaching out to the poorest

    of the poor, regardless of faith or ethnicity. • Compassion supports over 1.5 million children in 26 of the world’s poorest

    countries in Africa, Asia, South America and Central America. • Every day over 340 children give their lives to Christ through Compassion

    programmes. • Every day two new churches in the developing world partner with


    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION • Compassion ensures that all registered children have access to food,

    clothing, educational opportunities, medical support, social care and the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.

    • The impact of a child’s involvement in a Compassion programme resonates throughout their entire family. The children share what they learn with siblings and parents, and family members are encouraged to participate in other church activities.

    • Each sponsor is linked to one individual child. In addition to the financial support, sponsors are encouraged to build a relationship with their child through praying for them and practically demonstrating love through letter writing.

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What makes Compassion different to other child sponsorship organisations? Rather than speaking negatively about other charities, point out Compassion’s unique distinctive features, which are:

    Compassion is child-focused. Compassion’s holistic approach to child development equips individuals physically, socially, and spiritually, empowering them to become adults who can make an impact on the world around them.

  • COMPASSION UK EVENTS • what you need to know 43 High Street, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8BB •

    Compassion is church-based. Compassion works exclusively through local Christians empowering them to become advocates for children and agents for change in their communities.

    Compassion is Christ-centred. Compassion seeks to reflect the character of Christ in every way and to pursue the mission Christ gave to His church.

    How much of my money goes to the child I sponsor? Compassion uses at least 80 per cent of all donations and Gift Aid income for the direct benefit of the children. Compassion is fully accountable to its sponsors. Regular internal and external audits are conducted to ensure Compassion’s programmes are run efficiently. The annual report and accounts, conducted by an independent accounts firm, are available on our website at

    Where does Compassion work? Compassion currently works in 26 of the world’s poorest countries. Through more than 6,200 church-based projects, over 1.5 million children are currently receiving support.

    For more detailed information about where Compassion works, refer to the world map in the Compassion Brochure.

    What happens if there is more than one child in the family? Compassion aims to reach as many families in a community as possible. Generally, only one child from a family will attend a project, with the parents choosing which child is registered.

    The benefits of the programme reach the whole family through interaction with staff, health screening, nutritional advice and supplies, parenting workshops and other church activities. If there is a particular need in one family, for example there is only one parent, or there are a large number of children, up to three children may be enrolled.

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    What happens if I have to stop my sponsorship? We do understand that your circumstances may change. Once registered in a Compassion programme, the children will not be asked to leave. If you have to discontinue your support, the child will continue receiving all the benefits and we will immediately look for a new sponsor. The development of your child will not be interrupted. In addition, you can tell them what a formerly sponsored child has to say about sponsorship:

    “Life is a journey. Each step someone walks with you, they don’t leave you in the same position they found you. When you sponsor a child, it doesn’t matter how long you do it for, you will not leave them how you found them.” Peace Ruharuza, formerly sponsored child

    How long will my sponsorship last? Sponsorship lasts until a child finishes their education. This is usually between 16 and 23 years of age, depending on the country the child lives in and their personal circumstances.

  • COMPASSION UK EVENTS • what you need to know 43 High Street, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8BB •

    How are the children chosen? As Compassion is church-based, we work alongside local churches that will identify the poorest of the poor and those children who are in desperate need of help. This also indirectly benefits the child’s family and community.

    How does one-to-one sponsorship work? Each child is registered in a Compassion project and then linked with just one sponsor. Each sponsor contributes £25 a month to ensure their sponsored child has access to healthcare, education, food and clothing, vocational training, as well as social, emotional and spiritual care. The money reaches the child through programme activities in the project that they attend.

    Does Compassion only work with Christian children? No. Children who attend Compassion projects come from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. We help the neediest children in a community regardless of their faith and their parents will be made aware that Compassion is a Christian organisation. Around 130,000 children give their lives to Christ through Compassion projects every year – praise God!

    How often will I receive letters from my sponsored child? You can expect to receive a minimum of two letters per year from your sponsored child. It’s important to remember that although the correspondence is efficient, it isn’t ‘overnight’. After the child has written their letter, it has to be translated and taken from the project to the country office. Transportation and communications within many of the countries where we work can be extremely slow.

    Can my friends and I sponsor a child together? Yes, but we would ask that one person remains as a single point of contact and is responsible for the Direct Debit with the others giving their money to that person. Whilst we encou rage all involved to contribute to letter writing, we would suggest that one person remains as a single point of contact for this also.

    Is Compassion affiliated with any particular church or denomination? Compassion is non-denominational. We work with evangelical and Christ- centred churches in 26 developing countries and throughout the UK.

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    Can I sponsor if I don’t live in the UK? Yes, you are welcome to sponsor. Please just ensure that you give us your full e-mail address, telephone number and country of residence. A Compassion staff member will contact you in the next two weeks to inform you of the best method of payment.

    If I pay by Direct Debit, which date will the money go out of my account? Compassion UK can pull Direct Debit payments from your account on the 1st, 8th, 15th or 22nd of each month. We will usually set your Direct Debit up on the next available date from the time you have sponsored, but if you have a preference for one of these dates then please call the office and we can arrange it for you.

    If there are questions that you cannot answer, please refer the person to the Compassion office.