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  • Q ustusE X E C U T I V E L E A D E R S H I P

    Consult DevelopSearch


    Het Koningshuis

    Koningsweg 66

    5211 BN s-Hertogenbosch

    +31 736154700

  • A View on Q


    At Quaestus, we embrace a triangle focus:

    on our dear clients, on our powerful candidates,

    and on our passionate professionals.

    It is in our nature. We just love it.

    Quaestus is expert in Executive Leadership, with a wide range of service offerings in Consulting,

    Executive Search and Leadership Development.

    Our mission is to develop a secure base in Boardrooms and Executive Teams

    in order to stimulate growth and innovation.

    Learn more about us. www.quaestus.euQuaestus is a Member of Good Standing of the Association of Executive Search Consultants. Members of this Association meet and maintain

    rigid membership requirements, and are pledged to a strict Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines.

    Quaestus is the Dutch key member of the IMD International Search Group,

    a strong global network of top Executive Search firms.

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    secure base leadership

    In our conviction, Secure Base Leadership is elementary for

    tomorrows leaders. It is in fact the best way to create a culture for

    innovation and exponential growth.

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    in dialogue we all prosper

    True dialogue is much more than a conversation; it is an exchange of views,

    opinions and beliefs, as part of an interactive process between equal persons, teams

    and groups of people. In our daily routines, we need dialogue as much as we need

    air to breath. In the end, dialogue is the means, the aim is to prosper.

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    care to dareThe essence in modern leadership is to discover the balance

    in giving space, while maintaining contact. The balance in

    nurturing and challenging. In care and dare.

  • Q and beyond

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    Committed to the highest industry standards, we will

    always operate within the strict settings of securing

    both clients interests and candidates personal privacy.

    We are proud of what Quaestus has achieved,

    thanks to the trust we have received from our clients.

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    nobody is perfect but a team can be

    Nobody is perfect, but a team can be. And that counts for

    any situation, any organisation. As simple as that.

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    Our database

    7 million Dutch people working in a business

    environment. 60.000 extensive profiles for top

    level management and directors positions.

    International and directly accessible candidate

    database through IMD and AESC.

    Clients ranked by turnover

    < 10 million 18 %

    10 50 million 15 %

    50 100 million 22 %

    100 500 million 21 %

    > 500 million 24 %

    Year salary topmanagers

    recruited by Quaestus

    100.000 - 150.000 27 %

    150.000 - 250.000 48 %

    250.000 - 400.000 13 %

    > 400.000 9 %

    ICT 31 %

    Consumer 20 %

    Professional Services 24 %

    Technology 13 %

    Industry 12 %

    Breakdown by sector


    Facts & figures

    Strategic Alignment & Cultural Change

    Consult, Search & Develop

    Market Search & Analyses

    Leadership Assessment & Development