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Marketing Class Project - developed scholarship program for local nonprofit, collaborated with content, designed full presentation


  • 1. Teens in Action Community Essence Scholarship ProgramCarrie Culbertson | Janet Lopez | Scott Rieger | Tou Lee Yang

2. Established in 2010Mission is to advance the positive social and emotionaldevelopment of youth ages 8 18 in the Tampa Baycommunity 3. Formerly Known As:Founded in 1997 in Erie, PA 4. Teaches a core set of social and emotional attributes, values andskills designed to help children, teens and adults moreeffectively handle lifes challenges and to succeedacademically, socially and professionally 5. IQ vs EQ 6. Goals 7. Social Emotional Learning 8. Corporate Sponsors 9. This program is a life changing, positiveyouth development program forelementary and middle school aged girlsthat focuses on building strong social andemotional skills, self-esteem, and a life-long commitment to physical activity andhealthy living. 10. Frameworks recruits HillsboroughCounty School District students andtrains them to provide volunteerservice hours to organizations such as:Big Brother Big Sisters of TampaBay, Feeding America, ShrinersHospital for Children, The TampaMuseum of Art, The Spring of TampaBay and The Crisis Center of TampaBay 11. Revealing Inner Strengths throughEmpowerment (RISE) is a gender-specific,positive youth development frameworkfor middle school students that focuseson developing high social understandingand emotional intelligence (EQ). Alongwith IQ, students are prepared foracademic, relationship and leadershipsuccess as they advance in all their youthand adult roles. Trained facilitators deliverthe program using best practices on socialand emotional learning and single-gendereducation. 12. Mustang Sallies 13. Pleased to announce newprogram offering 14. The Teens in Action Program offers a one (1) yearfull tuition scholarship up to $60,000 to a deservingstudent in the Tampa Bay Area! 15. Environmental Analysis 16. No SEL Competition 17. Partners with other organizations 18. Economic Concerns 19. Program Reputation 20. Low Startup Costs 21. BrandConsistency 22. Complexity ofMessage 23. External Factors 24. Economic Impact on Fundraising 25. Maximum Amount$60kMaximum Endowment$120k 26. Market Selectionand Segmentation 27. Frameworks serves and targetsyouth, ages 8-18, and the intent of our scholarship is to provide an education opportunity for adeserving teen in our community 28. Residents Age 25+ with College Education 39% 38% Some College23%College Degree No College 29. w/ Children