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Mac OS X Yosemite Common Keyboard Shortcuts. Not an exhaustive list.Created by @Matt425.


Common Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS X Yosemite Created by @Matt425Startup Shorcuts Application ShortcutsOption or Alt Display All Startup Volumes Command-Space Show or Hide SpotlightShift Startup in Safe Mode Command-Tab Move Forward through Open AppsC Startup From Bootable Media Command-Shift-Tab Move Backward through Open AppsT Startup From Target Disk Mode Command-F1 Toggle Mirror DisplaysCommand-R Use OS X Recovery Command-F2 Toggle Target Display ModeCommand-Option-P-R Reset NVRAM/parameter RAM Command-F3 Show DesktopOption-F1 or Option-F2 Open Displays System PreferencesTaking Screenshots Command-Minus Decrease Size of Selected ItemCommand-Shift-3 Capture the Screen to File Command-Shift-Equal Increase Size of Selected ItemCommand-Shift-Control-3 Capture the Screen to Clipboard Command-A Select AllCommand-Shift-4 Capture Selection to File Command-B BoldCommand-Shift-4 then Space Capture Selected Window to File Command-C CopyCommand-Shift-Control-4 Capture Selection to Clipboard Command-Option-D Show/Hide DockCommand-Shift-Control-4 then Space Capture Selected Window to Clipboard Command-F Open a Find WindowCommand-H Hide Windows of Current AppText Selection Shortcuts Command-I ItalicizeCommand+Arrows Select Text Command-M Minimize AppControl-A Move to Beginning Command-N Create NewControl-L Center Command-P PrintControl-O Insert a New Line Command-Q PrintCommand-S SaveKeyboard Controls Command-U UnderlineTab Move to Next Item Command-V PasteShift+Tab Move to Previous Item Command-Z UndoCommand-Shift-Z RedoCommand , Control , Option , Shift , Caps Lock , Function fn Command-Control-Space Special Characters, Smileys, etc.For a Complete List: