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    TENDER NO.38/C.C.TV/ASSEMBBLY Dated.04.04.2012

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    Section -1

    Notice Inviting Tender

    Sealed Tenders are hereby invited for the for supply, installation, integration, customization,

    and maintenance of C.C.TV etc for West Bengal Legislative Assembly, Kolkata Police on

    Turn Key Basis. as specified in the tender document.

    Earnest Money Deposit : Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh) Only.

    Cost of Tender document: Tender document can be downloaded from official website and at the time of submission,

    documentary evidence of payment of Rs. 400/- only as the cost of

    the tender document through bank draft in favour of

    Commissioner of Police, Kolkata, should be attached.

    Tender document will be supplied after news paper publication.

    Submission Format: Hard Copy & Soft Copy (in CD media in Word Document and

    PDF format).

    Tenders will be received up to : 17:17 hrs of 02.05.2012 (EXTENDED) at the Tender Section, Ground Floor, Main Building, Kolkata Police

    Head Quarter, 18, Lalbazar Street, Kolkata 700 001

    (Ph:-033-2250-5048), Fax:-033-2214-5512, E-mail:

    Time & date of opening the technical proposal : To be intimated later.

    Time & date of opening the financial proposal : To be intimated later.

    for technically qualified vendors

    This refers to previous Tender Notice vide Memo No. 3599/ TEN Dated 10.02.2012 and vide Extension Memo No.6544/TEN Dated. 19.03.2012.


    Date: for Commissioner of Police,

    K o l k a t a

    Place: Kolkata.

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    IP CCTV Surveillance System Objective of the system Installation of IP based CCTV system on a turnkey basis at WB Assembly with connectivity to Lalbazar Control Room to enable: 1) Live viewing of camera images from Lalbazar control room and Assembly control

    room under all lighting conditions. 2) Recording of images will be at Assembly control room 3) Viewing of recorded video images at the control room so that persons, vehicles

    etc can be clearly identified from the recording under all lighting conditions. 4) Recording of at least 15 days at 1280x720 resolution, 15 fps. 5) Minimum Uptime of system including network shall be 99.9%.

    Scope of Work

    (1) Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of complete CCTV surveillance system at the designated locations as per features and requirements given in this document.

    (2) Supply and laying of all cables through cable racks, cable trays, conduits or

    inside suitable trenches (to be provided by the vendor including back filling) as required.

    (3) Installation, acceptable, testing, commissioning, field acceptance, test run and

    stabilization of the complete system.

    (4) Completion of drawings / documents as per the execution of work at site.

    (5) User Documentation, Warranty Certificates, Training etc. to be provided by the bidder.

    (6) Authorization letter from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in their

    original letterhead addressed to Kolkata Police to support the offered Cameras, Network Switches, and Video Management Software and other accessories being provided for completion of the said work and to support during AMC shall be submitted along with the tender.

    (7) Any other instruments / equipments / services, which are not explicitly

    mentioned above or in the price bid but deemed necessary for the successful operation of the system complete in all respects, shall be in bidders scope.

    (8) Commissioning all the installed equipment and fine-tuning the total system so

    as to deliver performance detailed in this document.

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    VENDOR PRE-QUALIFICATION CRITERIA The bidder shall provide the following organization details and also submit documentary proof in support of all the Pre Qualification criteria mentioned below. Bidder Details / Pre-qualification

    criterion Bidders Response / Supporting documents to be submitted

    1 Name of the Firm 2 Registered Office address

    Telephone Number e-mail

    3 Contact address in Kolkata Details of Contact person (Name, designation, address etc.) Telephone Number e-mail

    4 The organisation should be having repute and be incorporated/registered in India. Annual reports of the bidder should be available for review on request

    Certificate of Incorporation

    5 The Bidder should be operational in the relevant field for at least 5 (five) consecutive years

    Supporting work orders.

    6 The Bidder must have experience of at least 2 (two) similar installations of supply/ installation/integration for the relevant components in India

    The bidder should attach copies of 2 work orders clearly indicating the deliverables and the scope of assignment along with the work completion certificates issued by the client.

    7 The bidder must have had an average annual turnover of a minimum of INR Rs.5 Crores (Rupees Five Crores) in the last three years.

    Certificate from CA stating turnover of last 3 financial years.

    8 Bidder must have their support services available in Kolkata. Stock of spares should be available at Kolkata to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the System

    Details of Service center in Kolkata

    9 Three Client references with Name of the designated person, Address, Phone No., E-mail Address

    Document with details asked for.

    10 Certified quality document for the current year (ISO 9001:2008 or equivalent etc)

    Copy of certifications of the Service Provider

    11 The bidder should have completed at least one similar work (i.e. IP based CCTV system) having value not less than

    The bidder should attach copy of the work order indicating the deliverables and the scope of assignment along

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    INR 1.0 crore (Rupees One Crore) with the work completion certificate issued by the client.

    12 Bidder should have Banks certificate of solvency for at least Rs 3 crores

    Solvency certificate from Bank

    13 Has the bidder ever been denied tendering facilities by any Government/ Department/ Public sector Undertaking?

    An undertaking in the shape of affidavit, to this effect, signed by authorized signatory to be submitted.

    14 Bidder should have VAT registration under Govt. of West Bengal

    Copy of VAT registration certificate


    1. In order to be allowed to participate in this tender, bidders must meet all pre-qualification criterions as stated above.

    2. Documentary evidence for items 4 to 14 must be submitted along with submission of completed vendor pre-qualification form in the technical bid. Bidders failing to do so shall not be considered for participation in this tender.

    3. In respect of prequalification criterion 11 above, the respondent should have been directly responsible for the implementation of the project and not a member of a consortium.

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    General Terms and Conditions Delivery/Completion of Project: 3 months from placement of order Payment: 100% on successful implementation of system (Issue of completion certificate) Submission of Proposals The envelope containing the vendors proposal shall consist of two separate sealed envelopes super scribed as Technical and Financial respectively, and deposited in the office of The Commissioner of Police, Kolkata Police HQs, Tender Section, Main Bldg., Ground Floor, 18, Lalbazar Street, Kolkata 700001 on any working day up to 17:17 hrs of 02.05.2012 (EXTENDED). Any tender received after 17.17 hours of the last date of submission of proposal will not be considered. Security Deposit The successful Bidder shall submit a security deposit amounting to 10% of the total value of the Project in the form of a Bank Guarantee issued by a Nationalized Bank in favour of Kolkata Police. The security deposit will be returned only after successful execution of the warranty period. In the event of failure to execute the order satisfactorily or in the event of default by the bidder during the warranty period, the security deposit will be forfeited. Tender Opening Date & Venue Tenders (Technical Proposal only) will be opened later in presence of the bidders or their authorized representatives. The venue of the opening of the Technical Proposals will be at Briefing Hall, Kolkata Police HQ, Lalbazar, Kolkata 700 001. Bidders shall be informed of the date of opening of the financial bid. Validity of Offer The proposal shall remain valid for a period of 365 days from the scheduled date for submission of proposals. Taxes & Duties Prices quoted by bidders shall be inclusive of all taxes, duties, etc. Proposal Evaluation Process A single step two-envelope bidding procedure will