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A brief synopsis of my philosophy pertaining to commercial photography


  • 1. COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY- a philosophical approach 07/10/091

2. OBJECTIVE TODAYS PRESENTATION WILL ESTABLISH THE FOLLOWING: WHAT DIFFERENTIATES US AS A COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER ?WHAT ASPECTS OF OUR CRAFT SET US APART ? 07/10/092 3. Introduction:Body / Content1. Importance of TECHNIQUE2. The Correct MINDSET3. Familiarity with Art History4. Copy the THEORY, not the imageConclusion / Learning Outcome Contagious Enthusiasm!Summary07/10/093 4. 1. Importance of technique The smart practitionerutilises the knowledgeof: Instructors Lecturers Mentors Peers07/10/09 4 5. Command of your Medium Technically & Aesthetically Confidence to expresswhat you want to say:- Be it Fine Art or Commercial 07/10/095 6. 2. The Correct Mindset Ideas Develop your own: Theories Approach Solutions 07/10/096 7. Then the technique will follow ! 07/10/097 8. 3. Familiarity with Art History When you encounter contemporary work, - Carry out your own critical analysis: Is this actually new or presented in a new form? What can I learn from it? 07/10/09 8 9. Even superbly crafted commercial images represent universal Questions / Principles, (Richard Avedon, David La Chapelle) Advertising does this constantly When we are aware of this, we see how Art;- INSPIRES - TEACHES - and even CHALLENGES us!We are informed, we are EMPOWERED!07/10/099 10. By immersing ourselves in positive external influences, - i.e. MUSIC FILM LITERATURE FINE ART: Assists us to see the word differently Allows us to step outside our comfort zone. Expose yourself to as many creative influences as possible ! Remember materials cost money but inspiration is free! CHECK OUT FILMS LIKE:-Slum Dog Millionaire-Run Lola Run-Blade Runner-Koyaanisqatsi - OR ANY THING BY STANLEY KUBRIC OR ORSON WELLS!07/10/0910 11. When you possess an informed and open mind You begin to genuinely seek explorationof the broader questions Then your work will become distinctive,personal, and consistent !- You will develop your own STYLEREMEMBER: - It takes time to accrue lifesexperience- We are ALWAYS learning !07/10/09 11 12. 4. Copy the THEORY not the image Seek inspiration from the work of others, but always acknowledge your sources You are respected more for it and people will find out anyway Ultimately your own style will show through anyway ! 07/10/0912 13. CONCLUSIONIts claimed Rat-like Cunningwill always beat youthful exuberance Everything discussed provides us withexperience, knowledge & ultimatelyCunning And it will sometimes get you outof trouble BUT REMEMBER:CONTAGIOUS ENTHUSIASM expressed - Sincerely- Genuinely- Conscientiously Will over time melt even the most cynical of hearts !07/10/09 13 14. SUMMARY 1. We discussed the importance of TECHNIQUE 2. Considered how the possession the correct MINDSET assists us 3. Looked at how a knowledge of ART HISTORY empowers us4. Spoke about how we should learn the THEORY, then apply it to our images 5. Discovered the importance of CONTAGEOUS ENTHUSIASM !07/10/09 14 15. THANK YOU 07/10/0915