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A brief overview of Communication/Connections and Contact Strategy in Advertising


<ul><li> 1. A COMMUNICATION PLANNING JOURNEY: A BRIEF STUDY OF STRATEGY IN MESSAGE DELIVERYBy Steve-Oh-MG 1</li></ul> <p> 2. ADVERTISING OVERLOAD TODAY2 3. MEDIA IS MORE THAN A RANDOM CONTAINER FOR A MESSAGE3 4. FROM PUSHING ADS TO CREATING MAGNETIC EXPERIENCES4 5. Apply a lens of Interactivity, disp ersion, context and catalyst with how consumersEXPERIENCE brands today through multiple channelspage 5 6. WITH A PROCESS THAT DRIVES HOLISTIC SOLUTIONS6 7. THE TOTAL PRODUCT EXPERIENCEDiscovery ExperienceBuying ExperienceUsing ExperienceProductPackaging ExperienceS t r i v e to understand the to t a l c o n s um e r ex p e r i e nc e a n d how media and te c h n o l o g y enhance ex p e r i e nc e s c o n s um e r s h av e w i t h brandsService Experience7 8. THINK CONTACT BEFORE CONTENT8 9. OPTIMIZING ALL TOUCHPOINTSPaid Media Mass media opportunitiesOwned Media Maximize existing touchpoints and experiencesEarned Media Encourage others to facilitate W.O.M.9 10. START WITH THE CONSUMERS FIRST TOUCHPOINT --AND WORK OUT FROM THERE Market Wide Opportunities Use targeted media efforts to build overall awarenessCommunity Connections Connect within their daily routines and communitiesSurrounding Area Extend brand experiences beyond the storeThe Product/Store Experience Maximize all existing touchpoints and experience opportunities10 11. Maximizing Existing Touchpoints Before Creating New Ones11 12. ALIGNING CONTACT POINTS ALONG THE PURCHASE PATH DREAM PLANSynchronous points of contact BUYConsumer experience Purpose-intent Action-interaction 12 13. FOCUS ON MAXIMIZING THE CONSUMER EXPERIENCE WITH EVERY TOUCHPOINTpage 1313 14. EXPERIENCES CONSUMERS HAVE WITH YOUR BRAND BEYOND SIMPLE GRPSAnd theyre increasingly relationship driven and channel agnostic 15. IMMERSIVE PORTABLE PERSONAL CONNECTED EXPERIENCES 16. Creating Experiential Opportunities16 17. AND NEW PARADIGMS IN BRAND EXPRESSION17 18. 18 19. PROVIDING MULTIP LE CONNECTIO N OPPORTUNITIES AND SALES19 20. MASTER BEING AN EXPERIENCE ARCHITECT b eyo n d p u s h i n g impressions, adve rtising must design &amp; account for how consumers experience brands to d ay i n a n o m n i channel e nv i r o n m e n t marr ying the distribution with how consumers experience brands o n T H E I R te r m s </p>