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Explanation of the Role of Communication in AIESEC in Mozambique, for the term 2011/2012.


  • 1. AIESEC Experience

2. How are the AIESEC LCPprogrammes responsibilitiesdivide per functional area?OGXTM ICX ICX GIPGCDPFINCOMM 3. LCPOGX TMGCDP AND GIP TMP and TLP ICXICX GIPGCDP GCDP EwA e GIP FINCOMM 4. As you see, areas likeFinance and Comm dontLCPhave directresponsibillities.OGX TMGCDP AND GIP TMP AND TLPICXICX GIP GCDP GCDP EwA e GIP FINCOMM 5. Deliver the activites.FRONT-OFFICE OGX, ICX GCDP, TM, ICX GIPCOMM, FINBACK-OFFICESupport theactivities. 6. ROLE OFCOMMUNICATION? 7. HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY LC?HOW CAN I IMPROVE THE PROGRAMMES THAT AIESECOFFERS?HOW CAN I IMPROVE THE OTHER AREAS? 8. LCPOGXTMGCDP AND GIPTMP AND TLP ICX ICX GIPGCDP GCDPEwA eGIPCOMM Support 9. Role of Communication is tosupport the implementation ofAIESEC programmes on theother areas, through marketing and communication strategies. 10. WHICH SHOULD BETHE FOCUS OF COMM? 11. According to the goals andfocus of the LC, you need toprioritize the support that LCPyou want to provide to eacharea. OGXTM GCDP AND GIPTMP AND TLP ICXICX GIPGCDPGCDPEwA e GIP COMMSupport