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    Sarah, Sam, Brittney, Sahrish, and Ahrang
  • 2. Criteria for Good Journalism
    Honest and accurate
    Adversarial (when necessary)
    Asks the right questions
    Contextualizes the issue
  • 3. Criteria for Bad Journalism
    Natural disaster angle
    Overly sensational
    Image over content
    Unreliable sources
  • 4. New York Times: July 4th 2003New Orleanss Hurricane Problem
    What is less well known is that New Orleans is an environmental disaster waiting to happen
    it may be only a matter of time before the Big One hits. The time to prepare New Orleans for that frightening prospect is now.
    Offers potential remedies
  • 5. CBS News Report- Hurricane Ivan
    Concernthatthe city is below sea-level and prone to hurricanes
    Its better to be safe than sorry- if you want to take a chance, buy a lottery ticket. But dont take a chance with this hurricane- Aaron Broussard
    Footage of evacuation routes
    Discussion about safety measures
  • 6. Hurricanes dont scare most here, survey says
    Up to 60% would stay homefor Category 3 storm
    No hurricane in past 30 years
  • 7. Gulf Coast Under Hurricane Warning
    September 14, 2004, Wolf Blitzer
    Emphasis on images
    Factual, with some speculation
  • 8. Biased Katrina Coverage: Photojournalism
  • 9. Geraldo Rivera- Sept 3, 2005
    Yesterday the sun set on a scene of terror, chaos, confusion, anarchy, violence, rapes, murders, dead babies, dead people-- I mean, it was -- I could not emphasize how horrible it was 24 hours ago, 24 hours later
  • 10. Chris Lawrence on Anderson Cooper 360- Sept. 1, 2005
    And off in the distance, over the Mississippi River, I can see just a thick cloud of black smoke rising up over the bridge. One of the police officers tells me that that is Oakwood Mall pretty much burning to the ground right now.
  • 11. Asking the right questions: Soledad OBrien Interviews FEMA
  • 12. Katrina has exposed ugly truths about America
    • September 4th, 2005 (London)
    • 13. The President cannot resist the overwhelming weight of responsibility for the gravity of this disaster any more than the levees of New Orleans could resist the weight of water.
    • 14. the storm has exposed the shortcomings of a weak president and his misguided policies