comic relief in all souls

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Comic Relief in All Souls. What is comic relief?. Etymology of Comic Relief. Comic Greek komodia , komodios - "a comedy, amusing spectacle," "singer in the revels" Relief Old French relever - to relieve. Definition of Comic Relief. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Comic Relief in All Souls

Comic Relief in All Souls

What is comic relief?Etymology of Comic ReliefComic Greek komodia, komodios - "a comedy, amusing spectacle," "singer in the revels"

Relief Old French relever - to relieve

Definition of Comic ReliefHumor occurring in the midst of a tragic literary selection that is deliberately designed to relieve emotional intensity and simultaneously to heighten, increase and highlight the seriousness or tragedy of the actionApart from being just a diversion, comic relief advances the plot of the dramatic work.

Comic Relief in ContextTraditionally used in the realm of tragic drama (i.e. Shakespeares tragedies)In drama, comic relief often takes form in a bumbling, wisecracking sidekick of the protagonist or antagonist.Often showcases the absurdity of the heros situationUsed by characters to irritate others or to keep themselves confident

Comic Relief in All SoulsBreaks up the somber tone of the memoir (with its themes of violence, poverty, racism, corruption)Primarily used by Ma to keep high spirits Reveals the absurdity of the racism and poverty in Southie in the 1960s, 70s and 80s

Examples from the textVisit from the social worker (pp. 33-34)Mass Mental mayhem (pp. 46-47)Cockroaches in Old Colony (pp. 52-53)Skootchies kleptomaniac tendencies (pp. 61-62)Homework: Create a Comic Activity