comic relief here is a presentation on comic relief

Download Comic Relief Here is a presentation on Comic Relief

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  • Comic ReliefHere is a presentation on Comic Relief.

  • How Much We Hope To Raise ?We Hope to raise about 30 pound each or per sponsor form in other words.All together that should make about 300 pound and that would be brilliant for Comic Relief.

  • This Is What The Sponsor Form Looks Like !

  • Where The Photos Will Be !The will be photos on the website of Liam Keenan and the link is will also be some which Grab Dawson will be printing out.We think there will be in the gazette, but we dont know if they where at the match or not.And I will come around with my digital camera and show them the photos.

  • When We Got There.When we got there, when the football match started. We had three buckets for people to put money in for Comic Relief.We only got about three pence in the buckets when there was a massive crowd.So then we go around asking people if they would donate then they all put money in.We raised about 65 pound with the buckets.

  • Pledged MoneyMoney that was pledged was mostly paid up, but some didntAll together Pledged money we got 820 but only half of that we have got in cash now.But Grab Dawson has paid up for it all already.So we need all the money that has been put down.