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CollectiveAccess Introduction May 2015 ANR RECIHC - Workshop Gautier Michelin - [email protected]

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1. CollectiveAccess Introduction May 2015 ANR RECIHC - Workshop Gautier Michelin - [email protected] 2. Full Web collections management physical, digital or intellectual collections New York Society Library 3. Main aspects opensource full web based on technological standard deployed in archives, museums, libraries with 129 public references (more than 300 estimated) on the 5 continents from the EMAK museum (250 objects) to the 9/11 museum from several objects to hundreds of thousands 4. History of the project 5. Some dates 2003 : beginning of the project 2005 : rst users 2007 : rst public release under the name "OpenCollection" 2009 : version 0.6 2009 : Whirl-i-Gig, established in New-York 2011 : version 1.0 6. idesculture one of the regular developers of the project, french is the only language to have translated parts of documentation ( funded by 3 former consultants, coming from an opensource project for libraries & documentation centers 2011 : full french version 2012 : idesculture all we do is under GPL 2013 : french version of the main website (has to be rebuilt since has a new design) 2014 : idesculture & CA are now registered by the French Ministry for Culture as the rst opensource software validated for museum collections inventory working with... 7. idesculture references with CollectiveAccess 8. Type of collections Fine art Film Technology Architectural design archives Costumes & clothing Anthropology & ethnographic collections Biodiversity conservation (photographs) Oral history Exhibition asset management Corporate archives Photography Historical societies Libraries Hennessy - acon Paradis Imprial 9. review of some public websites build with CollectiveAccess let's have a rst look. 10. New School Digital Archives Isamu Noguchi Catalogue Raisonn NovaMuse Polonia public/ 11. New School digital collections 12. Isamu Noguchi catalogue raisonn 13. NovaMuse portal to 52 museum collections in Nova Scotia (Canada) 14. Polonia map & biographies 15. archives & memorial 16. access to a test database built on UK Red metadata structure let's go deeper inside the database... Gaston is an archivist with a personal view on archive management. Belgian Comics Center - illustration : Gaston Lagaffe by Franquin 17. demo database URL identiers contact [email protected] 18. want to know more on CollectiveAccess ? CollectiveAccess : forums, wiki & documentation whirl-i-gig on linkedin & @CollAccess on twitter idesculture on facebook, twitter & linkedin plugin for CA on (online collections management for private owners with CA) (audio/videoguide for exhibitions based on Tap :, digital asset management with CollectiveAccess) Muse Rodin - moulage 19. thanks, do you have any question ?