Collaborative writing using Google Docs.

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Writing collaboratively using google docs.


  • 1. Collaborative Writing Using
    Google Docs.
    By The 6 Writers.

2. The Process...
Using google docs, each person had a number down the side of the page and started their story with a setting.
Moving on to the next number, we read and added on to the story written by the person before us, adding noise to the setting.
Moving on again, after reading what had been written before, we added a character to the setting.
After this, we added an action the character did.All the time reading what had been written before and adding to the story.
The next day we went back to our writing and proof-read and edited the work we had done the day before.Adding and taking away pieces to add to the story.Our aim=to create images in the readers head !Here are our stories...
3. In the gully all the birds fly like an aeroplane high in the sky.
A young, young child that has a red nose and pink cheeks cant find his way out.
Him and his friends entered the gully when they were playing hiding go seek.
Now he is alone.
Alone with no place to go and no way out.
Suddenly bursting into tears, he wanders all around in the dark shadowy fog.
4. In the deep, deep ocean lots of fish and sharks are looking for food to eat and floating like a submarine.The jaws crunching bones sound like there are millions of sharks hunting in one bunch.There is a man and hes on a boat.He looks like a homeless man.His hair is grey and scruffy.His skin is grey and wrinkled.Wearing ripped pants with a mud stained t-shirt, he is all alone like a man with no friends.Hes not able to afford a house but crept as a stowaway onto the old fishing boat.
5. During the moon lit night, it gets scary because it is dark and it looks empty and quiet like a graveyard.It looks like there is a distant twinkling light which is scary like a ghost wandering and dancing around the moon.
While an old grave keeper is skulking around making sure all the dead are asleep.
6. Deep down in the gully where there is a calm river with trees lying down like bridges, that squeak when people step on it.A small girl with long, black hair walks confidently into the enchanted gully.As she steps on the creaky bridge, the bats fly across the gully. She stops, taking some steps backwards as her confidence leaves her, as if she is abandoned.
7. Deep, deep down in the dark, creepy caves there are giant soaring bats that fly like jet planes.
As loud as the planes in war flying high in the sky, dropping acid bombs.
8. Deep in the cave there is a diamond shaped entrance to a cave like white winter snow all around.
Right in the middle I can hear bats flapping and squeaking, like a swing going back and forward.