cloud based digital signage for define body & mind

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1. Digital SignageAccelerate Your BusinessDigital signage increases sales, brandloyalty, and repeat purchases. Fromthe hardware to the software truDigitalprovides you with a proven digitalsignage solution to meet your busi-nessneeds and goals.Only49$per month!The sales tool you need tofuel your businessAuto UpdatesAll of the flyers you currently receive in hard copyform from DEFINE CORE will be automaticallypushed to your digital sign display - all marketingand promotional material updated at least onceper month.Content Tailored to Your StudioStudio-specific content - i.e. parking information,studio workshops, studio announcements - canbe displayed at your studio only.Affordable & Cost EffectiveAll you need to get started is an HDTV and digitalsign player, thats it! You will have unlimitedaccess to make changes to your digital sign andadd content to your meida library, all in real time.Shared AccessBoth you and DEFINEs marketing contact willhave access to your digital display. DEFINEmaterials will be automatically pushed on amonthly basis and you can add your ownCORE-approved material.Simple InstallationInstallation is as simple as mounting a flat panelTV in your studio and connecting the DSP to yourdisplay. Nothing else!!No Contract. Affordable & Cost Effective. Easy to Use.Easy to Use & Cloud BasedWe have built the industries most user friendlyplatform giving you the ability to change yourdigital sign any time from anywhere in minutes.(801) 852-9898Visit our website at

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