cloud + apps = marketing success

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Presentation by Christof Zogg, DPE Lead, Microsoft Schweiz, @ Executive Circle Summit December 2013, about cloud computing & the cloud force, Windows Azure & mobile services, apps (from heaven) & app developer/publisher success.


  • 1. Cloud + Apps = Marketingerfolg 3.12.13, Grand Hotel Dolder Executive Circle Summit Christof Zogg, Director Developer & Platform Group

2. About CIOs Typical Enterprise InfrastructureMy Infrastructure 3. About CMOs56% OrganizationIT Source: Gartner 4. Agenda Case Study Cloud Computing Apps5 15 10Agenda 5. Executive Circle SummitChapter 1/3App Marketing Case Study 6. Recently, in Burgdorf 7. Marketing App Case Study 8. Marketing App Case Study 70k Downloads x CHF 0.50 fr den Schwingsport. 9. Success FormulaCloudAppsMarketing Success 10. Executive Circle SummitChapter 2/3Cloud Computing 11. Cloud Forces Focus Agility EconomicsSecurity Privacy ReliabilityUse the Cloud! Cloud Evil Forces! Use the Force! 12. Cloud Forces Focus AgilitySecurityEconomicsComplianceReliabilityUse the Cloud Force! 13. Dublin: the final frontier 14. 1. Security 15. 2. Reliability 16. 3. Cost Efficiency 17. Workload Agility ComputeInactivity PeriodtOn and Offe.g. Week end closing of finance departmente.g. NewsUnpredictable Burstingsite in case of top story such as FukushimaGrowing faste.g. The new Facebook or M&A activityPredictable Burstinge.g. Big sports event such as World Cup or Xmas SalesSave 20-30% 18. Cloud Power On Demand 19. Mobile Services Cloud Computing 20. Windows Azure Mobile Service Wer hts ghosted? 21. Load Testing Cloud Computing 22. Load TestingLoad Test Web ServiceWebserviceResults database 23. Load Test Analysis 24. Recommendations Use Cloud to host and test with or without IT support Embrace the Cloud and regain technology leadership 25. Executive Circle SummitChapter 3/3Apps 26. 50 Billion Downloads 50 billion downloads 1 billion downloads9.5.20072.5.201216.5.2013 27. Apps From Heaven 28. Hype With A Price Tag App Store Revenues in [$M]40373025 20 15 10 00.5 20082 20095.2 20108.72011201220132014 29. Success Is a Challenge Apps 30. Success for Publishers Is a Challenge Download me!App 31. In Terms of Donwloads & Revenue80%68% 59%dont generate enough for standalone business less than $5000.- with top app apps dont reach break evenIm an App Developer! 32. Enterprise Apps Apps 33. Enterprise Apps (side-loaded)Public AppEnterprise StoreLine of Business App 34. Enterprise Apportunity Product PortfolioEnterprise Resource PlanningOrganigrammBusiness DashboardE-LearningTime RecordingHoliday BookingEnterprise Enterprise Intranet Intranet 35. e.g. Customer Service App 36. And Not Even At 27 202cm 37. Embedded Apps Apps 38. Device Sales per Year Embedded devicesPhonesPCs/Tablets100s Millions IDC, GartnerBillionsIDC, Consumer Electronics Association10s Billions VDC market reach, IDC 39. Embedded Systems Everywhere 40. Unified Development PlatformCLOUD SERVICES 41. Recommendations Think beyond store apps and on devices smaller than 11. Fight for an app platform that is enterprise ready! 42. Thank You for Your Attention! Christof ZoggDirector Developer & Platform Group [email protected] Mobile: +41 (0)78 844 60 81 Fixnet: +41 (0)43 456 60 81 Twitter: MicrostofMicrosoft Schweiz Richtistrasse 3 CH-8304 Wallisellen