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<ul><li><p>7/21/2019 Climate Solutions annual report, 2013</p><p> 1/11</p><p>2 0 1 3 a n n u a l r e p o r t </p><p>NORTHWEST</p><p>LEADERSHIPIN THE AGE OF</p><p>CLIMATE CONSEQUENCE </p></li><li><p>7/21/2019 Climate Solutions annual report, 2013</p><p> 2/11</p><p> Ive been feeling an intense mix of emotionsabout our ability to confront the climatechallenge with the urgency and ambition required.</p><p>On the one hand, the climate news is relentlesslysobering. Its late, and we have so far to go. On theother hand, the momentum for solutions is building,and the climate movement is growing strong.</p><p> What feeds this optimism?</p><p>1. The West Coast edge We have the opportunity to put in place themost ambitious set of integrated climate poli-cies in the nation, stretching from California toBritish Columbia. Combined, our region is the</p><p>fth largest economy on the planet. Thisregionhaswhatittakestoend the eraof free andunlimited carbon-dumping, and engineer asteady and sweeping transition to clean powerand transportation. Working closely with theseforward-leaning states, and with incredible alliessuch as the Washington Environmental Council,Oregon Environmental Council, Sightline Institute,Sierra Club, and many other close partners we aredoing this.</p><p>2. Solutions to the climate crisisEvery day, in our communities and across the globe,I see more impressive news about clean energytechnology, nancial innovation, and on-the-ground deployment.</p><p>We willcontinue toprioritize the need todemonstrate and celebrate solutionsin ourregion. Through our strategic innovation pro-grams, New Energy Cities, Sustainable AdvancedFuels, and the Northwest Biocarbon Initiative, weare modeling solutions for a carbon-free future.</p><p> Were just one part of a larger story. Our SolutionsStoryProject proles examples of success and</p><p>builds condence in the clean energy economy as aviable, attractive, way to deliver broadly-shared op-portunity and prosperity. By showcasing powerfulstories, we are demonstrating that climate solu-tions means a lot more than just our organization.</p><p>3. Powering past coal Across the United States, coal the single largestsource of climate pollution continues to declinein use. The Northwest is on the front lines of thistransition, phasing out our own coal plants and re-fusing to serve as a staging ground for coal exports.The physics are not subtle: the coal era must end,and the Northwest can show the way by becomingthe rst coal-free, clean energy-powered region.This transition presents an unprecedented op-portunity for investment and deployment in cleanenergy sources and efficient energy use a maindriver for Northwest prosperity.</p><p>The Northwest will be the point of departure fromthe fossil-fueled past, and the proof point for theclean energy future. The coalition campaign toPower Past Coal is a daily source of inspiration.</p><p>This isnt theoretical anymore; climateconsequences are upon us. The Northwest can leadin addressing global warming. If successful, we willcut carbon pollution in our region, while saying noto more fossil fuel infrastructure and building thebusiness, policy, and program models that catalyzenational and international action.</p><p>I hope that, as you read the accomplishmentshighlighted in this report and note the support of somany donors and funders listed on these pages, youalso see that our organization is working hard tomake sure that together we can, we must,andwe willmove forward on climate action.</p><p>Gregg Small, Executive Director </p><p>This isnt theoreticalanymore; climateconsequencesare upon us. TheNorthwest canlead in addressingglobal warming.</p><p>F O R O V E R 1 5 Y E A R S , Climate Solutions has pioneered the vision andcultivated political leadership in the Northwest for the proposition that clean energyand broadly-shared economic prosperity can go hand-in-hand. Through ourBusiness Partnerships, New Energy Cities, Northwest Biocarbon Initiative, and</p><p>Sustainable Advanced Fuels programs, Climate Solutions builds a powerfulconstituency for local, regional, and national action on climate and clean energy.</p><p>we can, we must, we will.</p><p>optimism is up to us</p><p>Climate Solutions accelerates practical and protablesolutions to global warming by galvanizing leadership,growing investment, and bridging divides.</p></li><li><p>7/21/2019 Climate Solutions annual report, 2013</p><p> 3/11</p><p> A C T I O N C L I M A</p><p> T E</p><p>I believe that we canchange the countrywhile growing a cleanenergy industrialcomplex. I believe this</p><p>because we are peoplewho believe in climatesolutions, not climatepessimism. Lets gobuild a clean energyeconomy for the world,starting right here in</p><p> Washington State.</p><p> Jay Inslee,Washington Governor </p><p>Climate Solutions isshining a light on a betterway forward: a cleanenergy future with broadly-shared prosperity, freefrom the ravages of fossilfuel dependence. And thebrighter they shine thatlight, the closer it gets. Van Jones,</p><p>Co-Founder Rebuild the Dream</p><p>Climate Solutions ispractical and resultsdriven. They representa beautiful mix betweenwhats happening inthe real world, outsidethe Beltway, and thetranslation that needsto occur to affectpolicymakers. Lisa Jackson,</p><p> Former EPA Administrator </p><p>Climate Solutions isone of the very rstorganizations I workedwith years ago when Irst became connectedto the clean energy worldin the Northwest. I havea lot of respect for whatthis organization hasdone to help shape ourregion. Cylvia Hayes,</p><p>Oregons First Lady</p><p>Climate Solutions is anamazing organizationand their programs needto be replicated aroundthe country. I reallyrespect their work; fromthe Business Leaders forClimate Solutions, to theirwork in New Energy Cities,to leveraging leadership inthe legislatures of Oregonand Washington. All of thiswhile leading the incrediblyimportant ght to blockcoal export terminals in theNorthwest. Tom Steyer,</p><p>Co-Founder, Next Generation</p><p>Climate Solutionsgets things doneitsimportant words arebacked up by powerfuldeeds that are making abig difference in the ghtfor a workable planet! Bill McKibben,</p><p> President andCo-Founder,</p><p>Showcased WestCoast Leadershipfrom CA toBC: In October, Climate Solutions Executive Di-rector Gregg Small attended the historic signing ofthe Pacic Coast Action Plan on Climate and CleanEnergy by the governors of Washington, Oregon,California, and the premier of British Columbia.The four executives made commitments for ag-gressive action, including putting limits and a priceon greenhouse gas emissions, and a Clean FuelsStandard to reduce the climate impacts of trans-portation. This WestCoast bloc represents thefth largest economy onthe planet. This actionshows the West Coastwill lead in demonstrat-ing that it is possible tosignicantly cut carbonand grow a vibrant cleanenergy economy.</p><p>Leading in Washington: Climate Solutionsworked with Washington Governor Jay Inslee tohelp pass his climate action bill, the rst bill hesigned into law as governor. The law establisheda bipartisan workgroup of lawmakers tasked withputting Washington securely on track to meet the</p><p>carbon pollution reduction targets established bythe legislature (and supported by Climate Solu-tions) back in 2009. As part of their charge, theworkgroup (called the Climate Legislative and Ex-ecutive Workgroup, or CLEW) held three hearingsthroughout the state to hear from the public aboutthe need for climate action.</p><p>Climate Solutions joined with our partners at Washington Environmental Council, Sierra Club,and others to make sure these hearings wereopportunities for the workgroup to hear that thepublic wants climate action now. The message wasclear at hearings in Spokane, Seattle, and Olympia:an overwhelming majority of the people testiedin favor of action to reduce carbon pollution. Theydemanded to see the Legislature take bold steps toprotect Washington from the impacts of climatechange and realize the opportunities in growingthe states clean energy economy. Included in thehundreds of people testifying for climate actionwere dozens of businesses, labor leaders, andrepresentatives of public health organizations thatpartnered with Climate Solutions to send a loud andclear message to our l egislature on the needfor action.</p><p>leading in climate andclean energy policy</p><p>2013 highl ights</p><p>POWERFUL ALLIESPOWERFUL OUTCOMES</p><p>I believe that we canchange the countrywhile growing a cleanenergy industrialcomplex. I believe this</p><p>because we are peoplewho believe in climatesolutions, not climatepessimism. Lets gobuild a clean energyeconomy for the world,starting right here in</p><p> Washington State.</p><p> Jay Inslee,Washington Governor </p></li><li><p>7/21/2019 Climate Solutions annual report, 2013</p><p> 4/11</p><p>The effort opposing coalexport terminals in theNorthwest is the mostexciting and inspiring workgoing on anywhere in thecountry right now. ClimateSolutions has been playinga key role helping catalyzean amazing coalition that isstanding up against coal andfor a clean energy future.</p><p>Bruce Nilles,</p><p> Senior Director, Beyond Coal Campaign, Sierra Club</p><p>Climate Solutionshelped me bring myvoice to the table tooppose coal export andsupport clean energysolutions. Theiroutreach and workwith communitiesacross the region ispowerful, thoughtful,and effective.</p><p> Grace Byrd, NisquallyTribal Member </p><p>strategic innovation: modelingsolutions for a carbon-free future</p><p>building the power of the climateand clean energy movement</p><p>Launched abroad Sustainable Advanced Fuelsinitiative: In 2013, we developed a plan to accelerate thedevelopment of sustainable, low-carbon alternatives topetroleum fuels in the Northwest, specically focused onindustries that need liquid, high-energy-density fuels. We arepromoting policies that build markets and spur investmentsin cleaner fuels in the Northwest. We have become a trustedpartner with leaders from aviation and other sectors, playing akey role in developing roadmaps to transition from fossil fuelsin Brazil, Singapore, and our region.</p><p> Accelerated city-led carbonreductionin the Northwest:Our New Energy Cities team created energy maps and carbonwedge analyses for Beaverton, OR and Issaquah, WA thatdemonstrate what it takes to achieve 80 percent reduction ofcarbon emissions by 2050; conducted a building sector char-rette in Issaquah to develop a roadmap for carbon reductionin existing and new buildings; and partnered with the KingCounty-Cities Climate Collaboration to begin developing ashared carbon reduction work program for the 13 th largestcounty in the nation.</p><p>Powering Past Coal: Stopping any new coal export off the West Coast continues to be a majorstake in the ground for the climate movement. 2013 was a major year for the coalition campaign,with two proposals pulled off the table in Oregon, and the WA Dept. of Ecology announcing abroad scope of review for the impacts for the proposed coal export terminal at Cherry Point northof Bellingham, WA. Climate Solutions continues to be a central player in the Power Past Coal co-alition, bringing new and powerful voices to the table who are calling for clean energy solutionsinstead of continued investment in the fossil fuels of the past.</p><p>From the articulate nine-year-old Dae Dahlquist asking that his future be considered in thesedecisions, to physicians pressing on potential health impacts, to main street business ownersasking that their livelihood be taken into account, citizens from all walks of life have engagedwith the scoping comment periods for proposed terminals in Washington at Cherry Point andLongview, and in the public process for Oregons proposed terminal at Port of Morrow/St.Helens. The campaign generated a combined total of over 370,000 public comments on theproposed terminals at Cherry Point and Longview, WA. Now with three export proposals off thetable, we continue to watchdog the remaining three proposals and partner with community lead-ers to build a powerful constituency for building a better, more prosperous future in the region.</p><p>Confronting climate change is atop priority for my administration.Climate Solutions maps national bestpractices, builds bridges betweenlocal governments and businesses, andprovides technical support to helpmake our region a national leader inreducing greenhouse gas emissions.</p><p> Dow Constantine, King County Executive</p><p>Climate Solutions may be small, butit bats well above its weight. ClimateSolutions has become one of ourstrongest and most effective nonprotallies in the global effort to make low-carbon and sustainable fuels a reality.</p><p> Darrin Morgan, Director of Sustainable Biofuel Strategy, The Boeing Company</p></li><li><p>7/21/2019 Climate Solutions annual report, 2013</p><p> 5/11</p><p>raising our profile and buildingorganizational strengthStepping UpOur DonorSupport: 2013 representedour second consecutive year of raising nearly $1 millionin contributions from individual donors. Thank you somuch foryour support.</p><p>DonorAppreciation: Our 350 Club major donorappreciation receptions featured several experts andcompelling speakers, giving our Giving Circles an op-portunity to learn in more depth about the problems andsolutions we are working on at Climate Solutions. Inthe spring, we held a Seattle brieng on our Sustainable Advanced Fuels program with Darrin Morgan, Directorof Biofuels Strategy, Boeing Commercial Airplanes;Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO, SkyNRG; and Ross Macfar-lane, Senior Business Advisor, Climate Solutions. InJuly in Portland, OR Alan Barton of the Whiskey CreekShellsh Hatchery addressed the impacts of oceanacidication on Oregons shellsh industry. In the fall,national polling expert Dave Metz briefed donors aboutthe West Coast Climate Campaign to cap and put a priceon carbon pollution cross the region the most import-ant element to drive down climate pollution and rapidlygrow clean energy solutions.</p><p> FoundationSupport: 2013 was a notable year for newand expanded partnerships with foundations. The 11thHour Project awarded the largest grant for a programin Climate Solutions history for our Solutions Storiesproject, which captures and communicates real storiesof climate and clean energy success happening now inthe Northwest economy. Climate Solutions also receivedsignicant new grants from New York Community Trustto support the New Energy Cities program and V KannRasmussen Foundation to support the Northwest Bio-carbon Initiative.</p><p>Received Recognition: Rhys Roth, our co-founderand (now) former Director of Strategic Innovation, washonored with Sustainable Path Foundations Sustain-ability Trailblazer Award for his impact on improvingthe health of our region though innovative and trailblaz-ing efforts. PugetSound BusinessJournal selected ourDevelopment Director, Savitha Reddy Pathi, as one oftheir 40 Under 40 top leaders in the region.</p><p>It is accurate but insufficientto call Climate Solutions thebest climate organization inthe region it just might be thenest regional climate group inthe world.</p><p> Denis Hayes, President, Bullitt Foundation</p><p>Successful Signature Events : At our Annual Reception in Olympia, Annual Breakfast in Seattle, and Annual Dinner in Portland we raisedover $506,000 for Climate Solutions. Tom Steyer, Co-Found er, NextGeneration, keynoted both our 5th Annual Breakfast in Seattle wit...</p></li></ul>