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  • 1. A presentation from the students of 6thsecondary school of Drama, Greece: Nektaria Sir. and Giota P.Climate Changes

2. 1/4WHAT IS CLIMATE CHANGE?oClimate change refers to changes inglobal climate and in particular tochanges in meteorological conditions. 3. 2/4 Global Warming Global warming is the rise in the averagetemperature of Earth's atmosphere andoceans. The current cycle of global warming ischanging the rhythms of climate that allliving things have come to rely upon. 4. 3/4Ice Melting There are more than five million cubic miles ofice on Earth, and some scientists say it wouldtake more than 5,000 years to melt it all. If wecontinue adding carbon to the atmosphere, wellvery likely create an ice-free planet, with anaverage temperature of perhaps 80 degreesFahrenheit instead of the current 58. 5. 4/4 Ice Meltingo The melting of once-permanent ice isalready affecting native people, wildlifeand plants. When the Ward Hunt IceShelf splintered, the rare freshwaterlake it enclosed, along with its uniqueecosystem, drained into the ocean.Polar bears, whales, walrus and sealsare changing their feeding andmigration patterns, making it harderfor native people to hunt them. Andalong Arctic coastlines, entire villageswill be uprooted because they're indanger of being swamped. The nativepeople of the Arctic view globalwarming as a threat to their culturalidentity and their very survival. 6. 1/2 Air PollutionAir Pollution: Warming temperatures worsensmog pollution, which triggers off asthma attacksand permanently damages and reduces thefunction of childrens lungs. Higher smog levelseven contribute to premature deaths. 7. 2/2 Air Pollution in GreeceGreeks are seeking cheaper fuels to warmthemselves this year because of ongoing austeritymeasures, but the cost-saving measures arecausing dangerous levels of harmful particulatesthat could lead to long-term health effects. 8. 1/3Water PollutionThe Water Pollution GuideWater covers over 70% of the Earths surface and is a veryimportant resource for people and the environment. Waterpollution affects drinking water, rivers, lakes and oceans allover the world. This consequently harms human health andthe natural environment. 9. 2/3Water pollutionWater pollution is any contamination of water with chemicalsor other foreign substances that are detrimental to human,plant, or animal health. These pollutants include fertilizersand pesticides from agricultural runoff; sewage and foodprocessing waste; lead, mercury, and other heavy metals;chemical wastes from industrial discharges; and chemicalcontamination from hazardous waste sites. Worldwide, nearly2 billion people drink contaminated water that could beharmful to their health. Health Studies & Clinical Trials 10. 3/3The system slowly dies .If we dont doanythingWe Will Be Losers! 11. Thank you for watching!We hope you enjoyed it!The End


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