Civic hacking: build your cred while doing good

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Civic hacking:Build your cred while doing good@fureighHi, Im Fureigh!@fureigh18F is a digital consultancy for the U.S. government, inside the U.S. government.WHAT?@fureighJust start.MVP.Learn and iterate.Delivery is the strategy.180+ people45% DC55% everywhere elseMaking an impact while building your open source portfolio@fureighWhy contribute to open source?@fureigh Share your work and express yourself. Develop new skills. Build community, learn from others. Build your portfolio. Some of us just like to be helpful.@fureighAnd why civic tech?@fureighIMPACT@fureigh@fureigh@fureigh@fureigh@fureighcommunity-minded@fureighYou are uniquely qualified.@fureighOkay, but also...@fureigh@fureigh@fureighOpen source is your friend@fureighTheres aworld out there@fureighThis is 18F!We are 18F!We are 18F!And many cities and states.@fureighTheres alsoCode for America.@fureighex: Adopt-a-Hydrant@fureighSo how do you find these people?@fureigh@fureighMeetups (find one or start one)@fureighCivic Tech Issue can haz issue?@fureigh@fureighCode contributions are not the only contributions.@fureighBack to finding issues.@fureighCloud.govAnalytics.USA.govCollege ScorecardEvery Kid in a ParkIdentity + FECs first APISome 18F projectsSo many technical options!The U.S. Web Design StandardsPART ZEROWe're designing for 320 million peopleThe population of the United StatesThis is Joanne.1/ But wait theres morePART ONE1 2 3$86 billion is spent a year on federal IT projects94% of federal IT projects are over budget and behind scheduleJust to show how this scales...Why this matters40% of them never see the light of day theyre scrapped or abandoned2/ Why its like thisPART TWOBuying IT is not the same as buying pencils and tanks.Our work happens in silos.Bureaucracy over human needs.Forced to comply with outdated regulations.It became clear that if we wanted to help Joanne, we had to help the people making these digital services.1 2 3The question in front of us became: Is it possible to create a shared set of tools to provide consistent, effective, and easy-to-use government websites?Could we build easy-to-use tools that serve the publics need? We think this is possible.Here are the principles that guided us:Flexible: Create a design system for wide use across agencies and brandsAccessible: They must work for everybody, regardless of abilitiesReusable: Save time and money theres no need to reinvent the wheelOpen source: Increase knowledge, shared understanding, and practices across projectsA consistent look and feel with common design elements will feel familiar, trustworthy, and secure.We built the Standards to be lightweight Just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Sass preprocessor language Sass add-ons (thoughtbots Bourbon and Neat) Component-based design3/ AccessibilityPART THREEAccessible out of the box Start with HTML5 with ARIA Testing Section 508 features Developed with WCAG 2.0 AA in mind4/ In the wild PART FOURI like the clean format. I like that it shows me all the things I need to fill out all at once. I can read it fine. Sometimes I need my reading glasses because of the colors, but this is good because it's got sharp contrast.Good civic design is about accessIt means that people can get the right help, sooner, with less stress.5/ Open source from day onePART FIVEWe What if I want to work on something else?@fureighStart your own