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Top 5 considerations when picking a cloud architecture


Citrix Cloud Works with .the new IT reality Blake Connell, Director of Product Marketing | Citrix CloudPlatform Top 5 considerations when picking a cloud architecture Marc Trouard-Riolle, Sr. Product Marketing Manager | Citrix Cloud Platforms Group July 30, 2015 2014 Citrix. Confidential.2 Market Trends & Landscape Building IaaS Clouds with Citrix Top 5 Considerations Q&A Agenda 2014 Citrix. Confidential.3 Market Leadership 2014 Citrix. Confidential.4 IT Challenges Accelerating pace of business | hypercompetitive environment Enterprises need to deliver new applications and services quickly and efficiently Line of business demand flexibility to get things done Traditional datacenter silos and manual processes cant keep pace Need always-on availability 2014 Citrix. Confidential.5 IT Silos Dedicated infrastructure: time consuming to provision, inflexible Compute Network Storage Firewall ERP Compute Network Storage Firewall Database Compute Network Storage Firewall Big Data 2014 Citrix. Confidential.6 The New Dynamic IT Efficient Cloud Economics Elastic Seasonal Capacity Scalable Grow On-demand Flexible Address multiple tenant needs 2014 Citrix. Confidential.7 Cloud Technologies Enable this IT Paradigm Shift [Source: Gartner, 2013] 2014 Citrix. Confidential.8 Strategic Goals for the Cloud: Agility, Efficiency of all apps [Source: EMA, 2014] Top 5 considerations when choosing a cloud 2014 Citrix. Confidential.10 Do: Plan A Roadmap For Cloud Adoption Run more workloads, gain more value New cloud apps often starting point Add Enterprise apps over time Important: plan ahead of time avoid lock-in to a cloud platform that only accommodates a single workload Value Workloads added to Cloud Cloud Value Growth 2014 Citrix. Confidential.11 Do: Know Your Application Requirements Many organizations support multiple hypervisors storage systems, operating systems etc. Understand the requirements for apps moving to your cloud platform Ensure multi-hypervisor support and other app dependencies are carefully considered 2014 Citrix. Confidential.12 Do: Pick A Flexible Platform A key cloud attribute is abstraction Applications from underlying infrastructure Changes to compute, network and storage resources should not interfere with running applications Choose different storage types (e.g. block or object ) Modify network design from basic to more advanced Compute Storage Network 2014 Citrix. Confidential.13 Dont: Get Locked-in Many cloud vendors optimizing platform for their own stack Difficult to breakout and integrate with other offerings Understand the platform APIs Is there an AWS compatible API to interact with Amazon Web Services? If yes, do you retain choice in compute, network and storage? 2014 Citrix. Confidential.14 Dont: Turn It Into A Science Project Pair flexibility with an integrated offering Roll-your-own platforms require valuable engineering resources to design and develop OpenStack is a collection of projects Adds considerable time to projects Building IaaS clouds with Citrix 2014 Citrix. Confidential.16 Networking Storage Compute Datacenters Networking StorageCompute Virtualization Cloud Orchestration Private IaaS Cloud Building a cloud not dramatically different than deploying traditional datacenter hardware 2014 Citrix. Confidential.17 Web App Virtual Desktops Exchange Database ERP Business Intelligence Web App Virtual Desktops Exchange Database ERP Business Intelligence Scale easily, can isolate and deploy any application Private IaaS Cloud Data Center A Rack 1 Rack 2 Rack n Data Center B Rack 1 Rack 2 Rack n Data Center N Rack 1 Rack 2 Rack n Web App Virtual Desktops Exchange Database ERP Business Intelligence 2014 Citrix. Confidential.18 Automated Application Deployment, Management and Scaling Each application is deployed in an isolated virtual data center All elements can be configured dynamically Resources can be monitored and scaled to handle fluctuating demand Virtual Data Center Virtual FW Virtual LB Virtual Router Virtual Machines Virtual Disks 2014 Citrix. Confidential.19 Proven product: Proven at scale Flexible: Application-centric cloud uniquely delivers every workload Scalable: Amazon-style operations and scale Open: Built on Apache CloudStack, AWS-like APIs New: Hyper-V support, XenDesktop optimizations 2014 Citrix. Confidential.20 Compute XenServer VMware KVMHyper-V Bare metal Hypervisor Storage Local Disk iSCSI NFSFibreChannel Object Block & Object Network NetworkType Isolation LBFirewall VPN Network & Network Services Choose Best of Breed - Leverage Existing Technology Investments 2014 Citrix. Confidential.21 Citrix CloudPlatform is a complete solution for delivering clouds Implementation in days not months Designed for scale and reliability Tennant isolation between virtual environments Support for Usage Metering and Chargeback 2014 Citrix. Confidential.22 Cloud Workloads Traditional Workloads Expect Reliability Redundant hardware Backup & restore on failure Cloud-Native Workloads Expect Failure Apps are built to withstand failure Deploy across multiple failure zones Multiple Workloads Both types of workloads must run reliably in the cloud 2014 Citrix. Confidential.23 Citrix CloudPlatform Support for different workloads will be required Software Defined Networks (e.g., Security Groups, EIP, ELB,...) Cloud-Native Availability Zone Server Racks Server Racks Server Racks Server Racks Server Racks Server Racks Server Racks Server Racks Elastic Block Storage vCenter ESXi Cluster ESXi Cluster ESXi Cluster Enterprise Networking (e.g., VLAN) Enterprise Storage (e.g., SAN) Traditional Availability Zone 2014 Citrix. Confidential.24 At SAP we have a range of applications running in the cloud, from SAPs world-class Business Suite to SAP HANA. As diverse as these solutions are, CloudPlatform has the unique ability to run them all, despite their different architectures. Ralf Lindenlaub VP Cloud Solutions Services 2014 Citrix. Confidential.25 250+Large Scale Production Clouds In Deployment Production sites with 40,000+ Servers per Region Enterprise | Education | Government | Web 2.0 Service Providers | Telcos 2014 Citrix. Confidential.26 Summary Do: Create a roadmap for cloud adoption Do: Know your application requirements Do: Pick a flexible platform Dont: Get locked-in Dont: Turn it into a science project 2014 Citrix. Confidential.27 Build and Manage your own IaaS Cloud Citrix CloudPlatform Free, 90-day Trial 2014 Citrix. Confidential.28 WORK BETTER. LIVE BETTER.


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