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  • 1. Recording, Managing and SharingCisco TelePresence SessionsCisco TelePresence RecorderSolution GuideThe first recorder for Cisco TelePresence in the world TC&C introduced its newest innovation: a full resolution Cisco TelePresence recordingsolution. TC&C, with its award wining call recording suite CARIN, has been a pioneer invideo call recording since the beginning and now has extended that functionality toinclude Cisco TelePresence endpoints. CARIN is able to capture life-size, ultra highdefinition video images with spatial audio and auxiliary audio/video streams (for sharingpresentations and documents). The CARIN call recording solution supports all types ofCisco TelePresence configurations, as well as multi point conferences.Business cases The Cisco TelePresence solution creates a live, face-to-face meeting experience over thenetwork, empowering people to interact and collaborate like never before. Therecording of TelePresence sessions can provide great opportunity and add value for thecompanies when preserving and sharing this unmatched experience. The following listprovides some examples of the key objectives of recording in various market segments: Enterprise Have you ever missed an important conference? Would you like to store your valuable video calls andconferences? Would you like to publish executive talks to your employeesor to your investors? Would you like to store and later review an HR interview forthe executive positions? Would you like to create and share high quality videos ortraining materials with your existing Cisco TelePresenceroom? Have you ever wanted to share a TelePresence call in real-time with a wider audience?Financial Are you facing compliance recording requirement on yourInstitute Cisco TelePresence system? All contents are Copyright 2000-2008 TC&C Ltd. All rights reserved.Page 1 of 11

2. Recording, Managing and Sharing Cisco TelePresence SessionsService Provider Would you like to generate extra revenue by providingrecording functionality? Would you like to differentiate yourself by offering a uniqueservice? Healthcare Have you ever wanted to save a telemedicine session onyour HealthPresence system? Would you like to publish the session to other doctors orprovide it to your patients on a DVD? Would you like to create high definition training materialsfor practitioners? Have you ever wanted to extend the patients medicalhistory with a video? Education Would you like to create high definition training materialsfor your students? Would you like to publish professors conference calls? Government Have to meet strict laws, which require recordingTelePresence calls? Would you like to convert your Cisco TelePresence roominto a HD video studio to create high quality videomaterials?If you answer yes to any of the above questions, than you need CARIN. The number ofexamples grows rapidly as the Cisco TelePresence solution is deployed at more andmore companies for a widening array of uses.Main features The following functionality is provided for every Cisco TelePresence system: Recording Cisco TelePresence calls in real-time Auxiliary audio and video is also recorded used for presentations and sharingcollaboration materials All types of resolutions (720p and 1080p) and quality settings are supported Capture signaling messages (SIP) and extract meta-data Playback is available immediately following the meeting using a proprietarycodec. Transcoding service enables users to lower the resolution and export recordingsinto portable Windows Media Video format (WMV) Real-time streaming support All contents are Copyright 2000-2008 TC&C Ltd. All rights reserved. Page 2 of 11 3. Recording, Managing and Sharing Cisco TelePresence SessionsVideo message creationPlayback recorded calls on Cisco TelePresence directlyCreate and manage users and groups to control the access to recordings.Industry standard security features - supports SOX complianceMulti-site architectureUnmatched functionality via the web based user interfacePublish recordings to external usersBenefits Full Cisco TelePresenceThe CARIN Cisco TelePresence recording system is asupportcomplete solution for recording, storing, managing, playing back and sharing Cisco TelePresence calls.Solid foundation: built on the Built on top of the award-winning, Cisco CompatibleCARIN call recording systemcall recording solution CARIN it provides unmatched functionality and reliability. The solution was developed by TC&C, a Cisco Technology Developer Partner, having more than 8 years of experience in the industry and having up-to- date and deep knowledge of Cisco solutions.Advanced security features By supporting the entire lifecycle of the digitalmeet strict industry content, the CARIN security and data governancerequirements approach provides a solid framework that helps companies meet todays requirements and helps ease tomorrows demands. The HTTPS based user interface, the full audit trail and the multi-level access control are all great examples of the enhanced security features of the system.Enhanced search & playback The solution provides a fully web based user interfacecapabilities: any time fromfor all types of functions like searching, playing back,any location via a downloading, user management, etc. The built-insophisticated web interfaceplayer has numerous features, which enable the sophisticated control of the playback.Optimized for single and CARIN system components can be separated intomulti-site deployments different servers and a fully centralized recording infrastructure can be built by providing enhanced functions like central playback, storage, archiving and management.Software with freedom of The entirely software based solution runs on standardchoice Windows Based server platforms, thus provides freedom of choice and does not tie customers to proprietary hardware platforms. All contents are Copyright 2000-2008 TC&C Ltd. All rights reserved. Page 3 of 11 4. Recording, Managing and SharingCisco TelePresence SessionsBest of breed technologies The recorder is designed from the ground-up to support the life-size, ultra high definition video streams with spatial audio by utilizing world class technologies from companies like Intel, Microsoft and Sun. Recording mechanism CARIN recording system is placed at the Cisco TelePresence room and the recordingcomponent of the system is connected to a monitor port or tap on the network in orderto record point-to-point sessions. CARIN recorder is able to record multipointcommunication as well when placing it at the Cisco TelePresence MultiPoint Switch.CARIN call recording offers the following advantages: Robust technology, applied in the industry for many years Does not rely on any additional resources or increase network traffic Optimized for high-volume traffic Does not interfere with the original call; in case of any problem with the recording engine, the call and users phone experience remains untouched and unchanged Supports multi-site configurations in a very cost effective way Extremely easy content creation by dialing in the recorder from any TelePresence room Enables real-time streaming support CARIN records Cisco TelePresence calls into a proprietary file format (Carin MediaFormat - CMFX), which preserves the original content. No decoding or transcoding isapplied during the recording in order to provide the highest reliability for the capturingand storing the content in the highest resolution. All contents are Copyright 2000-2008 TC&C Ltd. All rights reserved. Page 4 of 11 5. Recording, Managing and Sharing Cisco TelePresence SessionsArchitecture Monitor Portcontaining Cisco TelePresence roomor MultiPointSwitch traffic TelePresence3000 Node TelePresence InfrastructureCARIN for Cisco TelePresenceThe CARIN recording solution consists of two major components: CARIN Local Recorder high-end recording module optimized for packet basedcall recording with several storage management options CARIN Central Controller provides various centralized functions like: adatabase server, a web server, centralized management, transcoding andstorage in a CARIN systemThe CARIN Cisco TelePresence recording system is designed to support variousconfiguration options. In the simplest configuration the above mentioned componentsare installed on a single server. Due to the large amount of processing it takes tosupport transcoding video files into lower resolutions, it is recommended to install theLocal Recorder and Central Controller on separate hardware servers so the recordingservice remains uninterrupted.The other key driver behind separating the system components is to provide multi-sitecapabilities to the recording infrastructure. A Central Controller is able to act as acentral components for each Local Recorder (deployed locally in the TelePresencerooms), and provides the flexibility to grow with the needs of the enterprise. All contents are Copyright 2000-2008 TC&C Ltd. All rights reserved.Page 5 of 11 6. Recording, Managing and SharingCisco TelePresence SessionsStorage CARIN records Cisco TelePresence calls in a proprietary media file format (CMFX) andlater it allows for the transcoding of the files to the popular Windows Media Video(WMV) format. The system provides the codec for playing back CMFX files also, but inorder to share the files to larger audience or the original HD resolution is not required,the WMV format can be a good choice. The transcoding parameters can be customizedbased on the requirements and offers a wide range of allowable resolutions andbitrates.The following table summarizes the required disk space for storing the CiscoTelePresence recording in its original (CMFX) and in transcoded (WMV) formats:Recording scenarioBandwidth on theStorage disk spaceStorage disk space network [Mbps]1requirement for requirement for CMFX [GByte]WMV [GByte]2Recording a TP3000 15 13.18 / hour 0.44 / hourroom at 1


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