china and sydney australias growing business partnership

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  • 7/28/2019 China and Sydney Australias Growing Business Partnership


    china &

    new South waleS

    A dynamic partnership

  • 7/28/2019 China and Sydney Australias Growing Business Partnership


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    New South Wales (NSW), the State in which youll

    fnd Sydney, is these days globally established asa highly desirable destination in which to live andwork. With our temperate climate, unparalleled

    natural beauty and relaxed, multicultural liestyle,NSW and Sydney have one o the highest qualities

    o lie in the world.

    Fuelled by a well-trained, well-educated and

    multilingual workorce, Sydney and NSW continueto thrive, embracing and leading a national culture

    o innovation and taking it to all new levels.

    Sydney alone accounts or nearly a quarter o

    Australias gross domestic product, and is thelargest State economy in the country. Its largereven than the national economies o Malaysia,

    New Zealand and Singapore. And with renownedresearch leadership in smart technologies rom

    next generation communications to advancedrobotics and solar energy, to name a ew weve

    got a frm eye on the uture.

    Today, New South Walesstands out as a perfectinvestment destination.

    With our strong economy,low-risk business landscape,skilled workforce and aninfrastructure to rival thebest globally, investors fromChina will not only nd thebest foundations on whichto build their business, butalso a welcoming, friendlycommunity.

  • 7/28/2019 China and Sydney Australias Growing Business Partnership


    o wmutually beneficial relationship

    A global superpower like China needs trading

    partners and investment destinations it cancount on. Sydney and NSW are ideal, with our

    unmatched standard o products and servicesoering plenty o opportunities or Chinas

    economy to continue to grow.

    I the 2009-10 business year is any indication,

    were onto something great. Bilateral merchandisetrade between NSW and China stood at A$21.6

    billion, making China our most signifcant tradingpartner. Imports rom China to NSW were worth

    A$18.4 billion, consisting largely o ofce andcommunication equipment, as well as appareland clothing.

    Exports rom NSW to China were worth almost

    A$3.2 billion in the same fnancial year, made up omineral uel and oil, ores, animal hair (mainly wool),yarn and abric, and specialised machinery (mainly

    or use in civil engineering, including mining).

    Its a trade relationship as diverse as it is benefcial,

    with links in agriculture, environmental protection,fnancial and legal services, education, tourism,

    architectural design and building products,

    biotechnology services and telecommunications.

    investing in each other

    Beyond trade, investment is another area that

    has shown growth. In 2010, China invested A$12.82billion in Australia, an increase o 41.5 per centrom the previous year.1 Australia returned the

    avour, directly investing A$6.7 billion in thesame year.

    1 ABS, Cat. No. 5352.0, International Investment Position,Australia, Supplementary Statistics, 2010

  • 7/28/2019 China and Sydney Australias Growing Business Partnership


    Sydney and NSW are globally competitive

    and a business hub or the Asia Pacifc.

    With Australias largest State economy,

    NSWs various industries make a signifcant

    impact at a national and global level.

    We have the largest manuacturing and

    services sectors in the country. And with

    Sydney being Australias global city, when

    you invest here, you put yoursel on the

    international map.

    a closer looK at the nsW economy

    NSW is the hub o Australias economic

    activity with most headquarters

    o leading oreign banks and

    international corporations. Sydneys

    competitiveness has attracted more

    than 75 per cent o Australias ICT

    Asia Pacifc regional headquarters.

    The variety o Asian languages spoken

    here has also attracted regional customer

    service centres or the Asia Pacifc. The

    State has the most diverse economy and

    is a leading low cost and world scale

    producer o resources. The State has

    the largest:

    manuacturing industry

    number o ICT specialist businesses

    exports o medicinal and

    pharmaceutical products

    fnancial services industry

    ood and beverage industry

    post-production and digital

    and visual eects industry

    number o creative services employees

    share o international tourists.

    NSW has strengths in a variety o sectors,

    providing the capacity to withstand

    changing economic conditions.

    a secure business environment

    Australia is fnancially and politically

    stable making NSW a low-risk business

    environment. Our economy is resilient with

    well-regulated legal and banking systems.

    a DVSgloBalcooMY

    a financial hub

    NSWs fnancial services industry makes

    up nearly hal o the entire nations

    sector output2, including services in

    banking, non-deposit fnancing, unds

    management, fnancial asset investment,

    insurance and superannuation unds,

    auxiliary fnance and insurance services.

    Sydney is the regional centre or banking

    and insurance, oreign exchange,

    equities, utures and managed unds

    and services to fnance companies in

    the Asia Pacifc.

    Our highly experienced companies are

    ready and waiting to work with you in

    addressing the restructuring o Chinas

    fnancial services sector in the most

    positive and proftable way possible.

    2 ABS, Cat. No. 5220.0, Australian National Accounts:

    State Accounts, 2009-10


    & aSSS

    Sydney is agood choice toestablish ourbanks Australianbase becausethe city has awell-developedfinancial servicessector. Sydney waschosen as a keyregional locationin the SouthernHemisphere,and it will be animportant additionto the Banks globalnetwork.

    Bank o Communications

  • 7/28/2019 China and Sydney Australias Growing Business Partnership


    logistics & infrastructure

    Transport is big business in NSW.

    In act, NSW is responsible or 26 per

    cent o Australias total reight haulage.The reight transport and logistics

    industry is estimated to account or

    up to 11.2 per cent o NSWs gross

    state product.

    There are joint venture opportunities in

    transport companies with considerable

    presence in the resources sector. And

    the reight industry is always open to

    additional participants, particularly in

    the arena o heavy vehicles, presenting

    another opportunity or investors.

    Beyond logistics, inrastructure is

    another area were improving. Byadopting various initiatives, including

    improvements in broadband, energy,

    port productivity and land transport,

    we can continue to progress into

    the uture.


    Sydney is a modern international city,

    and the gateway to an Australian ood

    bowl in the State o NSW.

    Our rich and diverse growing environment

    is recognised internationally, as is our

    highly diversifed ood industry with

    strengths in wine, grain, dairy, ruit,

    vegetables, meat and seaood.

    Our agricultural industry continues

    to grow, thanks to our clean, disease-

    ree growing conditions and diversity

    o soil types, topography and climates,

    allowing us to produce goods o the

    highest quality at the lowest cost.

    And it doesnt end with agricultural

    produce. About one third o Australiasprocessed ood production, investment,

    research and development takes place

    in NSW, adding urther scope to the

    burgeoning industry.

    As China continues its reorms

    to consistently meet international

    standards in production, processing,

    packaging and handling, were

    more than able to contribute.

    mining & resources

    Exploration and mining companieschoose NSW because o its large,

    diverse and rich mineral deposits,

    including coal, as well as metallic,

    industrial and construction minerals.

    Companies characterise NSW as a

    location with developed and easily

    accessible inrastructure, low average

    operating costs and a highly skilled

    pool o workers.

    With the continuing support o the

    State government, this is an industry

    waiting or you to make your mark.


    our diverse industrindspe urrenty

    unts fr:46 per ent f

    austris finne ndinsurne industry

    42 per ent f teinfrmtin medind mmunitins


    37 per ent f te

    prfessin, sientifind teni servies

    36 per ent f terts nd reretin


    32 per ent f te


  • 7/28/2019 China and Sydney Australias Growing Business Partnership


    china construction banK

    With over 13,400 branches, almost 300,000

    employees and a market value o US$247 billion,

    the China Construction Bank is one o the top

    10 banks in the world by market value.

    When it came time to open its frst Australian

    branch, Sydney was the ideal choice. And withChina set to become the worlds largest banking

    market, the China Construction Bank is a vital

    addition to our fnancial services sector.

    The NSW Government helped the bank establish

    itsel in Sydney by arranging introductions to key

    industry contacts and advising on various visa

    requirements. And we can guarantee that it was

    a well-made move.

    Other Chinese banks represented in NSW include:

    Bank o China

    Industrial and Commercial Bank o China

    Agricultural Bank o China

    Bank o Communications

    the Peoples Bank o China.

    suntech poWer

    Suntech is the worlds largest producer o solar

    panels or residential, commerical, industrial and

    utility applications. With regional headquarters

    in China, Switzerland and the United States and

    gigawatt-scale manuacturing worldwide, Suntech

    has delivered more than 13,000,000 photovoltaic

    panels to over 1,000 customers in more than

    80 countries.

    Suntech invests millions o dollars each year

    in long-term research partnerships with Sydney

    company CSG Solar and the University o NSWs

    globally-renowned solar research acility the

    ARC Centre o Excellence or Advanced Silicon

    Photovoltaics and Photonics. Suntechs chie

    executive ofcer, chie operating ofcer and chie

    technology ofcer are all alumni o the university.

    In partnership with NSW-based Infgen Energy,

    Suntech has received State Government planning

    approval to build NSWs frst commercial solar

    arm as part o the Australian Governments

    Solar Flagships program. The solar arm would

    use advanced technology developed by Suntech

    in collaboration with UNSW.

    With strong ties to NSW, Suntechs work in

    developing and commercialising advanced solar

    technology is making it possible or millions o

    people in China, Australia and around the world

    to harness natures cleanest and most abundant

    energy resource.



    Sydney was a natural choice to establish our regionaloffice. The city has a high concentration of skilledfinance professionals, a well-regulated market anda growing number of Chinese firms specialising infinance and resource-related industries.

    The Peoples Bank o China representative ofce or the South Pacifc

  • 7/28/2019 China and Sydney Australias Growing Business Partnership


    The NSW Government, throughits NSW and international ofces,helps companies invest and dobusiness in Sydney and NSW.

    We oer:

    introductions to potential business partners,

    universities and training institutions,

    property agents, management, legal and

    fnancial services frms, regulatory and

    government authorities

    business statistics benchmarking Sydney

    and NSW against other locations

    advice on registering a business in Australia

    market visits or your business in Sydney

    meetings to help you recognise investment


    other assistance on a case-by-case basis.

    We go Where you go

    The NSW Government Business Ofces

    in Shanghai and Guangzhou are your

    contact points or inormation about trade,

    investment and business opportunities in

    Sydney and NSW.

    The China Desk in Sydney has dedicated

    Chinese-speaking sta to assist Chinese

    investors. The sta can acilitate introductions

    to government regulators and bodies and

    provide introductions to potential business

    partners in the market.

    in Support

    oF inVeStMent

  • 7/28/2019 China and Sydney Australias Growing Business Partnership




    Level 47, MLC Centre, 19 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000

    GPO Box 5477, Sydney NSW 2001, Australia

    Tel: +61 2 9338 6600 Fax: +61 2 9338 6950

    NSW Government Business Ofce Guangzhou

    Unit D, Level 10, Development Centre Building

    3 Linjiang Dadao, Pearl River New City

    Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510623, P. R. China

    Tel: +86 20 3785 3009 Fax: +86 20 3785 0037

    Email: [email protected]

    NSW Government Business Ofce ShanghaiUnit 2208, Level 22, CITIC Square

    1168 Nanjing Road West

    Shanghai 200040, P. R. China

    Tel: +86 21 5292 8833 Fax: +86 21 5292 5557

    Email: [email protected]

    Tourism New South Wales, North Asia

    Tel: +86 21 5292 8833 Fax: +86 21 5292 5557

    Email: [email protected]

    NSW Government China Desk

    L48, MLC Centre, 19 Martin Place

    Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

    Tel: +61 2 9338 6748 Fax: +61 2 9338 6728

    Email: [email protected]




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