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A cool place to hang-out where hot Chicken/Mushroom barbecue with assorted flavors is served on colorful plates to be relished along with variety of sauces. With Life-size Mario Miranda styled Caricatures this place is all the more fun.


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2. Concept...... The name tells you whats on the menu! LOLLYs The FLAVOURED BARBEQUES. The name Lollys is derived from term lollypops which is commonly known and available. But here we refer it as one of our niche product and brand together. The twist with lollys is its experiment with marinations to explore both Indian and Continental cuisines and prepare it over coal to preserve the authentic flavors. The ambiance becomes intergral part of the eating. With Life-size Mario Miranda Styled Caricatures and seating in natural wood makes a fun place to be in. 3. Lollys Menu Looks like 4. LOLLYPOPs / DRUMSTICKs Mughlai Chicken Lollypop/Drumsticks Tender chicken lollypops marinated with fresh Indian spices, smoked and served hot with mint sauce GarlicChicken Lollypop / Drumsticks Chicken Lollypops marinated in Garlic-Ginger pasteand smoked over red-hot charcoal served with mint sau ce Mint Chicken Lollypop/ Drumsticks Chicken Lollypops marinated in Mint paste andsmoked over red-hot charcoal served with mint sauce Jerk Chicken Lollypop/ Drumsticks Chicken marinated with Caribbean-Style Jerk spices, Soya sauce and barbecued on charcoal and topped with Jerk Sauce We specialize in. Lime Chicken LollypopFresh chicken soaked in blend of lime and herbs,gently flamed on charcoal and ready for a mouthfulHoney Chicken LollypopGlazed chicken with sweetness of honey and flavor of herbs makes it a delicacy to relishWine Chicken Lollypop Chicken all dipped in wine and sprinkled with black pepper for amesmerizing taste 5. FISHBARBEQUE Rawas Tandoori Rawas fish marinated in lemon juice, yogurt and Indian spices for a great evening feast Pomfret Tandoori Rawas fish marinated in lemon juice, yogurt and Indian spices for a great evening feast PrawnsTandoori These tasty prawns/tiger prawns are marinated in Indian spices and smoked over red-hot coal and served with mint chutney and salad VEGETARIAN BARBEQUE Mughlai Paneer Fresh paneer cubes marinated with traditional Indian spices, smoked and served hot with mint sauce Honey Paneer Paneer with sweetness of honey and flavor of herbs makes it a delicacy to relish Mughlai Mushrooms Fresh Mushrooms marinated with freshIndian spices, smoked andserved hot with mint sauce Vegetable Tandoori Try of vegetable with variety of marinations to suit your taste 6. Ambiance and Facilities Provision for sitting and home deliveryWalls prepared with Mario Miranda-Styled hand drawn sketches Rustic wooden tables and bench tocomplement the walls Entertainment through TV and Music system Guests to sign the tables if they like the food 7. Marketing strategy Local Micro Market Distribution of Pamphlets Celebrations for anniversary and birthdays Cable TV Adds Organizing Periodical eventsPublicity Through Website Just Dial Awareness and Brand Building Through social networking sites like Face book/ Twitter 8. The Fact File Present Location: Kurla East, Mumbai Present Set up:3 tables and capacity for 12 peopleYear of Establishment: November 2009 Monthly Turnover: Rs. 45,000 Till date Foot Fall: Approx 1600 Company Structure: Partnership Firm (In Process of Formation) 9.

  • Future Road Map
  • 1 2 years :
  • Continue to explore format of outlet and expand to 3outlets in next 3 years
  • Streamline and strengthen PR activities through creating awareness about culture of understanding and eating Barbeques
  • Develop a strong brand value through different types of barbeque preparations
  • Explore possibility ofconsortium based expansion model
  • 3 5 years:
  • Expand in areas of concept based fine dine
  • Partner with supplementary for joint ventureinitiatives
  • Become Regional competitive player
  • Reach number of 10 in operating different formats of outlets/restaurants
  • 5 - 10 Years:
  • Aspire to become national player in FMCG sector
  • Develop businessesamong the value chain

10. Profile of Founder Members Swapnil Kanwalu: He is Professionally-qualified Chef and has an experience of over 15 years in hotel industry. In past he has worked in US with International Cruise-lines. He has provided overall guidance and conceptualized the menu for Lollys . Amit Bhandare: He is a free-lance Photographer and passionate about food. He handles day to day operations and has developed network of vendors for efficient procurement of material. He also looks after branding and marketing. Swetal Kanwalu: An Urban Planner by profession and presently work with Government organization. He is a trouble shooter as required in any value chain of the business. Tushar Bhor: He isqualified Architect and works in Corporate sector. His expertise is in strategizing the business activities and looking after expansion plans. Also support the team for handling statutory obligations. 11. Contacts: Tushar Bhor: + 91 9930135572 Amit Bhandare: + 91 9869470049