chapter 4 - consequences of sri lanka conflict

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Follow me on slideshare. These slides are used to illustrate the consequences of Sri Lanka conflict between the Tamils and the Sinhalese. One of the consequences is the rise of the Tamil youths which organised themselves and form the infamous Tamil Tigers or Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Any feedback is welcome. Thank you for viewing.


  • Consequences of Sri Lanka Conflict Chapter 4
  • Racial Differences Sinhalese vs. Tamils
  • Citizenship Rights Sinhala Only Policy University Admission Criteria Resettlement Identify 4 causes of conflict in Sri Lanka
  • How important is social cohesion in multi-ethnic societies?
  • Tigers
  • An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. Mahatma Gandhi
  • Sri Lanka Conflict Political Consequences Economic Consequences Social Consequences
  • Political Consequences
  • Political Consequences Armed Conflict Foreign Intervention
  • Armed Conflict
  • 1 Why would any group resort to violence to achieve what they want? 2 How did the conflict in Sri Lanka become so violent? Questions
  • Timeline of Conflict
  • Tamils demanded peacefully for fair treatment. The Federal Party asked for Tamil areas to be recognised as a federation Before 1950 1950
  • Tamil United Liberation Front is formed and it asked for a separate independent state Tamil Eelam. After the idea for separated state was rejected, Tamils became angry and dissatisfied with government. 1976 May 1976
  • Tamil youths formed the LTTE as non-violent methods were ineffective.
  • The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam LTTE
  • Leader of LTTE Velupillai Pirapaharan
  • Killed 6 aid workers who were constructing "Village of Hope. Another 3 aid workers suffer serious gunshot injuries. April 1 2007
  • LTTE planted a bomb in Rathmalana, targeting a truck carrying Sri Lanka Police personnel killing 7 civilians and injuring more than 39 people. Amongst dead was a pregnant mother. May 28 2007
  • Conflict between Sinhalese and Tamils
  • Armed Conflict
  • Sri Lankan Government LTTE VS
  • Foreign Intervention
  • What happens when 2 countries are in conflict and there seems to be no resolution? Question
  • What is a mediator? A neutral party that brings opposing sides together for a discussion Definition
  • Sri Lankan Government LTTE VS
  • 1983 Dialogue between the 2 parties Outcome No parties could come to an agreement Attempt
  • 1987 India pressured Sri Lanka to sign a peace accord. Outcome Although peace accord was signed, Tamil Tigers did not disarm and Indian troops took control by force. Attempt
  • Fighting continued.
  • Economic Consequences
  • Unemployment Loss of Investment from Other Countries Fall in Number of Tourists
  • Unemployment
  • Factory and plantation workers and self-employed lost their jobs. Massive unemployment 1983 Riots
  • Looting and vandalism of shops and offices
  • 1 How does looting affect Sri Lanka? 2 What impact does unemployment have on the country and its people? Questions
  • Loss of Investment from Other Countries
  • What is foreign investment? Investment (money or other resources) provided by other countries Definition
  • Would you want to invest resources in an unstable country which has conflict? Question
  • Why?
  • Fall in Number of Tourists
  • Sri Lanka depends heavily on tourism for countrys earnings
  • Fall in Sri Lankas earning Loss of jobs Fall in number of tourists
  • Fall in amount spent on improving Sri Lanka Amenities Housing Transport
  • Social Consequences
  • Sri Lankan Tamils are driven out from homeland Thousands of Tamils fled to Tamil Nadu in India as refugees.
  • Movement of Sri Lankan Refugees
  • - Refugee Camp
  • High Security Zones (HSZs) were set up by the Sri Lankan army to kept LTTE away. HSZs are monitored closely and access is controlled. 1990s
  • Refugee camp at a school in the Karainagar area
  • Ongoing fighting in their hometowns (e.g. Jaffna) added to the number of Tamils fleeing.
  • 1. What social problems do refugees face? 2. What social problems do refugees cause? Question
  • What is the Future of Sri Lanka?
  • Created by Goh Bang Rui Follow me on @slideshare. @gohbangrui

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