Chapter 12: Humor Therapy (Comic Relief) Chapter 12: Humor Therapy (Comic Relief) A smile is the shortest distance between two people. - Victor Borge -

Download Chapter 12: Humor Therapy (Comic Relief) Chapter 12: Humor Therapy (Comic Relief) A smile is the shortest distance between two people. - Victor Borge -

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  • Chapter 12: Humor Therapy (Comic Relief)A smile is the shortest distance between two people. - Victor Borge

  • Norman Cousins and humor therapy Anatomy of an Illness Is there a correlation between stress, particularly negative perceptions and emotions, and disease? The premise of humor therapy is that if negative thoughts can result in illness and disease, positive thoughts should enhance health.

  • Types and senses of humorparodysatireslapstick comedyabsurd/nonsense humorblack humorironydry humor and punssarcasm

  • Theories of humor Superiority Theory Incongruity Theory Release/Relief TheoryDivinity Theory

  • Physiology of humor relaxes muscles reduces blood pressure increases ventilation massages internal organs promotes secretion of neuropeptides

  • Physiology of humor Research investigating the psycho-neuroimmunological effects of laughter have found that there is a strong relationship between good health and good humor. In essence, laughter helps restore physiological homeostasis.

  • Steps to initiate humor therapy learn not to take yourself too seriously. find one humorous thing a day. work to improve your imagination and creativity. learn to hyperexaggerate when telling a story.

  • Steps to initiate humor therapy build a humor library. find a host of varied humor venues. access your humor network. boost your self-esteem daily.

  • Parody closely imitates something or someone for comical effect. (celebrity roasts)Satire personal, political, cultural quirks are described and exaggerated.Slapstick comedy slipping on banana peels, pies in the face, etc. Absurd/nonsense humor The Far Side (cows driving cars, etc.) Oreo cookies in the dentists office.Black humor gallows humor based on fear of death. We poke fun at it to hopefully become for comfortable with the concept. MASH humor. Cemetery headstones This is what I expected, but not so soon.Irony Receiving $100 in the mail also receiving a bill owing $100. Eating a Big Mac and a Diet Coke. Oxymorons military intelligence, honest politicians, jumbo shrimpDry humor and puns clever, esoteric wit. Double entendres, words with more than one meaning or connotation. Plays on words, etc.Sarcasm (means to tear flesh) shares elements with clever wit, but this has latent anger and is the lowest form of humor. Often mean and hurtful. Superiority Theory Usually occurs at the expense of others, in order to make the jokester feel better about themselves. Gives temporary comfort to our own situation. (president Ford and mishaps, Dan Quayle and his spelling) Often is said to be the reason for negative and offensive humor such as sarcasm, ethnic, sexist, racist jokes.Release/Relief Theory people laugh because they need to release nervous energy built up from repressed thoughts (Freud). Often includes taboo jokes dirty jokes, etc.Incongruity Theory concerns two unrelated thoughts joined for a surprisingly comic effect. Mind doesnt expect the outcome. Cognitive-based, necessitating intellectual processing of information. Divinity Theory humor is a gift from God laughing and smiling are means to cleanse the spirit. Gods way of telling us were not perfect. Humor helps us cope with stress of everyday life.


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