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book of poems and artwork from Katie Kach


  • 2008 by Katie KachCelestial Butterfl ies

    Paintings & design by Katie KachPrinted by Tiskarna Cicero

    Ljubljana, 2008

    CIP - Kataloni zapis o publikacijiNarodna in univerzitetna knjinica, Ljubljana


    KACH, Katie Celestial butterfl ies / Katie Kach. - [Ljubljana] : samozal., 2008

    ISBN 978-961-245-559-0


  • Katie Kach

    Celestial Butterfl ies

  • Celestial butterfl iesIf love could be seenHe touches God in meI see in youI met a manWhen night fallsI wonder whyTh e gift you bringHow many roadsTh e perfect loverYes, I am the oneEach time I think of youNeed love and gift loveI let go of youIn the EveningStanding thereI wished you were my ValentineI cant say it your wayIve been a fool for loveGo with your open handsIm on my missionA love songTh is is my prayer for the one I loveIm falling in loveFire on iceYouve been greatStanding on a hilltopYou are the sunWhen will I know?

    Part OneCelestial Butterflies


  • Part TwoStraight to the Point


    Fear has power but love has moreIm a student and a teacherTh e real thingYou did not wonder about my IQIm living my lifeIm wondering about my missionDont mis interpret thisIm turning into the real meStraight to the pointInfi nityInfi delityInsanityA being of amazing lightIm not naive, Im just being kindSinead, my way: Nothing compares to youTh e PriestessTh e gap of no mindHave you ever had a secret loveIn the heart of fearYou should have embraced meWhen words are spokenHe gave me nothing

  • I dedicate this bookto the little mewho had a dreamof writing books of poetry.

    So far, there have been three,thanks to you, the little Keti me,and to that vision you held ontothroughout the years so persistently.

    I love you so very much,your grown-up self, Katie Kach

    P.S. My gratitude extends to Michael W. and Christopher P.-G., without you there could not be the book you see.

  • Part OneCelestial Butterfl ies

  • 13Part One: Celestial Butterflies

    Celestial butterfl iesyou bring to my Eye,transforming my inner vision,releasing tension from my mind,only tenderness now fl owsthrough my veins,and endless love.Th e gift of you,that we breathe together,again,on this Earth,is enough to heal my Universe.You kept a promiseand showed up just in timesmiling as if only yesterdayyou left my world.A waterfall of LoveIve since becomefor all of us,hoping a drop will reach youand be like little stones rippleson the sea of your understanding.How else to thank you, my love?

    Celestial butterfl ies

  • 16

    If love could be seenit is in her eyeswhen she calls his name.If love could be heardit is in the wayshe whispers his name.If all her wordscould be contained in oneshe would soft ly speak his name.Th is is what love sounds to her.

  • 17Part One: Celestial Butterflies

    Oh, dont ask me what Im doing,I dont know, I just dont know,but the way he loves meI cant let him go. And the way he moves metouches my very soul,oh, the way he moves me,how could I ever let him go. Im rising above waterpeaceful like a dove,and the way he soothes me,could I ever let him go? Because of him Im strongerand weaker than you know,the weakest when Im thinkingIll have to let him go. I let him go with a blessinghoping he would knowthat true love lives in freedom,and I do love him so.

    He touches God in me

  • 20

    I see in youthe mystery of the moonthe brightness of the furthest starsI recognise in you the depth of longingbut also the long forgotten scars.I hear in youthe voice of angelsthe whispers from the soul,and remember the promiseof so long ago:surrender to the highest in yousurrender your every fearopen your heart to loveaccept that Heaven is Here.I see in you my power talkand my shadow walkI see in you myself complete,in you my fears, my love, my passionwith my souls purpose meetand dance until the last fear is goneand only love keeps me moving on.I see in youall there is to see:a perfect you looking at a perfect me!

  • 21Part One: Celestial Butterflies

    I met a manand fell for himright there and thenbut his heart was takenso I went awayand many a daythought about himwas it an illusionor could he be my dream? Wait and seeadvised my treeso I waited and have seendreams turn into illusionsillusions into dreamsand nothing ever isas at fi rst it seems. I met a manright there and thenwe could have shareda kiss and a sighbut the moment went byand we never took the chancefor the lovers dance. I met a manright there and thenI should have let it be

  • 22

    but I guess we invented timeso we could learn to see. I met a manright there and thenwe had all our allotted timewas the purpose of our meetingsimply for me to burst into rhyme? I met a manright there and thenwe said hellowe said goodbye.

    My heart knowseven as time goes bymy feeling thenwas not a lie!

  • 24

    When night fallswhat long you forwhat ache disturbs your heartwhere do you rest your weary headwho keeps your fi re on?who strokes your forehead soft lywho walks with you the enchanted landwho holds your handwho returns your smile? When day brakeswho bakes your breadlays a fresh shirt on your bedwho keeps you smiling all day longwho sings for you a silly song? When business is doneand the sun goes downare you looking for her?She may be contained in a stoneyou are holding in your hand,or she may be in a far away land,you can touch her soft warm bodywith your mind,but who is the one you are looking to fi nd? When night fallswho calls to youwith a gentle whisper in your ear,

  • 25Part One: Celestial Butterflies

    who melts your demons,your shields, your fear?who listens to your breathingwhen you sleep,who knows what makes you smileand what makes you weep?

  • 26

    It might have been the two of usbut time went byand I wonder whyyou never gave us a real chance,not even for a single dance.Were you afraidId step on your toe,or simply dance my wayinto your soul,so youd fi nally let goand give in to love?We will never know!

    I wonder why

  • 27Part One: Celestial Butterflies

    You come in a new bodyand carry a diff erent namebut you are the messengerfrom my soul wound all the same. We are destined to meetand bring gift s our souls needbut our personalities cant see themfor they are full of desires and greed. While our soul strives towards a single goalour personality keeps busy with material things,hoping one day this joy brings,and wishing for the most perfect lovefi nally appearing at the doorand giving us all we ever longed for. Th e gift you bringthe song you singonly my soul will help me understandfor the message you carry to meis heaven sent.It does not speak of a wedding ring,it doesnt come with a single material thing,it brings my fi rst and deepest woundfrom the depth of my heartto be seen againand remembered

    Th e gift you bring

  • 28

    why and how and whenI fell apartand have been searching ever sincefor the missing peaces of my heart,amongst people and things,in clouds, and poems, and dreams... I thank you for the gift you bringI love you for the song you singfor the healing of my soul,and I hope my gift to youwill help you heal also. If ever you wonderwhat my gift to you has been,remember,only with the eyes of your soulit can be seen!

  • 29Part One: Celestial Butterflies

    How many roadsmust a woman walk downbefore she is rescued by her man,yes, and how many seasmust a man sail aroundbefore he can rest in her land? Th e answer, my friend,is written in the sand,the answer is written in the sand...

  • 30

    Ive exhausted all the waysof looking for the perfect loveoh, the possible and the impossible waysof searching for thee,I traversed the Universe,the tangible and the invisible worldsin hope youd set me free,the best men I had, and the worst,but never peace, and desire to simply be...Id travel light, armed only with hopein the middle of the nightto an unknown direction,yearning for your healing embraceand your protection,Id climb a mountain, sail the sea,all for a vision of the perfect thee...But my ears could not hearand my eyes could not see,piece by piece I threw myself awaystill trying to reach thee...On an ordinary dayI surrendered my searchand all that was left of me to God,and fi nally he let me seethat the Perfect lover was Me!

    Th e perfect lover

  • 31Part One: Celestial Butterflies

    Yes, I am the onefrom inside your heart,Im the funny one, remember,and the wild one, and the smart.Im the one that visitsoft en in your sleep,Im the one you let go ofbut would most want to keep.Im the one that used to make you smilebut can now make you weep,Im the wound you carryinside you, cutting deep...And when the working day is done,the one you oft en think of,yes, I am that one.Im the one thats callingfrom the ethersand will keep callingforever more,but your heart must have been closedand I cannot seem to reach your shore.

  • 32

    If I could help you see the grand designso you would feel more peace of mind,if I could take you to a parallel landwhere we played happily, making castles in the sand,if I could whisper into your earall the magic words youve been longing to hear,if I could see inside your heart and souland understand all there was to know,if I could turn up at will in your sleepand bring out the love you chose to keep,if we made love like never experienced before,and all the gift s lovers had for you,I could give you even more.If I could do any of these things for you,Id be truly happy, and you know why?Because each time I think of youit makes me feel Im so alive!

    Each time I think of you

  • 33Part One: