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  • CCTV Surveillance: Business Security & Video Best Practices

  • T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S

    Introduction P A G E 3

    Why CCTV? P A G E 4

    Is CCTV Right for You? P A G E 7

    Video Security Best Practices? P A G E 14

  • INTRODUCTION Investing in a business security system is like being a chef in the kitchen; you have all the ingredients and tools at your �ngertips, but it’s expertise and knowledge that will make you successful. Consider this eBook your personal sous chef, helping you understand the components of CCTV surveillance.

    Whether you’re restructuring your business security plan, responding to a recent break-in, or proactively preventing crime, this guide will help you understand the importance of CCTV. We’ll lay down the strategy for you and break video security practices into tangible next steps so you can successfully protect your business.

    Every time you open your doors, it’s a potential opportunity for a criminal to steal valuable information, inventory, or money from your business. By investing in HDCCTV, you’re establishing security for your employees and customers alike. Of course, before you can jump in and begin protecting your business, you’ll need to determine a security plan.

    At Herring Technology, we �rmly advise that HDCCTV surveillance is part of that plan.


  • WHY CCTV? A comprehensive study completed by Davidson College estimates that the cost of crime in the United States is $1.7 trillion annually.

    Now, more than ever, it’s critical to watch over your bottom line by securing your business. Crime on facility premises can take form in many ways, including:

    Burglary Employee theft Vandalism Kidnapping or assault ... and more

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  • Traditionally, CCTV surveillance was utilized in facilities with the need for high-level security such as airports, casinos, and banks. Thanks to technology’s constant evolution, video surveillance has become more accessible for home and business owners alike.

    CCTV is a valuable asset for any security plan, ensuring loss prevention, safety, and security. Aside from keeping constant real-time watch over your premises, you’re provided a video record of events. This footage can be used to identify and apprehend criminals. In many cases, the presence of video cameras is in itself a deterrent to would-be perpetrators.

    Don’t ever assume your business is safe and secure. Instead, ensure safety through a strategic business security system.

    Of course, CCTV is not the end-all-be-all solution for every security concern. Rather, view it as another ingredient that strengthens and diversi�es your overall security recipe.

    CCTV surveillance can be customized to meet your speci�c needs, ensuring that your business has the protection it deserves. You need a system that is user friendly, within your budget, and covers all your bases. HDCCTV ensures high quality picture that makes it easier to recognize criminals.

    CCTV increases premise visibility, control, and security. p3

  • IS CCTV RIGHT FOR YOU? As with anything else, CCTV can be as simple or complicated as the situation demands.

    Not sure if CCTV surveillance is right for you? Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Do I have a system in place to prevent, identify, and prosecute shoplifting? CCTV surveillance cameras allow you to monitor general comings and goings, protecting your merchandise and most valuable assets.

    Today, there are an estimated 27 million shoplifters in the United States alone.

    As the world becomes less safe, you should take the necessary precautions to protect yourself, your employees, and your property. Investing in a high quality security system protects your bottom line and your safety. Ask yourself the following questions:

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  • Is there equipment obstructing an open view of my premises? Large equipment and inventory stacks can make it di�cult to monitor your facility. Cameras at a high angle can view a wide area, overcoming security issues such as equipment blocking your viewpoint. CCTV allows for real-time monitoring of your property.


  • Do any of my employees work alone on site? Solitary workers face danger in the workplace, especially in industrial jobs. A lone employee, for instance, may get injured on site, unable to contact anyone for help or backup. A monitored CCTV provides protection and support for your staff when they work by themselves on site.


  • Do I have the latest technology available? The more valuable your assets grow, the more you should invest into securing them. Instead of delaying upgrading your security system, make this a priority to protect your bottom line. CCTV cameras deter criminals while ensuring your business has video evidence of every interaction on your property.


  • Are my security costs ballooning? A physical security presence such as a security o�cer can be costly. While you should always invest in the resources you need, you can utilize mobile patrols, increase e�ciency, and potentially reduce costs through CCTV surveillance. While physical security arrangements are sometimes necessary, a video system will enhance their capability to protect your property.


  • Have I ever needed video evidence? A CCTV security system allows you to investigate injuries, criminal activities, and other events on your property. Today, it’s easier than ever to record and store high-de�nition footage for your records, giving you the ability to review data as necessary.

    If you’re still not sure whether CCTV surveillance is right for your business, speak with a security professional today. At Herring Technology, we have complete con�dence in our ability to provide the perfect security services for your business.


  • VIDEO SECURITY PRACTICES No matter your industry, video integration with access control is becoming the standard. Access control boosts e�ciency, analytics, and security. Together, video security and access control allows your business to respond to security threats quickly and appropriately.

    In other words, while CCTV surveillance is critical to your business’s security, it shouldn’t be the only solution on which you rely. Rather, video security should be a component of your overall plan, strengthening your system and protecting your most valuable assets, employees and merchandise alike.


  • Interested in learning more about CCTV surveillance? Contact Herring Technology today to learn more about how

    CCTV surveillance can protect your business.

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