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Creating, Collaborating and Computing in Math Enhancing the teaching and learning of mathematics using technology Riverside School Board and McGill University- September 13, 2013

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Creating, Collaborating and Computing in Math (CCC-M) Project - First F2F meeting (Sep. 13, 2013)


  • 1. Creating, Collaborating and Computing in Math Enhancing the teaching and learning of mathematics using technology Riverside School Board and McGill University- September 13, 2013

2. 9:00 Introductions 9:20 Overview 9:30 RSB Transition Project overview 9:45 Activity 1: Sharing successful strategies 10:00 Break 10:15 Digital Literacy 10:45 Activity 2: Videoclip 12:00 Lunch 13:00 Modeling 13:45 Survey 14:15 Communities and ground rules 15:20 Wrap-up Agenda 3. Why this project? Student success in mathematics Focus on the transition from elementary to secondary Digital literacy Initial funding for 3 years Goals Teachers and consultants engage in on-going, sustained professional learning For the benefit of student learning Use of data to monitor and orient practice, inquiry, and learning Overview (1) 4. Objectives for Year 1 Foster a community of practice in mathematics teaching and digital tools Develop collective understandings of the situation Develop practice in terms of using digital tools for ourselves and for students Sharing, reflection, inquiry Consolidating a long-term partnership between RSB and McGill Overview (2) 5. Key Activities for Year 1 Face-to-face meetings (5 times/year) September 13 Late November January, March, May On-line activities Classroom visits and interviews Focus group meetings Wrap-up, Celebration, Planning next year (May F2F meeting) Overview (3) 6. RSB Transition Project overview 7. 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 C1 Grade 6 77.89 74.94 74.01 74.4 75.59 69.23 64.16 45.72 Sec. 2 62.83 53 49.23 56.23 79.74 70.43 C2 Grade 6 70.04 64.07 74.72 83.07 69.15 74.72 58.65 67.73 Sec. 2 47.9 22 45.33 46.82 64.15 59 End of Year Evaluation Success Rate Elementary Cycle 3 Year 2 Secondary Cycle 1 year 2 RSB 8. 1. In pairs, discuss successful strategies in your classroom 2. Each select 1 successful strategy 3. Associate your strategy to one or more of the categories on the next slide 4. Use the Post-its provided to write your strategy and stick it on the poster (repeat for all associated categories) Activity 1: Sharing successful strategies 9. Motivation Discipline Content Delivery Technology Classroom Organization Student Support Formative Assessment Categories 10. Digital Literacy 11. Activity 1: Viewing Awareness Pie Pastry 1. Before watching the videoclip above, fill out the Pre-viewing section of the table on the Anticipation Guide 2. View the videoclip 3. Take note of your actions and learning strategies 4. Complete the Anticipation Guide 12. Flipped Classroom Model EwCWiKJApMw/UP2cSBOOhmI/AAAAAAAABGg/KA6XFw13LPs/s1600/Flipped+Classroom+Made+Easy.jpg 13. Flipped Classroom 14. Use the manipulatives at your disposal to create a videoclip that will instruct students about a concept or process of your choice Team: 1 elementary + 1 secondary teacher per team= 1 videoclip Fill out the two or more statements on the Anticipation Guide document Activity 2: Videoclip 15. 1. You will share your videoclip and Anticipation Guide with another team 2. Fill out the Pre-viewing part of the guide 3. View the videoclip 4. Fill out the rest of the Anticipation Guide Modeling 16. Criteria ? ? ? ? Building Videoclip Creation Criteria Make a mind map using the Popplet App 17. Perceptions about Participating in a Professional Learning Network (PLN) Survey 18. Edmodo Group: CCC-M Code: 8fw6bj Creating a Community 19. 1. Post something about yourself in our group 2. Lets establish Ground Rules together Assignment: Integrate 1 technology strategy or tool before our next meeting Post your plan and comment on your experiences Community Ground Rules 20. Suggested tools and resources: Khan Academy Hippocampus Explore Learning Reflex and Gizmos (online simulations) GeoGebra Apps: Educreations Popplet or other mind/concept mapping tool Edmodo Apps Explain Everything May we suggest 21. Dates of next meetings: Please fill-out an evaluation form Wrap-Up 22. Dr. Alain Breuleux: [email protected] Dr. Gyeong Mi Heo: [email protected] Karen Rye: [email protected] Tina Morotti: [email protected] Sandra Frechette: [email protected] Thank you and have fun!