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Cavalry Bourbon Whiskey

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Perhaps the most popular American whiskey is bourbon, and for good reason. Its caramel sweetness makes it perfect for sipping neat, but it’s also a great mixer. Its profile complements a number of flavors from fruity to sweet to dry. Give one of our original recipes a try or use Cavalry Bourbon in your favorite classic cocktail.


Story Of Cavalry Bourbon

Cavalry Bourbon Whiskey Cavalry Bourbon bottles more than just fine spirits. It bottles the spirit of unity itself, from an era when sharing a good drink was a symbol of fraternity. It bottles the spirit of the twenty-one gun salute. It bottles a sense of rightness, of patriotism. It bottles the feeling you get when you respond to the call of your nation, when you stand up for justice and honor. It is more than just fine spirits, it is spirit itself!Cavalry Bourbon seeks to embody the evolution of the revolutionarys idealism, promising high quality and great flavor to those willing to reach for it. Just as, long ago, men on horseback trusted their compatriots, trust Cavalry Bourbon and trust your palette.Story Of Cavalry BourbonPerhaps the most popular American whiskey is bourbon, and for good reason. Itscaramelsweetness makes it perfect for sippingneat,but its also a great mixer.Its profile complements a number of flavors from fruity to sweet to dry.Giveone of our original recipes a try or use Cavalry Bourbonin your favorite classic cocktail.

These all are cocktail drink recipes of cavalry:

Drinks of Cavalry BourbonCocktail Brief:Fruity, Fruity and some more Fruit. Definitely a drink the lady should be trying out. Cavalry Bourbon gives hard ready to party flavor and Triple Sec and Grapefruit let it all go down without a problem. Drink this and you can do all night! .

PREPARATION:Fill shaker with icePour 1 1/2 oz Bourbon3/4 oz triple sec2 oz Grapefruit JuiceShake till chilledPour, add a Cherry and LemonServe


Cocktail Brief:This original crafted cocktails is will set the mood. The Balanced Cavalry Bourbon with it intense taste of New charred American Oak and well-crafted Mash mixed with a combination of Sweet Maraschino Cherry and Sour Mix creates a complex taste that delivery a drink worthy of any bourbon Enthusiast.

PREPARATION:Muddle cherry with bourbonShake bourbon mixture with juice and grenadinePour into rocks glassDrizzle sour mix around sides of glassGarnish with lightning lemon.


Cocktail Brief:Enjoy this refreshing cocktail on a hot summers day.

PREPARATION:Blend Peach Slices, Peach Nectar and Sorbet, in a blender for 2 mins.Add Cavalry Bourbon and Re blend for 2 more mins.Add bitters and salt, and blend 30 to 45 seconds .Stir in sugar.Serve immediately.

3. Frozen Peach Cavalry

Cocktail Brief:This Tailgate Wagon is great for Outdoor parties and events. Can be made in large jugs for friends and Family.

PREPARATION:Pour Pineapple Juice into a 2-qt. pitcher.Stir in bourbon and remaining 4 ingredients.Add Some Cubed Pineapple.Serve immediately over ice.Serve

4. Tailgate Wagon

Cocktail Brief:Impress your guests with Old Fashioned Cavalry, Made with whole-berry cranberry sauce and garnished with fruit. This cocktails best served immediately, so recruit a fellow barkeep for muddling assistance.

PREPARATION:Mash orange wedge, sugar cube, and bitters .Fill glass with crushed ice.Stir in Cavalry bourbon, cranberry sauce, and a splash of club soda.Garnish.Serve immediately.

5. Old Fashion Cavalry

Cocktail Brief:Bourbon and ginger ale combine to make a cool, colorful drink.

PREPARATION:Combine Cavalry bourbon and 1 1/2 tsp. fresh lime juice in a cocktail shakerFill with ice.Shake until thoroughly chilled.Strain into a 10-oz. glass filled with ice.Top with your favorite ginger beer.Drizzle with 1/4 tsp. grenadine. Garnish with fresh lime slices or wedges.Serve


Cocktail Brief:Bourbon and Tea are perfect teammates in this thoroughly Southern concoction.

PREPARATION:Combine sweetened tea Cavalry Bourbon.Add fresh lemon juice with Ice.Shake vigorously until thoroughly chilled.Strain into a filled with ice.Top with club soda. Garnish, if desired.Serve

7. Old Tea Bourbon

Cocktail Brief:We liked this recipe using a Black Mission fig or other purple-skinned variety because of the pretty tint it gives the drink.

PREPARATION:Muddle fig, mint leaves, and brown sugar cubes (break Down Figs well)Add bourbon and ice cubesShake till ChilledStrain into a 10-oz. glass filled with ice cubes.Top with chilled ginger ale.Stir gently, and garnish, Serve immediately.Serve

8. FIGGED BOURBONCocktail Brief:Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow. The Night Watch The hit of a well Crafted Cavalry Bourbon, balanced with coffee Liquor and a hint of Smooth Cream. Departing is not a Possibility.

PREPARATION:Fill shaker with icePour 1 1/2 oz BourbonPour 1 1/2 oz KahluaPour 1 oz Light CreamShake and Serve