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Cat’s Cradle Strategic Plan . Expanding your foster care network. Group 2: Kristen Cicala Keryn Dohanich Alyssa Johnson Ashley Siegle Heather Thoreson . Why foster care? . O 80% of cats die in shelters each year O Reduce the number of cats in shelters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Cats Cradle Strategic Plan Expanding your foster care networkGroup 2: Kristen Cicala Keryn Dohanich Alyssa Johnson Ashley Siegle Heather Thoreson

Why foster care? O 80% of cats die in shelters each year

O Reduce the number of cats in shelters

O Less permanent than adoptionO Instead of being released, placed in loving homes

O Continuing sheltering resource

Goals and Objectives Goal: To further develop Cats Cradles existing foster care network by increasing awareness to more demographics.

Objective: Increase the number of foster homes from 35 to 70 in 2009.

Publics1. Young Adults (Ages 18-30)

2. Middle-Age (Ages 31-60)

3. Senior Citizens (Ages 61+)

Broad Target Market

Problems & Opportunities

O Expand the Cats Cradle foster care network beyond middle-aged and elderly females.

O Beneficial demographics: Young adults Families

O More foster homes = more cats off the streets

O Further increases awareness .

O Educates the community regarding Cat Cradles mission and objectives.


o Free fliers located on front of pizza box- Provide the fliers for the boxes- Half sheet sizeB/W on neon paper

Located on Anthonys and Chanellos pizza boxes

Pizza Boxes

AnthonysJMU/Students 70%Residents 30%Mon -Thurs 50/boxes per dayWeekend 65/boxes per day

ChanellosJMU/Students 65%Residents 35%Mon -Thurs 250/boxes per dayWeekend 700-800/boxes per day

Fliers and BrochuresSuggested Placement- Apartment bus stops- Veterinary Offices- Sylvias Pet Shop- Wal-Mart- Grocery Stores

Harrisonburg Public Transportation Annually buses carry over 1.3 million passengers (local residents to college students)

Routes cover 17 square miles with a population outreach of 44,000

Interior ads hold longer exposure ratings (riders can sit back and relax while they ride the bus) Reinforce brand name and logo from bus stops. Transit advertising is cost effective


Production ChargeInterior* $30(1) $300 (13)

Monthly ChargeInterior $250 (13 spots)

Newspaper AdvertisingValley Scope- Total Market Coverage: 69,558 households

Shenandoah Valley Newspaper Network- Total Market Coverage: 20,000+ households- Page News/Courier, The Shenandoah Valley- Herald, The Valley Banner, The Warren Sentinel

The Breeze- Circulation: 9,500- Readership: 22,000+

Newspaper ad sample #1

Newspaper ad sample #2

TimelineO Based on your budget and time you have to carry out tacticsO January - February Pizza BoxesBus advertisingAnimal HospitalsPut up fliers

O May - JuneNewspaper

O September The Breeze Bus

EvaluationO Did the number of homes increase?

O Did we reach all three target markets?

O How did new foster parents hear about the program?

O Which advertisements did the foster parents come across?

O How many brochures were taken from each location?Track progress monthly

Evaluation Cont.O What is the average time a new foster parent took part in the program?

O How many cats are new foster parents will to take in?

O What are the feelings about the foster program with new members?

O How successful does Cats Cradle feel the campaign went?

Thank you Any questions?


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