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  • Category Feature DecoStudio e2 EmbroideryStudio e2Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

    CorelDRAW Integration CorelDRAW X5 NEW! Convert vector to embroidery Convert embroidery to vector

    Fill Input Tools Complex Fill Fusion Fill

    Column Input Tools Input A Input B Input C

    Run Input Tools Run Triple Run Back stitch Stem stitch Manual Triple Manual

    Circle Tools Circle, Star, Ring Stitch Types Satin Stitch/values

    Tatami/Values ZigZag/Values E Stitch/Values

    Artistic Stitch Effects Motif Run Motif Fill Cross Stitch Fill NEW! Stipple Fill NEW! Embroidery Freehand Tool NEW! Carving Stamp NEW! Program Split User Defined Split Contour Stitch Trapunto Flexi Split 3D Warp Liquid Effect Florentine Effect Accordion Spacing

    Automatic Digitizing Reduce Colors Sharpen Image Smart Design Auto Trace

    Category Feature DecoStudio e2 EmbroideryStudio e2Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

    Automatic Digitizing Photo Flash Point & Stitch

    Special Digitizing Create offsets Fill holes Color Blending Create Borders BackTrack Repeat

    Lettering Standard Lettering baselines Advanced Lettering baselines - Vertical baselines

    Spacing Control- Letter , Word, Line

    Envelope Lettering Convert True Type Font Save Letter Manage User Defined Letters User Defined Alphabets Automatic Letter Spacing NEW! Auto Kerning Update Kerning Values Join methods for Lettering

    Tablet Digitizing Tablet digitizing Drawing Tools Line, Polyline, Polygon,

    Ellipse, Rectangle

    Make Complex Shapes Image Bitmap editing Multi-Decoration Bling! NEW!

    Multi-decoration Export NEW! Manual Sequin Advanced Sequin tools

    Sequin Fill NEW!

    Twin Sequin NEW!


    Team Name Team Name Basic Team Name Advanced (Matrix) Team Name Templates NEW!

    Appliqu Auto Appliqu Combine Appliqu Components

    Partial Appliqu

    Monogramming Monogramming Embroidery Clipart Clipart

    PRODUCT COMPARISONDecoStudio e2 & EmbroideryStudio e2

    = G




    = O


    n Pa


  • Category Feature DecoStudio e2 EmbroideryStudio e2Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

    Basic Tools Select Objects by Color and Stitch type

    Select Polygon, Polyline Select objects by

    View Options True View Show Outlines Show Bling!, Hoop NEW! Show Stitches Show Needle Points Show Connectors Show Functions Show Bitmaps, Vectors Overview Window

    Zoom Options Zoom to show all design/ Product/Hoop

    Editing Reshape Object Stitch Edit Transform tools Arrange tools Knife tools Stitch Angles Recognize Objects/Outlines Split Object Reverse Curves Smooth Curves Resequence objects

    Travel Tools Travel by Object, Color, Stitches Travel by Segment, Function Travel by Trim NEW! Slow Redraw

    Properties Styles Templates Apply Current Properties Make Properties Current Color Object List Stitch List Object Properties dialog Design options Display options

    Stitch Settings Auto Underlay Pull Compensation Auto Jump Shortening Fractional Spacing

    Category Feature DecoStudio e2 EmbroideryStudio e2Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

    Corner Stitch Settings Mitre Cap Lap

    Advanced Stitch Settings Create Motif Make Lines for Stitch Effects Branching Shaping tools Mirror Merge Close Object NEW! Remove Overlaps Generate/Regenerate Stitches Small Stitches filter

    Stitch Function Tools Stitch functions (Tie off, Trim, Jump, Keep/Omit last stitch)

    Usability Measure tool Measurement unit system NEW! Mouse scroll/Zoom control NEW! Start up speed improvements NEW! Apply Closest join NEW! Travel By Trim NEW! Auto Start and End Grid and Guides

    Color Palette Settings Color Palette editor Colorways Create Colorways Fabric Feature Change project type/Auto

    Fabric Assistant

    Manage Auto Fabric Settings Apply Fabric Settings

    Printing Options Approval sheet NEW! Production Worksheet Production Summary Color Film Team Name Sheet NEW!

    Production Product Visualizer NEW! HoopIt! NEW!

    Machine Settings Insert/Edit Machine Functions Machine Format settings Stitch Manager Connection Manager Machine Manager

    Sequin Pack O O Chenille Pack O O Schiffli Pack O O ODesignWorkflow Pack O O O O

    = G




    = O


    n Pa



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