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Cartier Advertising Campaign Winter 2015

Tong Jin 2015

Hello everyone, we are here today because we all have passions for Cartier. I cant be more proud of working for Cartier, let get started and make history! 1TONG JIN ADV420

Nov 1th to December 31th The event will be promoted twice a week, every Friday evening and randomly on the weekday through the promoting time periodSmall items sales increase by 25% Official website traffic by 30%Significant growth of Cartier awareness

For our winter 2015 campaign, we want our audiences to get three ideas.Owning Cartier jewelries benefit them with the luxury enjoyment; Cartier is fabulous and affordable;Cartier cares about their customers; The specific goal is to raise the small item sales by 25% during the thanksgiving, Christmas holiday season, the promoting time period is two months from November 1th to December 31th. During this time we expect a significant growth of Cartier brand awareness and official website traffic by at least 30%.2TONG JIN ADV420

tong jin (tj) - Meet Amy ThompsonSHE IS A fashion loverBeliever of LOVE

About the target audiences, our main focus is the younger generation from age 25 to 30, their careers are on track, have passions for high fashion, love to read fashion blog like vogue online. Just like other 25 years old girls, AMY Thompson loves signature Cartier red jewelry box, she can afford a bracelet from Cartier, we just need to give her a reason to choose our product.Amy response to in-bound advertising whenever it mentions LOVE or Fashion luxuries This holiday, you deserve to HAVE IT ALL LOVE, Cartier


Cartier Official Site - the Cartier LOVE tour to Paris by browsing Cartier jewelry collection Free ShippingShop OnlineFree Returns

This is the Display ads we designed for this campaign, the in-bound advertising attracts people to click link below As everyone is taking their chances of signing up to win the award. Cartier will get a significant amount of website traffic. 4TONG JIN ADV420

This holiday, you deserve to HAVE IT ALL LOVE, Cartier

Cartier Official Site - the Cartier LOVE tour to Paris by browsing Cartier jewelry collection Free ShippingShop OnlineFree Returns

Here is another campaign design.


5 steps to win the prize

Go on Cartier official build a profile/ sign up for newsletter Like both Cartiers Facebook/ Tumblr social media page Commend/ interact with Cartiers social media posts Email to talk your favorite Cartier jewelry piece and what do you expect from Cartier in the future Requires screenshots of all the pages that you liked

We attract the audiences by rewarding a round trip Delta airline tickets to Paris (In Jan only), the award winner can purchase 40% off of the same plane ticket for one guest, sponsored by Cartier. The winners get to visit the Cartier factory in Paris, meet with the Cartier jewelry designers, the 1 days Cartier factor tours will be documented on camera and post on the Cartier official/ ELLE/ VOGUE websites. Rewards is limited to the 6 reward winner within the United States.


Feature our smaller items on the home page - Cartier - LOVE Collection HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO FOR LOVE ?

Besides attract traffic to our official website, we will also be featuring our smaller items on the home page to increase the opportunity of selling It is important for audiences to realize how beneficial for them to wear Cartier. For Cartier Love Collection, it sends out an image of true love, The best way for Cartier to advertise is to showcase the products, the in-bound advertisements works great with showcase too. In-bound advertisement help link the audiences with the amazing stories behind those jewelries. And on the top of every Cartier collection, there is a background story. Customers will see it as soon as them click in


Why choose Vogue ?

Cartier Official Site - the Cartier LOVE tour to Paris by browsing Cartier jewelry collection Free ShippingShop OnlineFree Returns

Display advertising is our main focus of this media plan, promoting Cartier during the holiday season, we mainly work with online magazine website, Vogue, online magazine sites posts daily, for Vogue websites, the demographic is 65% female and 35% male, 75% of their audiences are college educated. Average monthly unique visitors 8,736,245, average monthly page reviews 203,436,776. Huge online readers benefit Cartier advertisements with a short lead time and a large online audiences, people share posts all the time, Google AdWords is used to find the right key words to attract both Cartier loyal customers and potential customers. At the end of the day, world of the mouth is the best advertisement.


How we measure our success Consumption/ share metrics on the Cartier official site and social media Newsletter sign up rateCartier official/ Cartier social media website traffic The google search rate The display ads click through rate

Here is how we measure our successful campaign 9TONG JIN ADV420

Budget (Total budget is $3,000,000.) Delta airline plane tickets to Paris for 6 people $9,225 The money pays to ELLE/ VOGUE Facebook display ads (4 days a week in NYC area)

Keywords: Cartier, Cartier ring, Cartier love tour, Cartier official

You can see the details of the budget in the slide Another important thing is the key words, We use google ad words to select the most effective key words, and those are the one we picked

Summary: This media plan has lots of advantages, the LOVE tour is a good motivation for people to participate, it brings tons of traffic to our website, increases our sales The effective keywords can help us attract more customers The media plan is going to be blast. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING 10TONG JIN ADV420