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<p>Career as a Librarian </p> <p>Career as a Librarian</p> <p>The reason I would like to be a librarian:The different duties the job it requireThe research that is needed to help studentsMeeting people and students of different backgroundsThe different job field that can be filled by becoming a librarianThe aspect of a library workUser service - such as reference and children's librarians, work with patrons to help them find the information they needTechnical service - such as acquisitions and cataloguing, acquire, prepare, and classify materials so patrons can find it easilyAdministrative services -oversee the management and planning of libraries: they negotiate contracts for services, materials, and equipment; supervise library employeesHelping student with researchHelp students to use the internet for helpful resourcesShow students how to store information Show students how to find help in formatting their research paperIf the student need a book on the topic and cant locate it; they will help them to use the internet to find what they are looking for.Becoming a LibrarianTo become a librarian, a masters degree is required for most the positions, and in some school district may require the meeting of State license requirements and two years in the classroom teaching. The librarian position may include helping students and other library patrons find information for different topicsA Librarian Salary If you work in a public library, the pay will be different than when you work for a school district. Even in the school district the pay scale will be different, such as elementary and secondary schools, compared to the college salary. The pay scale will be different also, depending on the years of experience a person may have.</p> <p>The different job role for a Librarian The jobs for librarians have change from the traditional setting to more conservative role, as a librarian in law office, consulting firms, and other corporations. In this setting, the librarian will keep up with information for research, and analyze, evaluation, and organization, that the company will be using. Also, the librarian will have knowledge of the different computer database. Librarians sometimes hold training classes, to teach the employee how to use the different software the company may be using.</p> <p>Even though, few people are going into the librarian field, there are jobs that are available; because of people retiring. Because of people retiring and few people going into the field, this may lead to a job increase in the coming years.</p> <p>Most of the time a librarian, is only seen in the public library role, or at school. But there librarians in the medical field, as well as librarian in law office, consulting firms, and other corporations.</p> <p> I feel that being a librarian will be great because I will be able to help students find the information they are looking for. I will be able to help them with the technology aspect of finding knowledge from different sources and incorporating it together, to compile their reports for class10</p>