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  • 1. CAR Stories and Your Resume Amy Whittenberger, SPHR, MBA
  • 2. Dir. of Admin., St. Dominic Catholic Parish Successful Employment
  • 3. C A R
  • 4. C Complain A Annoy R Rat Hole
  • 6. WHAT IS A CAR STORY An answer to a behavioral question A framework and a process A story, with a beginning, middle and end Preferably a hook at the end Not just a bulleted list of facts, but with personality Hard work, but worth the ROI
  • 7. A CAR STORY ANSWERS: This is how I made a difference. This is how I am different than the other interviewees. This is how I can add value to your company. This is why you should hire me. Use metrics to solidify the power of the story
  • 8. BENEFITS OF A CAR STORY Provides more info in your answer Makes you more memorable to hiring manager Remembers a story, not facts Remembers accomplishment and that there were numbers to back it up Key words / repeat competencies Significant differentiator Remember: they are looking for FIT
  • 9. W.I.I.F.M. Helps you to be remembered Prevents long pause because you dont have an answer Keeps you articulate and on topic Keeps you from the rabbit hole Helps them follow your answer Theyll say: Hey, I really like this person. All Rights Reserved. Amy Whittenberger May, 2013
  • 10. AMYS TEMPLATE C: Challenge S: Situation At XYZ Company, my role was XYZ. I was faced with XYZ situation/challenge. M: Metrics I was asked to improve/change by XYZ metrics. A: Action A: Action The actions I took were: 1. 2. 3. R: Results R: Results The result was that we XYZ by XYZ metrics. T: Tie-In Link the result back to the employers competency question or interviewers needs. All Rights Reserved. Amy Whittenberger, May, 2013
  • 11. EXAMPLE C: Challenge S: Situation A few years back, while HR Generalist at Johnson Controls, an internal client of mine, VP of Finance, determined that his organization was lacking important leadership skills. M: Metrics The challenge was we didnt have a budget or training team to rely on to develop leadership training, so we decided to create our own leadership program. A: Action A: Action x Together we collaborated on a 10-month leadership development program. x I planned, communicated all the logistics and managed 12 sessions held every three weeks x I presented two modules: Leadership Effectiveness Model and Courageous Conversations. x A requirement was to engage learners through role playing and small group exercises which proved to be tremendously effective. R: Results R: Results The program was a success and cost us less than $250 for a few materials and recognition certificates. The VP attributed the success of this program as a key reason leadership effectiveness and employee engagement scores on the employee survey increased six percentage points each in one year. Additionally, the managers/participants said it was a good use of their time and were able to put their learning into action. T: Tie-In Most importantly, we developed a sustainable model: the program was replicated for different departments over four years.
  • 12. TIPS Write them out, share them verbally with someone so they can critique you. Do not bury your story in unneeded details. Give them the golden nuggets. 1.5 minutes max Practice each one 30 times so they roll off your tongue. DO NOT memorize. Keep it natural. Have 10-15 CAR stories in your arsenal All Rights Reserved. Amy Whittenberger, May, 2013
  • 13. MATERIAL FOR CARS Past performance reviews Personality assessments Recommendations Bullets on resume Strengths on resume Job description StrengthFinders 2.0 Non-paid experience Life-altering events Interview questions Company Website All Rights Reserved. Amy Whittenberger, May, 2013
  • 14. YOUR RESUME Accomplishments and Strengths Concise Make an impression in 20 seconds Gets you the interview CAR STORIES Stories that explain resume Gets you the job!!! All Rights Reserved. Amy Whittenberger, May, 2013
  • 15. WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW? Thank You! All Rights Reserved. Amy Whittenberger, May, 2013


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