cannes young lions - final presentation - paul den & kristine ballensky

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  • 1. HELLO.

2. THE TASK1) Get people talkingabout MCRI2) Drive donationsPeople care abouttoday, tomorrow canwaitYou cant SEEresearch 3. How do we make preventative apriority?THE CHALLENGE 4. THE INSIGHTThe moment a child is hurting, parents would doanything to prevent it from happening again. 5. STRATEGYOwn this moment of parental reaction tohighlight the importance of prevention. 6. Australias first charitable BAND-AIDS.Worn by kidsfor kids.THE BIG IDEA 7. HAPPY HEALTHY BAND-AIDSOur BrandDNAParentalTruthConnectionpoint betweenparents andkidsConnectionpoint betweenawarenessand donation 8. HAPPY HEALTHYPRODUCT Five Happy Healthycolours inside everybox Pamphlet detailingMCRI initiatives Options to sign-uponline to donateuntied or colouredHAPPY HEALTHYDISTRIBUTION Leveraging J&J in-store network Default HospitalBand-Aid Integration withinschoolsHAPPY HEALTHYMEDIA Weekly EditorialSarah Murdoch Colour differentresearch theme Sampling band-aidswithin Print Kidspot GalleryShowcase MyHappy Healthy Kid 9. CAMPAIGN SUCCESS20 Band-Aids per box =10M impressions2,500 ongoing newdonors in databaseEarned Media500,000 Band-Aid boxessold$3,300,000 (UntiedDonations)Donations 10. 1) Its both campaignable and a future proofsolution2) Earned media at the core3) Beneficial to both J&J and MCRI4) Drives donations and awareness simultaneously5) Its unique to the Murdoch Childrens ResearchInstituteWHY THIS WORKS? 11. SUMMARYINSIGHTThe moment a child is hurting, parents would do anything to prevent it fromhappening again.STRATEGYOwn this moment of parental reaction to highlight the importance of prevention.CHALLENGEHow do we make preventative a priority?BIG IDEAHAPPY HEALTHY BAND-AIDS