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  • How does one get to Cannes?

    Check your email.

  • And if you want to go bad enough, youll find a way to make it happen.

  • we went.

  • we learned 3 things.

  • 1. get uncomfortable.

  • get imagination to go to bed with audacity.

    - Richard Huntington, Saatchi & Saatchi

  • people that strive to be right are rarely

    interesting.- Richard Huntington, Saatchi & Saatchi

  • be willing to get fired on a good idea.- Spike Jonze, Director

  • doubts and question marks stimulate creativity.

    - Bertrand Piccard, SolarImpulse

  • there are no facts about the future.

    - Sir John Hegarty, BBH

  • 2. do good.

  • decent people need something decent to

    hold on to.

    - David Lubars, BBDO

  • if you do something nice for someone else, forget

    it right away !

    if someone else does something nice for you,

    never forget it.- Daniele Fiandaca, Chiel

  • the consequences of our interconnectedness are causing us to have

    a conscience !

    the world is forming a global sense of right and wrong.

    - Steven Overman, Match&Candle

  • dont look for something in scale, look for empathy.

    - Jean Lin, Isobar

  • we are good if our peers think we we are great


    we are great if the real world thinks we are good.- David Droga, Droga5

  • 3. keep it simple

  • creativity is not an opportunity, its a responsibility.

    - Ybes Beha r, Adobe

  • truth ends up being the answer.

    - Omar Johnson, Beats

  • human curation is around human moments. - Jeff Levick, Spotify


    say something provocative and then shut up.

    - Teresa Alpert, Crimea River

  • dont make Aquaman run.

    - James Hurman, Previously Unavailable

  • dont put the technology cart before the idea horse.

    - Nick Parish, Contagious

  • in summary.

    1. get uncomfortable.2. do good.3. keep it simple.