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Cakebread Decorative Arts & Design, an auction series presented by New Orleans Auction Galleries, offers an eclectic selection of antique to contemporary furniture, lighting, jewelry, silver and fine and decorative arts.


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    January 2 4 - 2 62 0 1 4

  • I n M e m o r i a mG e o r g e R o d r i g u e

    ( 1 9 4 4 - 2 0 1 3 )

    A nat ive of Ne w Ib er ia , L ouis iana , G e orge Ro dr igue was not on ly an accompl i she d ar t i s t , he was a l s o a s av v y bus inessman and phi lant hropis t . A s tudent of t he Univers i ty of L ouis iana and t he Ar t C enter C ol lege of D es ig n in L os Angeles , Ro dr igue b egan h is care er in i l lus t rat ion , b e fore tur ning to p aint ing f u l l t ime. His e ar l i e s t works , s te ep e d in t he Acadian lore and C ajun h is tor y of h i s ancestors and s ty l i s t i ca l ly reminis cent of t he French pr imit ive ar t i s t s , caug ht t he at tent ion of t he Europ e an ar t community : in 1974 he was awarde d t he pres t ig ious Tommass o C amp anel l a G old Me da l f rom t he Academia Inter naz iona le d i L e t tere Ar t iS cienze in Rome; in 1975 he re ce ive d an Honorar y Ment ion f rom L e Sa lon des Ar t i s tes , Par i s . Wit h t hes e at mospher ic p aint ings of t he L ouis iana l ands cap e and i t s p e ople , Ro dr igue employe d a color p a le t te of r i ch g re ens and blues , emphas iz ing t he dramat ic inter play of l ig ht and shadow. Ro dr igues most famous cre at ion , t he Blue D og , was a s erendipitous acc ident . C ommiss ione d wit h cre at ing t he i l lus t rat ions for a b o ok of lo ca l g host s tor ies , t he ar t i s t us e d a vers ion of h i s own de ce as e d dog Ti f fany as a mo der n vers ion of t he C ajun g host dog , t he loup-garou. This image res onate d wit h t he publ ic in a ne ar ly unpre ce dente d manner, and t he Blue D og s o on at t a ine d t he s t atus of an Amer ican Pop icon . Wit h t he p opu lar i ty of t he Blue D og , Ro dr igue s o on found h ims e l f a h ig h ly s oug ht a f ter ar t i s t . He re ce ive d numerous commiss ions for e ver y t h ing f rom t he Ne w Orle ans Jazz and Her it age Foundat ion , t he i conic Abs olut Vo d ka ad camp aig n , and p or t ra i t s of lo ca l luminar ies . D ur ing t hes e ye ars , Ro dr igue b e came incre as ing ly ac t ive in t he non-prof i t community ; t h i s c u lminate d in t he for mat ion in 2009 of t he G e orge Ro dr igue Foundat ion of t he Ar ts , a non-prof i t organizat ion w hich advo cates t he imp or t ance of t he v i sua l ar t s in t he e ducat ion of young p e ople . In t he ye ars s ince i t s incept ion , t he Foundat ion has cre ate d s cholarsh ips , ra i s e d mone y for ar t suppl ies in lo ca l s cho ols , and has sp ons ore d ar t c l ass es . The re c ipient of numerous awards and accolades , G e orge Ro dr igue most re cent ly re ce ive d t he O pus Award f rom t he Ogden Mus eum of S out her n Ar t . Ne w Orle ans Auc t ion Ga l ler ies was s addene d to he ar of G e orge Ro dr igues p ass ing on D e cemb er 14 , 2013 . We were honore d to have had t he opp or tunity to work wit h t he ar t i s t and h is Foundat ion . He wi l l b e g re at ly miss e d by t he ar t community.

  • Friday, January 24, 201412:00 p.m., Lots 1-460

    Saturday, January 25, 201410:00 a.m., Lots 461-1108

    Sunday, January 26, 201410:00 a.m., Lots 1109-1650

    Evening Preview ReceptionThursday, January 23, 2014

    5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

    Exhibition PreviewJanuary 20-23, 2014

    C a k e b r e a d D e c o r a t i v e A r t s & D e s i g / [email protected] / 510 Julia Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130 / 1-800-501-0277 / 504-566-1849 / (FAX) 504-566-1851

    LA Auction License AB-363, Steinkamp #1265, Thomas #1833/23% Buyers Premium (3% Discount for Payments Made by Cash, Check, or Wire)

  • 2S e s s i o n I L O T S 1 - 4 6 0

    1Chinese Bronze Vessel, 20th century, the bulbous tripodal bronze vessel with two handles, h. 3, dia. 4. [200/400]

    2Five-Piece Collection of Chinese Cloisonne, including a pen tray, w. 3-1/4, l. 8-3/4; a roller blotter, h. 2, w. 2-1/2, l. 5; a letter opener, l. 7-3/4; and a pair of pounce pots, h. 1-1/2. [100/200]

    3Large and Impressive Chinese Cloisonne Covered Bowl, of flattened globular shape with conforming cover, enameled in polychrome enamels with shaded peony flowers and foliage on a cloud ground and edged in a border of ruyi heads, carved wooden stand, dia. 15. [150/300]

    4Two Chinese Cloisonne Vases, late 19th/early 20th century, now mounted as lamps, the tallest, h. 18-3/4. [300/500] Illustrated

    5Chinese-Style Blanc-de-Chine Foo Dog Lamp, base, h. 27-1/2. [500/800] Illustrated

    6Chinese Blanc-de-Chine Porcelain Figure of Quan Yin, 20th century, h. 15. [150/300]

    7Two Pieces of Cloisonne, including a 19th-century Japanese bowl, h. 8, dia. 12; and a 20th-century Chinese cylindrical vase, h. 11-1/2. [300/500]

    8Pair of Jade Trees, in hardstone pots with stone flowers and leaves, h. 8-1/4, w. 7-3/4. [500/800]

    9Pair of Chinese Cloisonne Vases, ca. 1930, now mounted as lamps, decorated with foo dog handles and enameled banks of lotus flowers and scrollwork, vase, h. 11, overall, h. 22-3/4, dia. 6-1/2. [300/500]

    10Pair of Chinese Famille Noire Vases, late 19th/early 20th century, the baluster-form vases depicting birds amidst prunus branches, bamboo, rocks and lingzhi fungi, the underside bearing a blue and white encircled Kangxi (1662-1722) period mark, h. 14-1/4. [150/300]

    11Pair of Chinese Porcelain Covered Jars, 20th century, with famille jaune decoration of birds and flowers on a floral scroll ground, h. 18. [300/500] Illustrated



  • 312Chinese Square Vase, now mounted as a lamp, h. 19. [250/400]

    13Chinese Porcelain Baluster Vase, the large vase depicting scenes of immortals, h. 23. [250/400] Illustrated

    14Chinese Bulbous Vase, decorated with figures in landscapes, h. 16. [300/500]

    15Fifty-Seven Piece Chinese Tea Service, composed of lidded dishes and tea pots, h. 7, w. 6, largest. [200/400] Illustrated

    16Chinese Export Porcelain Ginger Jar, ca. 1900, now mounted as a lamp on an ebonized base, and fitted with a carved and pierced cover and a shade, h. 24-1/2. [100/200]

    17Two Chinese Export Flask-Form Vessels, 20th century, the tallest, h. 16. [150/250]

    18Chinese Porcelain Baluster Vase, 20th century, h. 15. [100/200]

    19Pair of Chinese Famille Verte Covered Jars, 20th century, decorated with historical scenes, h. 12-1/2. [300/500]

    20Pair of Transfer-Printed Double Gourd Vases, first quarter 20th century, in the Chung pattern by Wood & Sons, Berslem, England, marked Chung, Rd No 531664, L & Co., h. 11-1/4, dia. 4-1/2. [300/500] Illustrated

    21Pair of Chinese Pastel Floral Vases, the colorful vases decorated with a motif of peonies, vines and birds, h. 9, w. 5-1/2. [300/500]





  • 422Monumental Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Palace Vases, decorated with reserve panels of court figures and royalty at leisure, h. 42. [100/200] Illustrated

    23Unusual Faience Vase Mounted as a Lamp, probably Italian, the black lacquer base supporting the garniture vase, decorated with green vines and flowers, applied flowers decorate the root-form handles, mounted with a shade, vase, h. 17, w. 14-1/4, d. 10-1/2, overall, h. 30. [200/400]

    24Two Famille Rose Vases, 20th century, the first vase with famille rose reserves of flowers on a black ground, h. 6, and the

    second baluster-shaped vase with flowering peonies and a calligraphic poem, h. 11-7/8. [80/120]

    25Two Chinese Vases, 20th century, both with a Qianlong reign mark and drilled to be mounted as lamps, the tallest, h. 16-1/2. [200/400]

    26Chinese-Style Yellow Balustrade Vase, 20th century, now mounted as a lamp, h. 34. [100/200]

    27Chinese Porcelain Charger, with a Qianlong reign mark on the underside, dia. 15-1/4. [200/400] Illustrated

    28Three Pieces of Chinese Export Porcelain, comprising a charger in the Rose Canton pattern, decorated with ho ho birds and butterflies, dia. 13-1/2, a plate in the same pattern, dia. 10-3/4, and another plate in the butterfly pattern, dia. 9-7/8. [300/500]

    29Chinese Export Porcelain Charger in the Rose Canton Pattern, ca. 1900, the field decorated with peonies and butterflies, the yellow border decorated with green scrollwork and pink lotus blossoms, dia. 15. [300/500] Illustrated

    30Chinese Export Punch Bowl, 20th century, decorated with rocks, flowers, birds and butterflies, h. 6-1/2, dia. 14-1/4. [200/400]

    31Chinese Porcelain Rice Cup, the rim with Greek-key enameled decor, the bowl sides depicting a dragon amongst the clouds, the underfoot signed, together with a turned wooden stand, h. 2-1/2, dia. 4, without stand. [150/300]

    32Chinese Porcelain Jardiniere on Stand, with reserves depicting images of sages, birds and boys, h. 25-1/12. [200/400]




  • 533Chinese Double-Gourd Vase, 20th century, with a sang-de-boeuf glaze, h. 6-1/4. [350/500] Illustrated

    33AChinese Four-Panel Folding Table Screen, early 20th century, the panels of Kesi tapestry with scenes of warriors, framed in rosewood, carved and pierced with flowers, h. 29, l. 40. [300/500]

    34Large Chinese Red-Glazed Vase, 20th century, the vessel with sang de boeuf glaze and two elephant head faux handles, the underside unglazed and unmarked, h. 11-1/2, dia. 10. [200/400]

    35Five-Piece Group of Porcelain, 19th/20th century, consisting of a crackled celadon bru