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Art history movement research for LBST Art


Meredith Butler 1

Art Movements: Byzantine Movement Dates: 5th century AD until 1453

Aesthetic Characteristics: Spiritual symbolism Love of splendor (rich colors) Splendor matched with stiffness and formality Icons Truth to nature Mosaics

Influences on the Movement: Religion Roman and Greek art and styles. (especially in mosaics and sculptures) Eastern traditions (domes and spires) Egyptian art Classical Western art Oriental/ Near East (since part of the empire was in Africa and Asia)

Significant Artists: Siena da Guido Pietro Lorenzetti Lippo Memmi Theophanes the Greek Pietro Cavallini

Meredith Butler 2

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Table support with Orpheus

Meredith Butler 3

Justinian and His Attendants. Ravenna

Mosaic Icon of the Virgin Glykophilousa

Icon of St George