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This presentation was prepared for the keynote address at the 2009 BYTE Conference, held February 27th in Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada.


  • 1. Realize The Potential
    • Emerging Literacies in the 21st Century Classroom

2. Media Literacy 3. Media Literacy making sense of information 4. Media Literacy managing content 5. Media Literacy connecting to ideas 6. Media Literacy connecting to others 7. LiteracyWith ICT 8. Literacy with ICT developing critical thinking skills 9. Literacy with ICT developing creative thinking skills 10. Literacy with ICT ethical & responsible use of technology 11. Literacy with ICT focus should be on the pedagogy 12. MakingITRelevant 13. Making it Relevant uncover the information 14. Making it Relevant the trick is to make it stick 15. Making it Relevant clearly define the purpose 16. Making it Relevant promote inquiry-based learning 17. Making it Relevant choose the right tools for each job 18. Making it Relevant problem-based learning 19. Making it Relevant dont be a barrier... 20. YourDigital Footprint 21. Your Digital Footprint you are what you create 22. Your Digital Footprint you are what you share 23. Your Digital Footprint giving back to your network 24. Your Digital Footprint the power of brand recognition 25. TheNet R/Evolution 26. The Net R/Evolution the participatory web 27. The Net R/Evolution everyone can contribute 28. The Net R/Evolution opportunities for collaboration 29. ToolsfortheTrade 30. Tools for the Trade posting on blogs 31. Tools for the Trade contributing to wikis 32. Tools for the Trade producing podcasts 33. Tools for the Trade RSS aggregators 34. Tools for the Trade social networking sites 35. Building Relationships 36. Building Relationships commenting on blog posts 37. Building Relationships adding content to wikis 38. Building Relationships forming professional learning networks 39. Building Relationships awaken the possibilities that exist 40. Building Relationships getting connected 41. Networked Learners 42. Networked Learners interact with a wide variety of media 43. Networked Learners forming your own circle of experts 44. Networked Learners the importance of modeling collaboration 45. Networked Learners the gradual release of responsibility 46. Strategies&Solutions 47. Strategies & Solutions just do it 48. Strategies & Solutions embrace RSS - start subscribing... 49. Strategies & Solutions empower your students 50. Strategies & Solutions realize your potential 51. Realize Your Potential

  • ... as a 21st Century Learner

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