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If you are buying real estate, consider the following: 1) Does it bring positive cash flow? and 2) What is the percentage of my return? Mathematical ways to guarantee positive return on your real estate purchase.


<ul><li><p>When buying real estate, create </p><p>Positive Cash Flow</p><p>ANTHONY PARKREALTOR</p><p>BUSINESS BROKERKey Realty</p><p>9890 S. Maryland Pkwy. Suite 200Las Vegas, NV 89183</p><p>Toll Free: 1(888)603-2972Fax: 1(702)933-3603</p><p>E-mail: anthonyparkkeyrealtyllc@</p><p>My job is not to sell real estate. My job is to assist in building your financial wealth </p><p>Cash Flow method:</p><p>Buying home at $120,000 including closing cost. </p><p>*Based on 5.5% interest rate, conventional loan with 20% down-payment. Actual tax, insurance, and HOA may vary. </p><p>Your payment:$800</p><p>Average rent rate:$1,100</p><p>Your net:</p><p>$300+ Monthly cash flow</p><p>Buyers,Purchasing real estate that meet these criteria will guarantee return on your investment. </p><p>Cap Rate method:</p><p>Buying home with average rent income of $1,100.</p><p>* Based on 10% monthly management fee.** Earning before tax and insurance. </p><p>Your monthly income:$950</p><p>Your yearly income:$11,400</p><p>$11,400 / $120,000</p><p>= 9.5%Capitalization rate</p><p>Principal &amp; Interest Tax Insurance Association Your payment </p><p>$545$175$40$40</p><p>*$800 </p><p>Rent income mos. AssociationProperty Mgmt. Your income per mos. </p><p>$1,100$40</p><p>*$110</p><p>**$950 </p><p>We are currently near the bottom where this is possible. As I have brought you the </p><p>mathematical ways to buy, I will also help you locate these properties. </p><p>Se Habla Espaol</p></li></ul>