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Its just a matter of a few mouse clicks!Have you ever experienced the pain of heading out with a long shopping list that has to meet the demands of your 6 year olds art and painting needs, your 15 year olds party supplies, and your household requirements? Have you struggled with bags and boxes, trudging along from one store to another, ticking off everything on that list? Yes? Then you surely must have felt the frustration of getting home after that tiring shopping expedition, only to have your youngest sulk because you forgot to buy those wooden buttons for the school craft project, realize that the counter lady packed in the wrong streamers, and you even forgot to buy yourself that much needed oven mitt!So you head out for another trip, picking up all those items you missed. What a nightmare!The easiest shopping experienceThankfully, there is another way. An easier one! An option that does not require you to leave the comforts of your home, brace the cruel sun or those horrifying shopping crowds. All you need is your computer and your credit card. Thats how easy it is, when you buy art and craft online at At Art Supplies and Home, you will find just about everything you need and much more.

Art Supplies and Home (ASAH) is the ultimate online retail destination for all kind of art and craft products. It is a one-stop shop for a wide range of consumer products. Just one glance at the inventory listed on the website and you will know that this is the end to those shopping nightmares.Located and operating out of the huge Carrara market, ASAH is a hundred percent Australian owned and based company that offers the best imported and sourced consumables in three great categories home ware, party and events and art, craft and stationery in Queensland. What makes ASAH the best?ASAH is the newest and the best, convenient and can offer you a wide range of products!Its as simple as that! When you place an order, you can be rest assured that you are buying the best quality products, at the best prices in the market. ASAH can offer you massive savings whether you buy in bulk or single pieces. Not happy with your order? ASAH is one of the very few retailers that offers you a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. ASAH is able to provide quick delivery within 2 to 5 business days. You can also choose an express delivery, and your order will be shipped the very same day. Teams of experts in delivery handle your material that will be shipped to wherever you are worldwide! ASAH has tied up with well-recognized brands to deliver their products. ASAH handles your personal information with utmost care and ensures complete security of your financial details!Its easy, and less traumatic. You can tick the items off that list with a cool glass of lemonade in your hand, browse through the paintbrush section with your 6 year old, and even get your teenager to choose from a host of online party products Gold Coast!Wait! Did you forget those oven mitts? Log-on again its just a matter of a few mouse clicks!For more details visit -