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    Building Materials - Building Materials Manufacturer

    EUROSTILL ( is a Bulgarian company, successor of the firm Gencho Danchev ET,

    established in 1992 in the Town of Kyustendil . Today, EUROSTILL OOD is a recognized producer and

    supplier of interior doors, PVC and aluminium joinery, suspended fronts, ceramic fronts, glass doors

    and shop windows, rails, as well as teak-wood fronts for big construction investors of representativeProjects.

    Building Materials Supplier ( ( providing home builders and

    home construction companies, as well as home owners, with quality building material (interior doors,

    PVC and aluminium joinery, suspended fronts, ceramic fronts, glass doors and shop windows, rails, as

    well as teak-wood fronts for big construction investors of representative projects )

    Recently, EUROSTILL OOD started delivering high-quality produce from our new factory. Our

    company invested EUR 20 million in the construction of a modern facility in the Town of Kyustendil,

    intended for production of interior doors, which is built on an area of 73,537 sq.m. The factory wasdesigned by Arch. Mincho Nenchev, awarded by the Chamber of the Union of Bulgarian Architects

    for the buildings of various types and function designed by him. The door production technology is

    German and was developed jointly with the leading technological advisory company Exicom GmbH.

    The factory is furnished with equipment produced by the branch leaders IMA, KRAFT, Barbran, VEN

    JACOB, Weining, Schelling, Ott. The raw materials and the materials used in the production of our

    doors come from the top-ranking German and Austrian firms MDF Hallein, MNCHINGER,

    SIMONSWERK GmbH, Chiyoda, Stork, Deventer, Moevel Folio.

    Our new factory produces 800 doors in 8 hours. The maximal output of the two-shift working regimeis 35,200 doors monthly, but we plan to increase the production up to 45,500 doors monthly,

    without investment in additional equipment. The production technology complies with the German

    noise level standards, no harmful emissions are produced, and the used materials are ecologically

    pure and renewable. The production waste is processed further to provide heating for the

    administrative and production premises.

    The factory ranks third in Europe and is the biggest one in South East Europe. The aim of the team

    developing the project for production and sales increase is to achieve optimal price/quality ratio,

    thus ranking the firm among the leading European producers. The quality of our produce complies

    with the highest European standards, providing to sell it on the German, British, Italian, Russian, and

    other markets. In the next 2-3 years we aim to become the major supplier of interior doors for the

    country and the region Greece, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, and Serbia. The financial

    investment of EUROSTILL amounts to EUR 20 million. EUROSTILL is undertaking joint activity with Rila

    Solutions for the development of an information system to manage the enterprises resources

    production, sale, purchase, and finance. During the last 8 years, Rila Solutions has been certified

    golden partner of Microsoft, certified privileged partner of Oracle and business partner of IBM. The

  • 8/9/2019 Building Materials - Building Materials Manufacturer


    systems implementation and integration into the production process is supported by German

    advisors experienced in implementing management software for such production processes. The

    constructed enterprise resource management information system covers production finances,

    purchases, and sales. The request filing, production and delivery planning, packaging and shipment

    processes will be completely automated. The extension of the production facility will shorten the

    orders implementation periods and will streamline the working process.

    We offer three classes of interior doors low, medium, or high, depending on the used materials.

    Our products comply with the German standards and are not subject to foreign licenses or other

    authors rights. They are designed either by dedicated Italian designer offices, or they may be

    custom-tailored whereby the offered models will be easily implemented in production.

    Yet now, great interest is displayed for the highest-class doors, which will be produced using semi-

    precious stones. The interior doors will feature various colour-effect versions, achieved by using

    luxurious and original materials leather, metal, Plexiglas etc. This product line will enable us to

    satisfy even the most pretentious customers requirements.

    The major advantages of the firm in implementing the project are our experience and the

    established contacts with big customers, which constitute about 60-80% of the newly erected

    buildings, i.e. the most attractive market segment. Other material advantages are the available

    highly qualified staff, the managerial experience with such production processes, the placing of

    new products on the market and the implementation of big projects. Our firm has an established

    distributors network throughout the country.

    EUROSTILL has the ambition and the potential to become leader among the suppliers of

    interior doors both in Bulgaria, as well as on the European market. Being our partners, you

    obtain quality and style at optimal price, which is warranted by our experience and market

    success since 1992 to present, as well as by our investment in the most modern high-

    technology equipment. Our new production enables us to implement large-volume projects,

    yet preserving our flexibility and capacity to satisfy individual clients wishes.

    High quality, vast production capacity, reasonable prices, tradition, and successful market

    performance since 1992 these are the key concepts of EUROSTILL OODs team.

    We are at hand for you!

    Sincerely yours, from the name of the whole team:

    Daniel Danchev, Manager of EUROSTILL OOD

  • 8/9/2019 Building Materials - Building Materials Manufacturer