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<p>The Epistle</p> <p>St. Pauls Lutheran Church</p> <p>Gathered to Go . . .to study God's Word, Worship together; and to walk with Christ by loving, serving and nurturing all God's people where ever they are and whatever their circumstances.</p> <p>THANK YOU: For all who made my 90th birthday so very special. Thanks to all who attended, to the ones that made the delicious meal. You, my friends, made my 90th a celebration. I shall remember this wonderful day. It was a joy. Thank you all, kind, special people, my dear friends in Christ. Thanks! Most Sincerely, Russ Scheel</p> <p>COUNCIL MEMBERS NEEDED</p> <p>Are you interested in filling one of these council/non-council positions? Please let a member of the Nominating Committee know:</p> <p>Council Positions: </p> <p>Vice President 3 yrs</p> <p>Treasurer 3 yrs</p> <p>Secretary 3 yrs</p> <p>Youth Rep 1 yr</p> <p>Parish Life 3 yrs</p> <p>Finance 3 yrs</p> <p>Social Ministry 3 yrs</p> <p>Non-council position:</p> <p>Financial Secretary 1 yr</p> <p>Memorial Committee 3yrs</p> <p>Audit Committee 2 yrs and 3 yrs. </p> <p>Nominating committee: Elaine Gleason, Sallie Jensen, Adrienne Foster, Dave Nielsen, Arlene Stillwell, Carl Schadt</p> <p>From Our Worship Deacon</p> <p>Dear Everyone~</p> <p>As you are reading this, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunny days we have been having. !! If you are a summer traveler, please drive safely and enjoy your time away, but please remember to come back!</p> <p>We are busy even in transition. </p> <p>Our summer worship schedule continues with services at 8:00 and 10:00AM. This is done each year to help everyone have a few extra hours out in the beautiful creation that God has given us to relax, renew, and revive. The sanctuary is also cooler in the early morning! Isn't it strange, in the winter months we grumble because we are often chilly at 8:00AM and in the summer months we all appreciate that coolness! We are human indeed!</p> <p>The Nominating Committee has met and will soon be asking you if you would be willing to serve on the Church Council. There are many leaving Council this September so there are many spots to fill. Even if you have been on Council in the past, you could serve again! If you have never sat on Council, maybe the time is now right. Please prayerfully consider serving when you are asked. </p> <p>The Call Committee is ready and waiting for the Synod to send a candidate's name. If you are not on the Call Committee and have some thoughts, please talk to one of those serving and let your thoughts be heard. The members are: Francine Archer, Jewel Goodsell, Sherry Morse, Clem Nielsen, Deb Sitzman, and Elaine Gleason, Your opinions are important as you are a member of St. Paul's. </p> <p>Mark your calendars and join together in fellowship on Sunday July 22. Chef Terry Jensen will once again light the grill and cook hot dogs for our Annual Church picnic. We will worship together at 10:00AM in the Sanctuary and then have lunch in the Christian Education room. Please sign up to bring a favorite summer treat to round out our lunch. Take time to relax and enjoy the company of your fellow church-goers. </p> <p>Enjoy the summer months in God's beautiful creation. We are a blessed people! Elaine Gleason, Worship Deacon</p> <p>JULY BIRTHDAYS</p> <p>1-Terry Carlson</p> <p>2-Gary McFetridge, Zac Ekdahl</p> <p>4 Angie Bailey</p> <p>6-Andy Nissen </p> <p>7-Ritchie Lent</p> <p>8-Les Wood</p> <p>10-Kristie Christensen, John Dubbs</p> <p>11-Phyllis Peterson</p> <p>14-Derek Archer</p> <p>16- Freida Bachowski</p> <p>18 Ellyn Hodges </p> <p>19- Elizabeth Lilyea</p> <p>23 Brian Cummings</p> <p>24-Alvin Housel</p> <p>25-Tom Morse, Terry Jensen</p> <p>29-Terry Nussbaumer</p> <p>30-Jeremy Jensen</p> <p>31-Kristine Mattison</p> <p>JULY ANNIVERSARIES</p> <p>1 - Dave &amp; Charlene Nielsen (46)</p> <p>8 - Tom &amp; Ruth Poore (57) </p> <p> Charlie &amp; Colleen Goodsell (12)</p> <p>12 - Dave &amp; Jewel Goodsell (43)</p> <p>28-Brent &amp; Katie Rodgers (16)</p> <p>29 Brian &amp; Karen Fitzpatrick (29)</p> <p>30 Dan &amp; Karen Malte (52)</p> <p>31 - Greg &amp; Cathy Booth (42)</p> <p>Memorial for Bob Wadsworth</p> <p>Carl Schadt &amp; Ann Terwilliger</p> <p>From Our Social Ministry Deacon</p> <p>Dear Friends,</p> <p>Lots of behind the scenes work has been done at St. Pauls. </p> <p>* A total of 43 hand-written invitations were sent to parishioners that we miss on Sundays. </p> <p>* Sixteen pairs of shorts were sewn for little boys in Haiti. Kits with fifteen more pairs are being prepared. </p> <p>* A group of concerned folks met to discuss how we can extend our opportunity to feed our local community. After talking to Sandi Perl of the Living Well, it was decided to table this plan until August. Most summer programs are in full swing and would be difficult to collaborate given the late date.</p> <p>*Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Jesus! Happy Birthday to you! We will celebrate Christmas in July on July 8th with a coffee hour celebration. We will also collect baby items for CareNet. Donations can also be made to this vital organization. CareNet provides prenatal care, testing and postnatal care for mothers and infants in need. Below are the items they need:</p> <p>Baby oil, wash, shampoo</p> <p>Baby powder</p> <p>Infant disposable diapers</p> <p>Onesies (one piece rompers)</p> <p>Rattles, small infant toys</p> <p>Baby bottles</p> <p>Receiving blankets</p> <p>Gently used items also welcome!</p> <p>St. Pauls is a generous, compassionate community. I give thanks daily for each of you. </p> <p>Many thanks, Cindy Covert, Social Ministry Deacon</p> <p>News from the Pews</p> <p>July 2018</p> <p>8:00 and 10:00 AM</p> <p>Sunday July 1 Service of the Word Lesson: I John 1:5-2:2</p> <p>Following God is like walking in the light.</p> <p>Elaine Gleason Presiding</p> <p>Sunday July 8 Service of the Word Lesson: I John 4:1-6</p> <p>We know we are following God when we love.</p> <p>Whitney Booth Presiding</p> <p>Sunday July 15 Holy Communion Lesson: I John 4:7-21</p> <p> God's love is active</p> <p> Lori Nickoloff Presiding</p> <p>Sunday July 22 Holy Communion Lesson: Ruth 1:1-22</p> <p> Community Sunday One Service 10:00 AM</p> <p> People are stronger together</p> <p> Rev. Jim Dugan Presiding</p> <p> Summer Picnic Following Service</p> <p>Sunday July 29 Holy Communion Lesson: Ruth 2:1-23</p> <p> When we love others, our love grows</p> <p> Rev. Jim Dugan Presiding</p> <p>During this month we hear familiar themes of sin, light, darkness, love and community. We hear them not only in the lesson of the day, but also in the hymns chosen, the litany, the prayers, and in the words of the offering hymn. It is the hopes of the Worship and Music committee that this helps us all take a piece of the WORD home with us to carry us through the week. </p> <p>Building Fund</p> <p>Mortgage with Lyons National Bank</p> <p>Total Income2018 10,928</p> <p>Contributions 10,925</p> <p>Interest 3</p> <p>Total Outlays 2018 12,500 Loan Interest 1,219</p> <p>Principal Payments 11,281</p> <p>Loan Balance (at May 31, 2018) = $46,252</p> <p>Savings Acnt Bal at Lyons NB = $ 8,047</p> <p>Treasurers Report</p> <p>Jan 1 May 31, 2018</p> <p>Operating Account</p> <p>Total Income$ 69,524</p> <p>Selected Items:</p> <p>General Donations 50,470</p> <p>Facility Rental 935</p> <p>Building Fund 10,925 Local Hunger 1,220</p> <p>World Hunger 2,016</p> <p>Special donations 625</p> <p>Memorials 1,186</p> <p>Youth monies 108</p> <p>HOPE 277 </p> <p>Total Outlays$ 59,348</p> <p>Selected Items:</p> <p>Employee Compensation 17,973</p> <p>Property (insurance, utilities, etc) 6,572</p> <p>Mission Commitment (Upstate NY) 7,194</p> <p>Mortgage payments 12,500</p> <p>Outreach Programs 4,536</p> <p>Office expenses 2,840</p> <p>Church programs 1,924</p> <p>Supply Pastors 4,826</p> <p> Net $10,176</p> <p>Special Outlay HVAC Upgrade $12,800</p> <p>Special Outlays Safe Harbor; Literacy Vol 4,000</p> <p>ST. PAULS LUTHERAN CHURCH</p> <p>135 Hamilton Street </p> <p>(315)536-8165</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>ST. PAULS LUTHERAN CHURCH STAFF:</p> <p>Rev. James Dugan - Transitional Pastor 585-872-7612 </p> <p>Charlene Nielsen - Admin. Assist. 315-536-8935</p> <p>Jason Riley Choir Director 315-719-8586</p> <p>Carole Cummings Organist 315-536-6947</p> <p>Cathy Booth - Sexton 607-522-4821</p> <p>CHURCH COUNCIL:</p> <p>Whitney Booth President 607-220-8702</p> <p>Elaine Gleason Vice President 315-536-8870</p> <p>Sallie Jensen Secretary 315-536-8602</p> <p>Les Wood Treasurer 315-536-5604</p> <p> Youth Rep. </p> <p>Cathy Booth Worship/music 607-522-4821 </p> <p>Pam Dubbs - Parish Life 610-967-5728</p> <p>Charlene Nielsen Christian Ed. 315-536-8935</p> <p>Linda Shaw Finance 315-536-6288</p> <p>Carl Ekdahl Property 315-694-6698</p> <p>Dorothy Oswald - Social Ministry 585-526-5083 </p> <p>Terry Jensen- Fin. Sec. 315-536-8602</p>


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