Building Community Engagement An online strategy for Willowbank School 2010.

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<p>Building Community Engagement</p> <p>Building Community EngagementAn online strategy for Willowbank School 2010ContextWillowbank SchoolMulti-cultural Multi-lingual parent groupApproximately 800 learnersSilver Enviro School</p> <p>IssuesCommunication with parent group perceived as erraticNewsletters not checked online by all parentsWebsite often perceived as out of dateAiming to be a paperless school</p> <p>ProposalDiscover the potential of virtual environments to develop an online strategy to nurture relationships with our various communities through the use of social media.</p> <p>OpportunitiesParents informed on a continuous basis via Facebook and TwitterMarketing of events and needs reaches the widest possible audienceBusiness sponsorship possibilities through online advertisingAbility to utilise language tools on applications allowing equitable access to information for non English speakers Facebook has 69 language options and Twitter has 6.Opportunities to post links to websites and posts on supporting learning at homeFacebook supports the use of Survey Monkey for community surveys and feedbackFacebook and Twitter able to reach a wide audience over a short period of time to facilitate planning for 10th anniversaryClobby Group Chat chatroom for invited guests on Facebook generate focus groups</p> <p>FactsMore than 55.8% of Facebook users are femaleMore than 41.9% of Facebook users are in the 25-44 age range Twitter allows for short tweets which can redirect to a web page or act as remindersFacebook allows for embedding of photos, video, surveys and larger amounts of information as well as possibilities for business sponsorship</p> <p>Risks and RewardsRewardsContinuous, up to date streaming of informationParent community informed of updates and availability of informationQuick, easy to access information provided in a variety of languages</p> <p>RisksOnline environments can be open to hackingNot all parents will have access to online environmentsConsistent monitoring of sites and tweets/posts requiredTeacher facebook accounts need to be privacy protected</p> <p>ImpactCommunity informed of information and eventsPaperless school a possible realityAdministration of accounts required by SLTFacebook and Twitter settings required to be tightly controlledSocial Media etiquette professional learning required for teachers and available to parents</p> <p>SuggestionsFacebook account in the name of Willowbank School createdTwitter account in the name of Willowbank School createdAn online strategy account to be set up for the updating and monitoring of the above accounts</p> <p>Action PlanProfessional learning for staff and parentsFacebook and Twitter etiquette resources availableSpecific administrator email set up so that school has continuing accessCareful monitoring of privacy and sharing settingsProfessional updates and tweetsMonitoring of site by SLTPersonnelAdministrator of strategyICT facilitator liaison for professional learningMarketing Strategist supportTeacher inputParent education and support</p> <p>TimelineTerm 2: </p> <p>Accounts set up Strategy advertised to parent communityInitial posts completed</p> <p>Term 3: </p> <p>Teacher education on online etiquetteOnline strategy explored for business opportunitiesAiming for X to sign up within term 3Incentives for liking and re tweeting of posts</p> <p>Who is using social media?TwitterSeveral professionals@yis Yokohama International School@sumprimary Summerlands Primary@tawaint Tawa Intermediate School@ptengland Point England SchoolFacebookGifted Kids ProgrammeAllergy New ZealandTEDJPPS Elementary School CanadaKidicorpWhat would we tweet/post?TweetNoticesSports resultsSports cancellationsReminders for mufti etcMeeting remindersNewsletter links on websitePostEvent videosEvent photosLinks to websites/KnowledgeNetInformation for parentsEvent informationSurveysOngoingAnalysingEngagementGrowth of communityVisits to individual pages </p> <p>MonitoringReputation onlineTrawl content on Facebook and TwitterTweet funnel for monitoring of tweets to align with Willowbank values</p> <p>Traffic GeneratorsGenerate via existing strategies ie newsletterButtons on websiteEmail to parentsPrint run in partnership with local newspapersHow does this all fit together?Semi PrivateS, T, P usePassword protectedLearning focusSemi PublicP, T useAcceptance protectedInformation focusSemi PublicP, T useOpen info, no postingCommunication focusLooking to the future Major ImpactCloud computingCollaborative environmentsGame based learningMobile technologyAugmented realityFlexible displays</p> <p>ChallengesPoor digital media literacy for educatorsOut of date pedagogy and materialsPoor strategy on evolutionFailure to adaptLack of support for non traditional learning environmentsA recent report indicated the top six technologies that will impact on education in the next 3-5 years: </p> <p>Still unsure? </p> <p>Activity to date5 followers11 tweetsFollow us on twitter @willowbanknz12 people like us6 posts to wall1 photo album1 discussionLike us at: </p> <p>Web links;objectid=10650497&amp;pnum=2 </p>