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Stand Out, Speak Out, Reach Out Building an online presence to help build your list is simple when you apply these three (3) simple rules: Stand Out You must stand out from the crowd in your niche. 1. Offer something different 2. Give valuable information for others to grow their business 3. Be relevant 4. Use the shock factor - beautiful picture or ugly picture of something in your niche 5. Don't always try to be so perfect - we live in an imperfect world - just tell it like it is Speak Out 1. Inspire by powerful stories 2. Launch a social media campaign 3. Use fresh topics 4. Incorporate exciting games or activities to teach a skill Reach Out 1. Webinars 2. Seminars 3. YouTube, Daily Motion, Facebook, Twitter & other social medias 4. Paid Advertisements 5. Free Advertisement 6. Traffic Exchanges 7. Banner Exchanges 8. Solo Ads 9. List Building The process of list building is like having a worldwide Rolodex. Sharing information may be difficult and time consuming, but it's hard to let people know about it if your 'Rolodex' is empty. Gathering email addresses for the purpose of sending information, offers and other marketing information to clients and potential customers is the process of List building. Building an organic list can take time, but you stand a better chance of actually connecting with a receptive audience. You may find that list building is best achieved by providing site visitors with information gathering forms. An autoreponder can often manage the automated distribution of the information they seek. Use autoresponders to invite clients to participate in redeeming money saving offers from you. Write different information you want clients to know on forms on "pop up box" or 'already highlighted' box that indicates the individual wishes to receive future e-offers. Do Not Spam The idea behind this is many customers do not look at every field in the form and may not uncheck the box when submitting their information. Read More at:


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2. Stand Out, Speak Out, Reach OutBuilding an online presence to helpbuild your list is simple when youapply these three 3. Stand OutYou must stand out from thecrowd in your niche.1. Offer somethingdifferent2. Give valuableinformation for others to growtheir business 4. 3. Be relevant4. Use the shock factor -beautiful picture or uglypicture of something in yourniche 5. 5. Don't always try to be soperfect - we live in animperfect world - just tell itlike it is Speak Out 6. 1. Inspire by powerfulstories2. Launch a social mediacampaign 7. 3. Use fresh topics4. Incorporate excitinggames or activities to teach askill 8. Reach Out1. Webinars2. Seminars3. YouTube, Daily Motion,Facebook, Twitter & other socialmedias 9. 4. Paid Advertisements5. Free Advertisement 10. 6. Traffic Exchanges7. Banner Exchanges8. Solo Ads9. List Building 11. The process of list buildingis like having a worldwideRolodex. 12. Sharing information may bedifficult and time consuming,but it's hard to let peopleknow about it if your'Rolodex' is empty. 13. Gathering email addressesfor the purpose of sendinginformation, offers and othermarketing information toclients and potentialcustomers is the processof List building. 14. Building an organic list can take time, but youstand a better chance of actually connectingwith a receptive audience. 15. You may find that list buildingis best achieved by providingsite visitors with informationgathering forms. 16. An autoreponder can oftenmanage the automateddistribution of the informationthey seek. 17. AweberUse autoresponders toinvite clients toparticipate inredeeming moneysaving offers from you. 18. Write different information youwant clients to know on forms on"pop up box" or 'alreadyhighlighted' box that indicates theindividual wishes to receive futuree-offers. 19. Do Not SpamThe idea behind this is manycustomers do not look at every fieldin the form and may not uncheckthe box when submitting theirinformation. 20. No matter the method you use togather names in your list buildingprocess make sure to honorrequests to unsubscribe. 21. Some autoresponders will removerequests to unsubscribeautomatically.If you manage the list manuallymake sure to remove the namequickly or risk a report of spam. 22. Target Your List For Your NicheOne way to grow your list is to makesure the information you deliver istargeted, above average andsomething the client will look forwardto receiving. 23. The content could beinformation or it could be asimple sales flyer, but bystaying on target you will bemore likely to connect 24. Don't abuse your list bysending them a large volumeof email.Carefully plan each mailingand make sure it is stronglyrelated to your coreobjectives. 25. Sending too many emails - too oftenyou may be perceived as onlyslightly better than those incrediblyannoying forwards that we all deletefrom our email files. 26. List building is a proven method ofbuilding solid contacts for onlinemarketing, but make sure to avoidspamming techniques thereputation of your online firm may beat stake. 27. Resources: Schedule and manage your Instagram posts Easily plan & schedule your Instagram posts Upload images from the web or phone Management from the web app or mobile app Get scheduled images pushed to your phone Get started free 28. InstaCashCode A sales funnel to help you get followers,build influence and make sales. 29. Carnival Clicks Website Promotion Free Targeted Traffic to your website Free Tickets for your Ads Join 11.6K members 30. Thank you for letting me sharewith you. If you found this tobe of value please share withothers and write a comment. 31. Some of the above links I aman affiliate of the site andmay get compensated ifclicked. I am require to tellyou by FTC. 32. New Blog Talk~Lyn MosesBuild Your POWER TEAM 33. The income claims represented in thisblog post are extraordinary and do notmake a guarantee for your success orincome level. Please see EmpowerNetwork's average affiliate earningsat: