Building a Successful Online Presence for your Small Business

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<p>nullBuilding a Successful Online Presence.</p> <p>Daniela Stolfi-TowBOSS Hawaii &amp; WikiWebKits</p> <p>Wordpress developerOver 300 websites locallyViral Media (YouTube, Vine)Combined views (30 million)Non profit/Small business support</p> <p>DISCLAIMER</p> <p>What is an online presence?Sum of all the identities youve created (personal and business) and the interactions those identities have established online.</p> <p>When built successfully it can spread brand awareness and gain you fans, followers, leads, customers.</p> <p>Dont be overwhelmed</p> <p>9 basic steps</p> <p>What is out there?</p> <p>HTML Sites</p> <p>DIY (Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy)</p> <p>CMSWordpressJoomlahDrupalProprietary 1</p> <p>Dont just build an online presence because youre supposed to, build it strategically so that it can help your overall business goals.</p> <p>Strategize</p> <p>BuildingYOURHUBWebsite &gt;Blog -&gt;SOCIAL MEDIA&gt;Website2D.I.Y. SquarespaceWixWeeblyGoDaddy$8-50 a monthProfessionalWordpressJoomlahDrupal$1500 and upPros/ConsDIY learning curveTime ConsumingLimitationsShared hosting/no backupSEOOften looks homemade </p> <p>3Almost doneDont overcomplicate things and get stuck in thinking that you cant launch until its perfect its never going to be perfect.</p> <p>Having something up is 100 times better than not launching.</p> <p>The longer you wait to start, the harder itll be until youre able to reach your goals.</p> <p>4CREATE VALUEDirect marketing fails online. THE SECRET: Become the expert in your market</p> <p>What content are you providing your audience?</p> <p>Blog, podcast, videos or books; consistent and valuable.</p> <p>Gain credibility and authority in your industry or niche</p> <p>Support others too. 80/20 rule.</p> <p>Build trust (get people to recognize that youre not just in it for yourself)</p> <p>This post was written by Kate Erickson, Content Creator and Community Manager for EntrepreneurOnFire. Ready to connect? Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Google+</p> <p> Facebook Twitter E-mail</p> <p> Previous | Next Get this eBook free$500 and 7 Days. What would you do?</p> <p>Top entrepreneurs share all! Plus, you'll receive our exclusive weekly email newsletter, where we promise to deliver actionable advice - straight to your inbox. Just enter your email address below!Search EOFire5Dont have to be everywherebut you do have to be somewhere!But being social DOESNT mean you need an account on every social media site. It DOES mean you should have at least 2 or 3 of these profiles you regularly post and engage on. </p> <p>Consistency is key. </p> <p>If you dont post regularly and engage in the conversation, its going to be hard to increase your following.</p> <p>Utilize phone apps to make it convenient to keep updated.</p> <p>6Build relationshipsFing groups/online communities who share the same interests or who run similar businesses in your industry or niche.</p> <p>Get help from established people online.</p> <p>Find a group or community of your audiences to get priceless insights into your customers needs and gives you an edge. You can also find customers by helping out online.</p> <p>ADD VALUE FIRST. Do NOT advertise yourself or your business. Once you start building strong relationships with others in the community, theyll naturally become interested in what it is you have going on, and you can start to share your content over time.</p> <p>7TRACK PROGRESSUse tracking tools to track your progress.</p> <p>Google Analytics</p> <p>Facebook Insights8LOVEtheMOBILES9GET LEGAL!</p> <p>Questions?www.bosshi.com808-755-9010</p>